WWE Money In The Bank 2015 Review

The WWE put forth its third PPV/Special Event in a span of six weeks. Several of the results/storylines from Elimination Chamber and Payback spilled over into Money in the Bank, with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins once again competing for the WWE Championship. John Cena and Kevin Owens had their rematch, Paige got another crack at Nikki Bella's Divas Championship and The Prime Time Players took on Big E and Xavier Woods of The New Day for the tag titles. Finally, we had Ryback taking on the Big Show, defending his newly won Intercontinental Championship. The event is called Money in the Bank though, and we have a new holder of the golden briefcase.

Rollins carrying the briefcase around for so long resulted in a memorable cash-in during the main event of WrestleMania. Will the next holder of the briefcase be able to top that?

Here’s the entire match card:

(Pre-Show) R-Truth vs. King Barrett

– WWE Tag Team Championship Match:

The New Day (C) vs. The Prime Time Players

– WWE Divas Championship:

Nikki Bella (C) vs. Paige vs. Naomi

- Champion vs. Champion:

John Cena vs. Kevin Owens

- WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:

Ryback (C) vs. Big Show

- Money in the Bank Ladder Match:

Roman Reigns vs. Neville vs. Sheamus vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

- WWE World Heavyweight Championship:

Seth Rollins (C) vs. Dean Ambrose

Let’s break this one down. Who walked out with the briefcase? Was a new WWE World Champion crowned?

** Spoiler Alert, the match results are included



King Barrett tries to pounce on Truth early on, but Truth is able to get the upper hand and sends Barrett out to the floor. We get a quick commercial break.

When back from break, Truth gains momentum with a series of spinning kicks. Barrett recovers with a side kick to the mid-section and gets a near fall on a big boot. Barrett goes for the Bull Hammer, which Truth reverses and goes into a crucifix pin and gets a three count. Truth grabs Barrett's crown and parades it around before tossing it back to Barrett.

Winner: R-Truth

Match Rating: 2/10 - complete throwaway match, doing nothing to help either competitor. What is WWE doing with Barrett?

The show starts strong, with all the roster and officials coming out for a 10-bell salute to Dusty Rhodes. Following a pause with a promo package, we open with the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

The participants pound away at each other, but Kofi tries to pull a fast one, setting up a ladder, but he's caught. As seven-man scramble begins as everybody takes turns trying to climb the ladder. Sheamus starts using a ladder as a weapon, knocking down Kane, Ziggler and Orton. Kofi sneaks back in the ring and climbs the ladder, but is knocked off by Sheamus.

Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise on Sheamus, and battles with Neville to climb the ladder. They both end up on top of the ladder, but are knocked off by Roman Reigns. Reigns powerbombs Kofi onto a ladder wedged in the turnbuckle. Neville is then powerbombed by Reigns onto Kofi, still lying on the propped ladder.

Kane and Reigns then go for the briefcase. Kane gets the upper hand and chokeslams Reigns. Kane climbs for the case, but Orton pulls him down and RKOs him. Orton climbs but Kofi is back up. He pulls Orton down, but Orton RKOs him too. Neville sneaks in over the top, but Orton pulls Neville off the ladder and RKOs him with Neville still in midair. Sheamus climbs the ladder, but Orton pulls him down and delivers a back breaker.

Sheamus gets back up, knocks Randy into the ladder and delivers a Brogue Kick. With Sheamus getting a hand on the case, Ziggler shoots up the ladder and we have two guys on top of the ladder, clawing for the case. Ziggler maneuvers his way behind Sheamus and gets him in a sleeper. He then pulls Sheamus off the ladder, both hitting the canvas. Neville hits the Red Arrow on Sheamus.

Ziggler and Neville climb the ladder. After a scuffle on top, Neville bashes Ziggler's head against the top of the ladder, knocking him off. Kane pulls Neville down, but Ziggler recovers and hits a super kick on Kane. Neville and Ziggler go to team up on Kane but he kicks the ladder into both men.

Kane's momentum is shortlived, with Reigns waiting behind him for a Super Man Punch. Reigns then hits an over-the-top suicide dive to take out all the competitors. Big E and Xavier Woods run in to help Kofi into the ring. Reigns double dropkicks them and chases down Kofi. He powerbombs Kofi over the top rope into the awaiting crowd on the floor. Orton tries to sneak up with an RKO, but Reigns counters into a spear. Reigns seems destined to grab the briefcase, but Bray Wyatt appears in the ring after a blackout and delivers Sister Abagail to Reigns.

Sheamus crawls into the ring, sets up the ladder and gets his hands on the case. Neville stops him momentarily, but Sheamus grabs Neville's hair and throws him off the ladder and snatches the briefcase.

Winner: Sheamus

Match Rating: 7.5/10 - Typical car-crash Money in the Bank Ladder match, with cool spots. We've seen so many it's hard to determine where it stands. A solid opener nonetheless.


Nikki backs Paige into the corner, but Paige soon throws Nikki outside the ring. Paige hits a senton on the outside, but Nikki then launches her into the security wall.

The ladies return to the ring, exchanging near falls. Nikki slingshot suplexes Paige for a two count. She puts Paige into a body scissors submission. Paige breaks the hold, but Nikki soon gets her in a chin lock. After Paige a kick to the face for a two count, Nikki hits a spinebuster. Paige recovers and delivers a high knee to Nikki in the corner. Paige then locks Bella in a modified PTO, but Nikki raches the ropes. Nikki hits an Alabama Slam for a near fall. Nikki goes for a Rack Attack, but Paige reverses it and goes for the PTO, but Nikki fights out of it. Nikki goes for the Rack Attack again but Paige reverses into a RamPaige. She gets a near fall.

Paige hoists Nikki onto the turnbuckle but both end up falling off to the floor. Brie and Nikki try twin magic under the ring again, but Paige reverses Brie's small package into into one of her own for a three count. Brie reveals who she is to the referee, so the fall doesn't count. Paige is furious and knocks Brie to the outside. Nikki sneaks up behind Paige and hits a Rack Attack for the three count.

Winner: Nikki Bella

Match Rating: 6.5/10. Very good match, but this Twin Magic spot shouldn't be working anymore. The twins clearly are distinguishable to everybody (except referees and opponents it seems). 

Miz comes out, ragging on his native state Ohio crowd. He joins the commentary table. Ryback hits a spinebuster off the opening bell and hits a Meat Hook clothesline. He goes for Shell Shock, but Big Show fights it off. Ryback knocks him out of the ring. He grabs Miz and throws him back over the announce table.

Back in the ring, Big Show hits some chest slaps on Ryback and bodyslams him. Big Show goes for a chokeslam, but Ryback counters into an armbar. After a boot to the face, Ryback hits suplex on Show, followed by a splash for the near fall. He goes for the Meat Hook again, but Show grabs Ryback's throat and chokeslams him for the two count. Show cocks up for a KO punch, but Ryback ducks it. He goes for Shell Shock, but Show counters and KO punches Ryback, who falls out of the ring. Big Show rolls Ryback back into the ring, but Miz climbs in the ring and attacks Big Show, causing a disqualification.

Winner: Big Show, via DQ - Ryback retains

Match Rating: 4/10 - Not a terrible match between the Big Guy and Big Show, but nothing stood out. Questionable call to have a babyface champion's first title defense result in a DQ loss. A Bret Hart rating seems about right. 


Just the pick-me-up  we needed after the Ryback/Big Show match. Crowd is hot to start this match. Game of one-upmanship ensues with both guys using their power. Owens gets a near fall after a dropick and standing senton. Owens locks Cena in a chinlock, but Cena powers out and dropkicks Owens.

Cena hits three shoulder tackles, but Owens counters a back suplex, then hits the tackles himself, a back suplex and a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Owens goes for an AA, but it's reversed into a STF by Cena. Owens fights out of it, but Cena hits a reverse vertical suplex for a near fall.

Owens hits Jericho's Code Breaker for a two count. Owens goes for a Popup Powerbomb, but Cena suplexes Owens and hits his own Five Knuckle Shuffle. He goes for the Attitude Adjustment, but Owens reverses into a German Suplex, followed by a Cannonball for a near fall.

The two exchange strikes. Owens gets the upper hand. He climbs to the top rope for a flying senton bomb, but Cena gets his knees up. He hits an electric chair drop on Owens for a near fall. Cena then hits the AA for a two count. Cena argues with the ref, in disbelief.

Cena perches Owens to the top turnbuckle, going for an AA from the top. Owens reverses it and hits a spinning sitdown powerbomb for another near fall. Owens goes for a Pop Up Powerbomb, but Cena reverses with a hurricanrana. Owens gets up and hits a quick super kick for two. Cena soon recovers and hits a tornado DDT for two. Cena goes for his top rope leg drop, but Owens moves out of the way. He hits a cradled side powerbomb for another two count.

Owens goes for a moonsault. Cena dodges it and then hits a second AA, but Owens again kicks out. Cena looks bewildered. He perches Owens to the top turnbuckle, going for a superplex, but Owens somehow reverses it into his own superplex. He gets two. Cena plays possum and locks Owens into a STF. Owens reaches the ropes after about 20 seconds. Cena pulls off the Code Red (but he can't wrestle, right?) but only gets two.

Owens finally hits his Pop Up Powerbomb but this time, it's Cena's turn to kick out of a finisher. Another two count. Cena goes for the springboard stunner, but Owens dodges it. Cena quickly recovers for a third AA, and this time gets the three count.

Cena's music fades, Owens gets back up. Cena gives him props, offers him a handshake. Owens accepts the handshake, but double crosses Cena, attacking him and throwing him out of the ring. He then powerbombs Cena onto the ring apron. Referees and medics come to Cena's aid, as Owens saunters off with an evil laugh, holding his and Cena's title. Perfect heel work by Owens, but the crowd still cheers him.

Winner: John Cena

Match Rating: 10/10 - I honestly can't tell if this one topped their previous match, but it definitely equaled it. Everything clicked in this one. We definitely need a rubber match at SummerSlam between these two. WWE, please don't waste it at Battleground.

Woods and Young begin the match and chain grapple. Big E makes a blind tag and delivers a belly to belly suplex to Young. He stomps Young in the corner and New Day quickly keep exchanging tags while stomping a mudhole in Young. Big E and Woods hit a simultaneous splash and leg drop for a near fall.

Big E hits a side belly to belly for two and tags in Woods. Woods is able to keep the momentum and keeps Young away from his corner. He tags in Big E again. Big E looks to gutwrench Young, but he counters and makes it to his corner to hot tag Titus O'Neil, while Big E tags Woods back in. He cleans house and hits a backbreaker on Woods. He then hits a running shoulder tackle, but the count is broken up by Big E. Big E tosses Darren Young through the ropes to the apron and spears him out to the floor. Titus hits Clash of the Titus to Woods for the 1... 2.... 3! The Prime Time Players win the tag titles for the first time.

Winners: NEW Tag Team Champions, The Prime Time Players

Triple H gives Seth Rollins a pep talk backstage, shouting "show them!" after Rollins is told by Kane, "you dug your own grave" when he insulted all of The Authority.

Ambrose gets the early momentum and hits a running bulldog on Rollins. Rollins stuns Ambrose with a downward spiral into the buckle. He brings Ambrose to the outside, bodyslamming him onto the floor. Ambrose is able to recover and brings the first ladder into the match. He tries to bring it to the ring, but Rollins hits Ambrose from behind, driving him into the ladder. Rollins tries to suicide dive into Ambrose, but Ambrose holds up the ladder to hit the champ.

The two start going up the ladder, but neither can gain the upper hand. Ambrose lays the ladder in the corner and goes for a suplex onto the steel. After an exchange, Ambrose hits a double arm suplex into the steel. Ambrose climbs the ladder and lands an elbow on Rollins. Ambrose goes to climb the ladder, but Rollins gets a chair and smashes Ambrose's leg, knocking him off. Rollins keeps working on the leg, sandwiching it in the ladder. He then figure fours Ambrose on the ring post, a la Bret Hart. He hits the submission in the ring. Ambrose the lunatic he is, slaps Rollins and reverses the hold, forcing Rollins to break it.

Rollins props Ambrose into a tree of woe and grabs another chair. He whacks at Ambrose's knee again. Rollins climbs the ladder, but Ambrose pushes it over.

The two are both down on the canvas. Rollins goes back to Amrbrose's leg, bashing it with a chair while sandwiched in the ladder. Rollins climbs the top rope, but Ambrose whips the chair at Rollins, stunning him. Ambrose goes for a superplex, but Rollins fights it off. With Rollins crotched on the top rope, Ambrose hits a clothesline, knocking him to the canvas.

Ambrose rallies and eventually hits the Cactus clothesline over the top rope to the outside. Rollins suckers Ambrose near the stage, only to knock him down and runs to the ring for the ladder. Ambrose limps back, and after taking a couple of kicks, hits another clothesline on Rollins. He goes for Dirty Deeds, but Rollins cowers to the outside. Ambrose chases Rollins into the crowd, but Rollins whips him into a security wall. He runs back to the ring and tries to set up another ladder. He's able to bridge the ladder between the ring and table. Ambrose appears, climbing up the announce table and tackles Rollins.

They go back in the ring and Ambrose back body drops Rollins outside the ring, into the ladder bridged between the ring and table, breaking the ladder in half. Ambrose climbs up another ladder and goes for the title. Rollins drags him off and the two again battle on the outside. The exchange blows on the Spanish announce table. Rollins goes for a Pedigree, but Ambrose reverses and hits Dirty Deeds onto the table.

Ambrose slowly climbs the ladder, selling his leg injury, but Rollins recovers and hits Ambrose with a TV monitor on the injured leg. Rollins climbs the ladder, but Ambrose holds on to his leg. Rollins drops off the ladder, but lands on his feet and delivers a quick Pedigree to Ambrose.

Rollins climbs the ladder again, gets a hand on the belt, but Ambrose again clutches Rollins' leg, pulling him down. He throws Rollins to the outside, but Rollins pulls him out and powerbombs Ambrose into the barricade. He does it a second time, with even more distance, velocity and ferocity. He goes under the ring and pulls out several chairs. The announcers sell that Rollins is proving himself to Triple H with this mean streak.

Rollins places the chairs on top of a ladder lying on the floor. He delivers a running sitdown powerbomb to Ambrose on it. He buries Ambrose under a bed of chairs and a ladder, before climbing back into the ring. Rollins goes up the ladder, but Ambrose emerges from the bed and grabs Rollins again, climbing the ladder alongside him. They both grab the title, and it unsnaps with both men holding it, but upon impact on the mat, Rollins keeps hold of the belt, and is declared the winner.

Rollins leaves with the title and Triple H comes out to congratulate him and celebrate with his protege.

JoJo comes out to interview Seth Rollins. Rollins brags about his win, saying he's the best champion of all time, while Ambrose sits in the ring, heartbroken over the loss.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Match Rating: 9/10 - Great story told from both men and hopefully there are more to come soon from these two. How many close calls is Ambrose going to get?

*** Some great action from an event, which once again, only got two weeks of build up. Some lulls in action, but Cena/Owens delivered, as did the championship match.

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