Is WWE Teasing A New Day Split?

The New Day is one of the most successful factions in WWE history, but is WWE teasing cracks in the team's foundations?

There was more evidence this past Tuesday night on SmackDown Live to suggest that The New Day may not be long for this world.

The New Day is one of WWE's most established and successful tag teams. Not only are the trio four-time Tag Team Champions, but one of those reigns lasted longer than any other in the company's entire history. Add on top of that how good they are on the mic, in the ring, and how much merchandise they sell then you've got a pretty great recipe for a tag team.

Nevertheless, it seems that the cracks are beginning to show in The New Day's foundations. It began in the build to their Survivor Series match with The Shield. The announcers made far too big a deal about Big E, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston being a much tighter unit than their opponents, and that they know they can all trust each other. Then, despite all that, they still lost to the Hounds of Justice.

This past week on SmackDown Live even more cracks started to show. Big E and Kofi Kingston featured in tag team action against Aiden English and Rusev. A pretty easy win for the four-time champs you would think. Well, things didn't go to plan. Rusev managed to knock Kingston from the top rope, superkick him in the back of the head, and pick up the win. The impressive victory earned him and English a spot in the Tag Team Title match at Clash of Champions in less than two weeks.


The hints that New Day may be on their last legs are subtle, but they are definitely there. What's more is that all three men in the team would probably benefit WWE as singles stars right now. Big E could be a legitimate player in the World title scene, Woods has proven his worth as a part of the trio, and it's well known how good a singles star Kingston can be having won a number of titles before his time with The New Day.

While The New Day's split does feel like it's coming, it will likely be done through gritted teeth on WWE's part. As mentioned above, the trio sells a lot of merch and splitting them up would be taking that income away from not only the company but also the three individuals in question. Nothing can last forever though and a New Day break up could be one of the biggest angles of 2018 if it does wind up taking place.


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Is WWE Teasing A New Day Split?