10 WWE Off-Screen Couples We Forgot Ever Existed

With all the ongoing changes in the WWE in kayfabe and outside the ring, it can be hard to keep up with the latest news. Many wrestlers tend to lean towards dating within the industry, as it allows them to spend more time together. When Superstars embark on a road trip, they may be away for a long time from their significant one.

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As there have been numerous couples in the WWE in past decades, even the biggest fans are likely not invested enough to remember relationships that have been long gone. Here are ten WWE off-screen couples we forgot existed!

10 Test And Kelly Kelly

During her time on the ECW brand, Kelly Kelly was linked to Mike Knox and then CM Punk via kayfabe, although she was dating Test in real life. Test was also a member of the brand and that led to a deep connection between the two. They broke up sometime in 2008, but remained on good terms until Test's passing away in 2009.

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Kelly often talks highly of her relationship with Test, claiming that he was the love of her life. This couple has been forgotten by wrestling fans since they happened to be on the lesser popular ECW at the time.

9 Alicia Fox And Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett and Alicia Fox peaked around the same time, so it's no wonder that they also got along outside of the ring. The couple went under the radar for the most part as social media wasn't quite as big when they were in a relationship. They did make two cameos on Total Divas that were very brief, but the couple kept their business outside of the media. Although both have moved on since then, Fox has indicated that they remained friends once the spark flamed out. Believing that they were better off as friends rather than a couple, it's good to see they were able to remain on good terms.

8 Batista And Rosa Mendes

Batista has been romantically linked with a number of Divas during his run. That was especially true between 2004 to 2010 when The Animal was enjoying every bit of his celebrity lifestyle. While most fans know about his fling with Melina by now, his relationship with Rosa Mendes is now largely forgotten. According to a past interview, Batista claimed that he only dated Mendes for a few months before they broke things off. It doesn't appear as if they were serious based on his comments, which shouldn't come as a surprised considering Batista's dating history inside and outside of the WWE.

7 Kurt Angle And Dawn Marie

Kurt Angle may not be known for his dating history as much as his peers, but he has been linked with a number of WWE Divas in the past. During his stay on SmackDown, he found a new romantic interest in Dawn Marie. Given that the two were spending plenty of time together on the road, it's no surprise that they began dating.

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It had been reported that the couple were on and off between 2003 to 2004, as Marie eventually left the WWE. Angle seems to have changed his ways in recent years as he is now a family man.

6 Torrie Wilson And Mitch

Fans will likely remember Torrie Wilson's on-screen relationship with Billy Kidman in WCW, and briefly throughout her WWE tenure as well. After the real life couple separated in 2006, Wilson started dating fellow WWE Superstar Mitch, who was a member of The Spirit Squad. He would only last with the WWE for a year prior to his release while Wilson remained a member until 2008. The very little-known couple stuck together until 2010 when they called it quits. Perhaps if Mitch had achieved more success in the WWE, more fans would have been aware of it. But unlike his former mate Dolph Ziggler, Mitch didn't last long too long with the company.

5 Lita And CM Punk

Both of these Superstars are renowned for their dating history among their peers. They seem to prefer having a partner on the road rather than a long distance relationship. In 2009, it was revealed that Lita and CM Punk had begun dating although the couple split up towards the end of the year. They managed to work matters out over the next two years before they once again became official in 2012. This time around, the relationship would end abruptly after a year as Punk started seeing AJ Lee around the same time. This couple has become forgotten since both have moved on long ago.

4 Dolph Ziggler And Nikki Bella

Before they went on to become top draws in the WWE, Dolph Ziggler and Nikki Bella were an item. Both were just starting their journey in the company with the former being a member of The Spirit Squad while Nikki had just earned a developmental deal. They were spotted together between 2006 to 2008 before they both went their separate ways.

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It is unknown as to why they broke up, although they remained friendly as co-workers. Since this relationship took place before they ascended to fame, the majority of WWE fans are unaware about their past romance in real life.

3 Alberto Del Rio And Charlotte Flair

Alberto Del Rio and Charlotte Flair seem to prefer dating inside the industry judging by their relationship history. And for a few months in 2015, they were secretly dating but it didn't last too long. The circumstances surrounding their romance is unknown to the public, although they were both coming fresh off a divorce. Following their split, Charlotte has moved on to better things with her new boyfriend Andrade, while Del Rio was seriously involved with Paige for nearly two years. Fans may not know Del Rio and Charlotte as a couple since they kept their business out of the public eye.

2 CM Punk And Maria

CM Punk may have the most impressive dating resume out of the entire WWE alumni, starting early on with Maria in 2005. Both had been assigned to OVW at the time, allowing them to make acquaintances while training on their quest of being on the main roster. This couple would last approximately one year as they parted ways shortly before CM Punk was called up to join the ECW brand in June of 2006. Since then, he dated Beth Phoenix, Lita and AJ Lee. As for Maria, she has been linked with John Cena and of course her current husband Mike Bennett.

1 John Cena And Victoria

There were rumors throughout the mid 2000s that John Cena was having an affair with Victoria. Since both were married at the time, they received criticism from fans who believed it to be true. As it turned out, Victoria clarified that she did in fact date Cena, but that took place in 2002 and not years later. At the time, Cena was single while Victoria was separated from her husband. She did add that things didn't work out with Cena as they lasted less than a year. Since Cena wasn't quite popular yet in 2002, this couple has been forgotten by most fans.

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