10 Current WWE (& NXT) Women We Would’ve Loved To See Paige Feud With

The early retirement of Paige saw her end her in-ring career at the young age of 25 due to a neck injury. WWE doctors would not clear Paige which led to the huge decision to end her career. Fans still hold out hope that Paige may be able to return one day following Daniel Bryan’s return and rumors of Edge coming back as well from a neck injury.

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Paige has stated in interviews that she does have the mindset that anything is possible after seeing Bryan return. The current three rosters of Raw, Smackdown and NXT each feature extremely talented women. We will look at the potential bouts that would be fun to watch if Paige could compete. Find out just which dream matches would be amazing in Paige’s house. These are ten current WWE and NXT women that we would have loved to see Paige feud with.

10 Sasha Banks

The immediate feud that people would enjoy seeing has Sasha Banks as a dream opponent for Paige. Both wrestlers worked together a few times, but they never had a legitimate one on one feud. Banks was the wrestler working with Paige on a house show when she suffered the career-ending injury.

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The current heel character of Banks along with the easy ready-made story would make Paige perfect in her face role. Paige knew how to play a face character that fans didn’t turn on. A big feud between Banks and Paige could be huge for the women’s division.

9 Asuka

WWE unofficially ended Paige’s time managing the Kabuki Warriors after she took time off to have neck surgery. Despite being back in WWE as a broadcaster for the new Backstage show on Fox Sports, Paige didn’t reunite with Asuka and Kairi Sane.

The drama there could make for a tremendous feud specifically with Asuka. Paige vs Asuka is a dream match we missed out on due to Paige’s injury happening before Asuka joined the main roster. WWE fans would be treated to compelling matches between the two.

8 Shayna Baszler

Paige had arguably the greatest NXT Women’s Championship reign as the first woman to hold the title. The run ended when she vacated the title to move on to the main roster. Shayna Baszler is creating her own legacy as the NXT Women’s Champion with a dominant reign still going.

The ideal story would see Paige playing the face character that fans rallied around while trying to dethrone the dominant heel. Baszler has a style that can work with most wrestlers. It doesn’t always lead to classics, but Paige may be one to have a must-see match with her.

7 Mickie James

WWE missed out on booking a dream match between Mickie James and Paige during their short time on the same roster together. Paige unfortunately only had a few matches before another injury would rule her out and lead to her retirement.

James is a legitimate women’s wrestling legend and Paige may have that same status given the amount of success she achieved in a short time. A singles match between the two relevant names and historically great champions would have been quite fun to witness.

6 Bianca Belair

The athleticism of Bianca Belair makes her unlike any other woman in NXT. Belair’s charisma is what puts her over the top as the all-around total package performer. WWE will likely call her up to the main roster soon, but she is already a star in NXT.

The style of Belair would have merged perfectly with Paige to create fun matches. Bianca is the kind of wrestler that knows how to showcase her strengths while also playing into the strengths of her opponent. Paige returning to the ring would make this match a must for WWE to book.

5 Bayley

The heel turn of Bayley has completely changed her character for the better. Instead of playing a generic face to mixed reactions, Bayley changed her look and persona to finally become a heel. The potential for success is already there following a few great weeks.

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Paige always thrived in the face role that worked well when opposing heels with heat. Bayley’s current character would have been the perfect foe for Paige. Many fans would see AJ Lee was Paige’s best rival and Bayley is a little better in the ring to improve upon that face/heel dynamic.

4 Candice LeRae

Paige was best as a face, but her runs in the heel role provided an edge that achieved her goal with that character as well. Candice LeRae is arguably the best face character in any of the WWE women’s divisions. The genuine connection with fans makes them invest more in her matches.

LeRae and Paige could have created magic together in the ring. Candice was considered a rising star on the independent circuit while Paige was getting her start in FCW and NXT. The different journeys and characters could be incredible if it were to happen in WWE.

3 Sonya Deville

WWE had high hopes for the Absolution faction when Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville debuted alongside a returning Paige. The three wrestlers had chemistry together, but the potential ended when Paige’s future was in doubt following her neck injury.

Deville was the wrestler that may have had better chemistry with Paige as opponents. The grappling skills and strength advantage would have made Sonya an ideal heel with Paige coming from behind as the babyface with fire. We never got to witness the run of Absolution or their eventual breakup.

2 Io Shirai

Io Shirai is the woman in NXT making the most headlines these days. The heel turn has allowed Shirai to expand her character work and continue dominating in the ring. Superb matches against Shayna Baszler, Candice LeRae and many others has put Io in the conversation for the best female wrestler in the world today.

Paige would have had a lot of fun getting to face off with a talent like Shirai. Their chemistry would have been there with Paige serving as the base for Io flying all over the ring. Both ladies grew up learning the industry at a young age and this feud could have allowed them to put it all into their matches together.

1 Becky Lynch

The rise of Becky Lynch has made her the biggest name for the women’s division in wrestling today. WWE has completely invested in Lynch as the face of the division and the entire company. Becky’s dominance has seen her take down almost all challengers.

Paige has worked with Lynch in the past during their run together in the PCB faction along with a few matches after breaking up. However, the new level of intensity and star power of Becky would make her a dream match opponent for Paige in her prime or if she ever comes out of retirement.

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