5 Winners and 5 Losers From No Mercy

No Mercy was a highly anticipated WWE pay-per-view. With two WrestleMania caliber matches on the card, the WWE Universe was looking forward to seeing how Roman Reigns would fare against John Cena in a battle of fisticuffs instead of a battle of words. Weeks of back-and-forth verbal jousts had everyone wondering exactly who's WWE it is? So too, how would Brock Lesnar defeat a monster who, to this day, has done nothing but monster handle him?

Despite these two matches getting most of the attention, the undercard wasn't bad either. Finn Balor took on Bray Wyatt in a man-to-man match, the women faced off in a Fatal 5-Way contest and The Miz defended his Intercontinental Title against Kurt Angle's son, Jason Jordan.

Here are your 5 Winners and 5 Losers from No Mercy.

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5. Loser - John Cena

We'll start this list off with a loser on the actual card, but not really a loser at all. Cena did the right thing by putting over Roman Reigns and in doing so, had a heck of a match with the guy who now officially "owns the yard." When the match was over, it took a second, but boos turned into cheers and the WWE Universe gave Cena the ovation he deserved for passing the torch. He left the arena to chants of "thank you, Cena."

Will Cena be taking some time off now from the WWE? Will he move back over to SmackDown Live? Will he stay on Raw? There are a number of possibilities for the 16-time champ, but the likeliest is that he disappears for a while to film a movie and then comes back.


If you watched Raw Talkyou could tell it hit Cena that his role would be changing.

5. Winner - The Miz

In another strong interview during the No Mercy kickoff show, The Miz stuck it to Kurt Angle while Angle was a guest on the kickoff panel. Telling the Hall of Famer he would embarrass his son, he told Angle to finally show up for his child and have a handkerchief ready to wipe Jordan's tears and help blow his nose. Then pay-per-view began and the Miz was a smart choice to start the show and went and defended his title prolonging his reign and creeping ever closer to setting the record as the longest holding Intercontinental Champion in WWE history. It was another big night for the champ.


One thing that was weird to see was no Maryse. The two have been so closely linked that her not being by his side almost felt like something critical to his success was missing. Thank goodness for the Miztourage.

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4. Loser - Jason Jordan

The sheer amount of resounding boos that flooded the arena when Jason Jordan entered was bad. The additional amount of people who cheered when it was clear The Miz was going to successfully defend his title was worse. It's tough to say if this is because people love The Miz or if it's because they hate Jordan, but the concern here is that it's the latter.

The writing team has to be worried that in trying to get Jordan over, the crowd simply isn't responding. When he was interviewed by Renee Young, you almost couldn't hear what he wanted to say because the WWE Universe was all over him. When you could make it out, all he said was The Miz sucked. Jordan is going downhill much more quickly than the WWE could have possibly imagined.

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4. Winner - Elias

Sure, Elias wasn't on the main card, but he had a strong showing on the kickoff show and it looks like the WWE might be setting the table for a feud with Titus O'Neil. Elias handily defeated Apollo Crews and then to try and prove a point, attacked Crews after the match. O'Neil was forced to jump into the ring to back Elias off and it ended in a staredown.

This was all after Elias delivered a song and got a huge round of cheers from the Staples Center crowd. The WWE definitely has something with Elias and he has the tools to be a pretty big star for the company. WWE may have a hard time not making him a babyface.

3. Loser - Bray Wyatt

There probably weren't many people who expected Bray Wyatt to win, but every time he loses, it's hard to not think about just how much the WWE may have wasted what could have been one of the biggest stars in the WWE over the last five years. He and Finn Balor delivered an incredible match after Balor fought back from a sneak-attack but in the end, Wyatt didn't get his hand raised in victory.

There were actually moments in this match where it looked like Wyatt might get the rub. He had an ominous look, he had the traditional creepy look and then he ended up being defeated by a non-demonized challenger with sore ribs. Where the WWE plans to go with Wyatt next is anyone's guess.

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3. Winner - Alexa Bliss

Bliss was able to sneak away with a win in the Fatal 5-Way match and in the process, looked strong and left the others in the match viable challengers as well. Even Emma didn't look useless and most believed she'd be the chosen one to take the fall.

Bliss then appeared on Raw Talk and played the heel persona to a tee and tore a strip into pretty much every other female competitor. It looks like there is going to be a lead up to Bliss talking trash and the debut of Asuka being the thing that finally takes her down. That's a women's bout worth watching.

2. Loser - Cesaro

To say Cesaro might be eating less than sold foods for a while would be an understatement. Losing two teeth after he ate part of the ring post on a slingshot move by Dean Ambrose, Cesaro was bleeding all over the place and will likely need dental surgery to replacement teeth and a boatload of smoothies.

To add insult to injury, Cesaro and Sheamus lost the match and will probably have to go to the back of the line in terms of fighting for the WWE Tag Team Championships. If the WWE has another Superstar Shake Up, a betting man should wager "The Bar" winds up on SmackDown Live. To Cesaro's credit, he took the losing of his teeth like a paper cut. He didn't slow down or quit, he just kept on going like nothing had happened.

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2. Winner - Roman Reigns

The Roman Reigns and John Cena match was as good as the two hyped it up to be and that included a lot of hype. Leading up to the match, Reigns wasn't coming out on the winning end of the wars between he and Cena, but when it came to having a battle where physicality was involved, the WWE went with Reigns.

He is now the man in the WWE and he will be leading the company into a new era. He was able to overcome the verbal onslaught and Cena gave Reigns a crash-course in a short amount of time to prepare him to lead the way. Cena found a way for Roman to dig down deep and find that something to be the guy. It looks like Reigns found it.

1. Loser - Enzo Amore

He looked like a cross between Beetlejuice and his own special guest referee, but regardless of what he looked like and what he said, Enzo proved he can wrestle a little, but he honestly can't hang with a Cruiserweight like Neville who literally destroyed Enzo from the opening bell. Then, of course, Enzo went and won the Cruiserweight Championship.

Unlike John Cena who was listed as a loser on this list because he lost, but not because of why or how he lost, Enzo is a loser here despite winning the title. He got in almost no offense and had to cheat using a low blow to steal the belt. In the WWE's defense, this was really the only way to give Enzo the belt and make it believable. Better this than actually having him pin Neville clean.

1. Winner - Brock Lesnar

After being "monster-handled" week after week, it appeared that somehow and in some way, Brock Lesnar was due to get the nod and pull out an underdog victory. Proving he still is "The Beast" and not yet a victim of "The Monster" it took only six suplexes to get the pin and prove it's not the time for Braun to be the Universal Champion.

For Strowman (someone we considered adding to the losers side of this list), his time will come. And, there is a better than likely chance that Lesnar will be facing Strowman again, potentially at WrestleMania 34.

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