5 Superstars From WWE’s New Generation Era That Are Still Wrestling (& 5 Who Completely Disappeared)

The New Generation allowed WWE to experiment with different forms of storytelling and new athletes. It is often a lost chapter in WWE’s bigger history since it was bookmarked by the extremely important Golden Era and all-time popular Attitude Era. However, the foundation of the New Generation proved that WWE could survive without former main eventers Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior on the roster.

We will look at the current status of quite a few wrestlers from the New Generation. Some are still active today over two decades later as they work consistently. Others have been long removed from the wrestling world and rarely get seen at all. Find out just what your favorite stars from the mid-90s are up to these days. These are five superstars from the New Generation that are still wrestling along with five that have completely disappeared from the spotlight.

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10 Still wrestling: Flash Funk

WWE signed ECW top star 2 Cold Scorpio with the new gimmick of Flash Funk given to him. ECW fans fell in love with the work of Scorpio due to his innovative offense. WWE however tried to showcase him in a new light with the dancing gimmick.

The act didn’t work, and Flash would lose his spot on television within a few months. Despite the lackluster WWE run, Scorpio is still working today on the independent circuit. The past year has seen him making a few appearances on smaller shows with fans wanting to see the 90s star.

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9 Disappeared: Ahmed Johnson

Ahmed Johnson was one of the more heavily pushed wrestlers of the New Generation Era. Vince McMahon had high hoped for Johnson and even paired him with Shawn Michaels in tag team action against mutual enemies.

Johnson struggled in the ring and on the microphone to slow down his push before injuries ruined it all for him. Following a failed WCW run, Johnson has been quiet in the wrestling world. Fans rarely see him unless he does the rare shoot interview.

8 Still wrestling: Hakushi

WWE signed Japanese star Hakushi to become a rare international star on the roster. Bret Hart and 123 Kid had impressive matches against Hakushi since his in-ring ability was quite impressive. WWE would not push him that far due to the language barrier.

Hakushi still wrestles in Japan under the name Jinsei Shinzaki in various promotions. The two main homes for him are Michinoku Pro and Dragon Gate. Shinzaki brought back the Hakushi character for a moment of nostalgia at Chikara’s King of Trios event a few years ago.

7 Disappeared: Adam Bomb

The early-to-mid-90s featured many outlandish gimmicks for wrestlers getting their start in WWE’s New Generation Era. Adam Bomb would see Bryan Clark playing a character that survived the Three Mile Island nuclear meltdown accident.

The run of Adam Bomb was a huge flop and he didn’t achieve that much more success in WCW. Clark would stop wrestling shortly after the Kronik tag team flopped in WWE during the Invasion angle. Fans have no idea what he’s up to today now that he’s away from the industry.

6 Still wrestling: PCO

The run of PCO aka Pierre Carl Ouellet featured him working for WWE in the New Generation Era. His tag team with Jacques Rougeau as the Quebecers. They had a memorable feud with Bret and Owen Hart culminating at the 1994 Royal Rumble event.

PCO made a resurgence in the wrestling world in recent years. The veteran delivers incredible moves and has a strange character that works to perfection. Ring of Honor signed PCO and made him one of their top performers after losing talent at the start of 2019.

5 Disappeared: Clarence Mason

The character of Clarence Mason saw him playing a parody of Johnny Cochran during the OJ Simpson trial. Mason represented various WWE heel wrestlers with the threats of lawsuits to the company and opposing wrestlers.

The Nation of Domination, Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith were the main wrestlers associated with Mason at various points. Mason left the wrestling world shortly after the Monday Night Wars ended and fewer spots were available for free agents.

4 Still wrestling: Goldust

Dustin Rhodes signing with WWE in the New Generation Era gave him the biggest opportunity of his career. The Goldust character was outside of the box from what wrestling fans were used to in the 90s, but he played it to perfection.

WWE would keep him on the roster as recently as early 2019 due to the respect for his legacy. Dustin however chose to leave and join his brother Cody Rhodes in AEW for a new start. The ability to wrestle often and contribute backstage has Dustin fitting in well in the new promotion.

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3 Disappeared: Marc Mero

WWE signing Marc Mero made him one of the premiere new talents in the company in the Monday Night Wars. Mero was expected to blossom into a top star since he signed the first-ever guaranteed contract in company history.

Fans never connected to Mero in neither the face nor heel role as he always stayed lower down the card. Mero struggled to break out when his wife Sable had more success as his manager. The wrestling business is long removed from Mero’s life as he now works as a public speaker away from the industry.

2 Still wrestling: Savio Vega

Savio Vega had a solid run as a mid-carder for WWE during the New Generation Era. The in-ring work of Vega was quite impressive as fans enjoyed his bouts with Steve Austin as Austin was also trying to break out at the time. Vega turned heel to join the Nation of Domination and form the Los Boricuas faction.

Despite being away from WWE for about two decades, Vega is still active in the wrestling scene today. The current main promotions for Savio are BSP, CWA, & NRW. Vega also makes the rare appearance for Game Changer Wrestling as they often have exciting cards.

1 Disappeared: Sycho Sid

The WWE Championship reigns of Sycho Sid made him a main eventer during the New Generation Era. Sid had his best performances against Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart in this time frame. WWE would let Sid leave right ahead of the Attitude Era as he eventually moved back to WCW.

Sid rarely makes appearances today and is far removed from the public spotlight. There have been a few instances of him getting booked for appearances and no-showing them, including the recent Raw Reunion special. Sid is apparently content living his life away from the wrestling world.

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