WWE's Next Tournament Needs To Highlight Trios

 The WWE have again fallen in love with tournaments over the last 3 years, running several for vacant titles on the main roster, as well as the Cruiserweight Classic, Dusty Rhodes Classic, Mae Young Classic, U.K Tournament and the Mixed Match Challenge. We have an idea for how they can continue that in 2018. The Dusty Classic is getting underway on NXT, but last year we saw two tournaments (U.K and MYC), so why shouldn’t they run another this year? It was recently reported on that a Latin themed tournament would be occurring, but William Regal shot that down, so our next best idea: a Trios Tournament.

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Promotions like Lucha Underground and Ring of Honor have implemented Trios Championships, and they seem to be all the rage in wrestling these days. With the amount of trios we can imagine taking part in this, it makes total sense. If the WWE can somehow integrate main roster stars in with NXT/outside WWE talents, this could genuinely be one of the most entertaining things WWE have ever done.


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The previous WWE tournaments have been heavily based on talent from outside the WWE (the UK tournament was made up of all independent talent), but that’s not going to work here. So it would be ideal if the WWE could find two days, a unique location and the integration of main roster/NXT/independent talent so that it could work. Unlike the tournaments we’ve already mentioned, it’s unlikely that WWE would put anything of great importance on the line, so it could be like the Dusty Classic which would just be a presentation of a trophy. However, it could also lead to the first ever Trios titles in WWE. It would be a unique idea to play around with, as the titles could be similar to the Hardcore Championship during the Attitude Era, meaning we could see something like The Shield turn up in Progress to challenge British Strong Style, and while it’s unlikely, it could make WWE and wrestling much more exciting and unpredictable.

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There are many other ideas for WWE’s next tournament, a hardcore tournament, ‘big man’ tournament (over 240/250 pounds), Latin tournament, Oceanic tournament (Australia, New Zealand etc.), but this one makes the most sense. If WWE can go all in with it, it would be incredibly unique and exciting to see. Do I think this is going to happen? Probably not. But the idea of an unpredictable 24/7 Championship, especially one which can be defended outside of the WWE is one that excites me, and should hopefully excite all of you guys.

(Trios we’d love to see compete: The Shield, The New Day, The Wyatt Family (Bray, Luke and Erick), British Strong Style (Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, Pete Dunne), Titus Worldwide, The Undisputed Era, The Elite (never going to happen, but a man can dream), Sanity. Make up trios we’d love to see: War Machine & Aleister Black, The Mighty & Buddy Murphy, AOP & Lars Sullivan, The Street Profits & Ricochet).

So what do you guys think about the idea? Could a two-day tournament similar to the UK tournament work? Could it work by integrating the main roster, NXT and outside of WWE talent? Is this something you’d love to see? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below.

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