Do You Make More Than An NXT Superstar?

Whether it's sports, entertainment, business or any other industry - people are always curious about other people's salaries and sports entertainment is definitely no exception. And while there is a lot of information out there about what the Superstars on the main WWE roster are making, many of us have always been curious about what the Superstars down in NXT are pulling in on an annual basis.

Well, in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, they have revealed the yearly salaries of the top-level superstars coming into NXT these days. According to the Observer that number stands at $65,000 and yes, this includes the likes of the bigger names such as Adam Cole and the recently signed Ricochet.

Also, along with the salary the WWE also pays for the Superstar's travel - which is something that Alexa Bliss had confirmed in the past.


via: wwe.com

While that number may seem low to some people, it is definitely a livable wage and they have full access to the incredible, state-of-the-art performance center and the ability to work their way onto the main roster - where the money gets a whole lot better.

Now, most of the athletes in NXT will never make it to the level of a John Cena who, it has been reported, makes a base-salary of around $5 million - and brings in a total of around $8-9 million/year when you add in the incentives he has negotiated for merchandise and pay-per-view revenue.

While that is obviously a goal for every Superstar, just getting to the main roster is a milestone that all of the wrestlers in NXT aspire to reach. Not only is it the next level up for their profession, but it means another level for their salary as well.

Exact salary numbers vary depending on the source, but Forbes did report a couple years ago that the WWE said that the average wrestler on the main roster was making $500,000 per year. Sure, that isn't John Cena money, but it is a whole lot more than they are making in NXT. And it's a lot more than most people are making in general.

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