WWE Officially Announces Next Superstars To Host Their Own Podcast

Corey Graves officially announced during After The Bell, the next Superstars in line to get their own podcast on the WWE platform.

After interviewing Randy Orton and Rhea Riley, Corey Graves officially dropped the announcement that a new podcast was coming to WWE’s new platform — that being a new podcast hosted by The New Day.

Graves shared a preview of the new show and said he is super excited, with New Day’s new show likely being more entertaining than his own. He said he was going to do his best to get them on his show before New Day’s new podcast drops on Monday.

Whether this new podcast was always in the works or it has come about because of Xavier Woods recent injury is unclear but it's likely the first episode of the show will reveal how long The New Day: Feel the Power has been in the works. Logically, this could be the goofiest podcast WWE launches, where the hosts may talk about wrestling, video games and crazy stories.


What Will New Day’s Show Be About?

WWE plans to add more podcasts down the road but having arguably the most entertaining stars in WWE host their own show makes a ton of sense. New Day was a group that had to overcome being one of the most hated factions in WWE when they debuted and worked their way to the top of the WWE totem pole, setting records along the way. They introduced crazy ideas like pancakes, unicorns, their own cereal and more.

Recently, Kofi Kingston was crowned WWE Champion after years of working the mid-card and being part of the tag team scene. One has to assume all of those topics will be part of the show as will interviews with talents, including those that often appear on Woods YouTube channel UpUp DownDown.

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