WWE Money In The Bank 2016 Predictions


The Money in the Bank Ladder match was introduced in Hollywood at WrestleMania 21. The creation of this bout has been credited to Chris Jericho as the Superstar who "introduced" the concept to the company.

Over the years, the Money in the Bank briefcase has helped launched the likes of Edge and Seth Rollins into WWE Superstardom. Yes, cashing-in the contract can instantly rid one of mid-card status.

However, past winners such as Mr. Kennedy, Jack Swagger, and Damien Sandow have proven this theory to be false as the briefcase did nothing to change their standing within WWE. Certain Superstars are never meant to bloom, hidden from sunlight.

Aside from the Money in the Bank match itself, the Pay-Per-View has also played host to a number of major matches; most notably, the 2011 edition of the event which would feature CM Punk defeat John Cena for the WWE Championship.

That night in Chicago, the hometown hero would take part in one of the most exciting, controversial, and ear-drum-shattering matches in WWE history. Indeed, Money in the Bank is made for memories; good or bad.

This year, the event will produce two high-profile one-on-one matches: Roman Reigns defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against the man who never lost the title in Seth Rollins as well as a long-thought-about "Dream Match."

John Cena will step into the ring once again with high-profile/high-stakes implications when A.J. Styles attempts to topple the King of the Mountain. This is WWE vs. TNA; no matter what WWE might say, true fans know what this match means.

Well then, it's off to Sin City as the Money in the Bank event will be broadcast live this Sunday on the WWE Network (can we get something for the plug?) from Las Vegas, Nevada; and here's our take on the card:


There is absolutely no reason for Sheamus to defeat this member of the New Era. Apollo Crews remains a little green - and really needs to improve on the mic - but is an outstanding physical talent.

Sheamus has fallen into a category of irrelevance in WWE and holding an up-and-coming Superstar down to help regain long-long interest in The Celtic Warrior is not the way to go with this match.


Look out! Here we go again with Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin. Have you grown tired of this feud? Well, hopefully Money in the Bank will conclude this not-so-epic rivalry between a buried WWE Superstar and a shaky NXT newcomer.

The obvious choice here is Baron Corbin; who the company have included in its New Era movement. Unfortunately for Dolph Ziggler, his best days in WWE are in the rearview mirror. Such a shame for such a Show Off.


How did Titus O'Neil find himself in a title picture following the Vince McMahon arm-grabbing suspension fiasco? Perhaps McMahon felt some degree of guilt for his overreaction to the incident?

Either way, this United States Championship match is about all Titus O'Neil will receive in the ways of a push. Rusev, who was once a dominant U.S. Champion, hasn't found that old heel fire yet, but will come out on top over O'Neil.


When Enzo Amore and Big Cass debuted in WWE, plenty of people saw the future of tag team wrestling in the duo as many expected Amore and Cass to capture the Tag Team Championship in the near future. However, that has changed.

Can you feeling the rumblings of Big Cass going solo? After all, Cass is big and Vince McMahon loves big Superstars. At this point one has to continue rooting for The New Day as they chase history as the longest reigning Tag Team Champions.


The summer angles in WWE should begin to unfold soon enough. This Women's tag team bout holds little significance in the grand picture as Natalya and Becky Lynch will likely take a backseat in the near future.

The concept of keeping Sasha Banks off of WWE television could prove to be a major payoff for the Women's division as fans eagerly await the day when The Boss can call herself Women's Champion.


This match is sure to bring the emotion as A.J. Styles will step into the ring with the biggest name in Sports Entertainment. And as we all expect, Styles will fall short to the WWE Cash Cow.

John Cena represents WWE while A.J. Styles represents TNA. Make no mistake about this, Vince McMahon knows how to subtly stick it to everybody else associated with the business. Sunday will showcase WWE in all its glory.


Let's cut out the fat straight away: Chris Jericho, Cesaro, and Alberto Del Rio will not capture the briefcase this Sunday. Sami Zayn will not secure the contract either but it's always good to leave a little fat on the meat.

This match essentially comes down to Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose, both of whom would make great briefcase holders. While it remains a toss-up, the slight edge goes to Ambrose heading into the event.


While Seth Rollins is due to once again capture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, a victory on Sunday remains unlikely. Yes, the company has confidence in Rollins but are prepared to keep Roman Reigns on top for the time being.

Once again, the shadow of John Cena is cast upon every main event scene. How much longer until Cena is once again challenging for the title? Expect to see some great return action from Rollins but a loss in the end.

Prediction: Roman Reigns retains the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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