The WWE network has been revolutionary for the WWE, as it offers fans thousands upon thousands of hours of content. Everything from ECW, WCW and the plethora of original programming is available, but every so often the WWE remove some content from the Network with no explanation at all. This past week, WWE Network News reported that the company had removed both the Colorful Characters and Tribute to the Troops collections, while adding season six of Total Divas.

It hasn’t been explained why they deleted these two, but it’s highly unlikely that anyone will really miss them as low viewership could certainly be an understandable reason for its exclusion from the network. When you talk about the top collections on the network, it’s usually the Superstar exclusive collections, or the match type collections (Cruiserweight/Ladder match etc.), so it’s no surprise that something like this would be removed.


We may hear more in the future about why these specific ones have been removed, and if there are more removals coming. But for now this is all we have of this story. If there is anyone out there that’s upset about this one being removed, it’s likely that they would have watched it already. It’s definitely not something that a majority of people would seek out, so it’s not going to be devastating at all to network subscribers.


So what do you guys think? Is there anything else you think isn’t worth being on the network? Are you upset that these two are being removed? Did you even know these two collections were there? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below.

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