10 Old Match Concepts That WWE Should Bring Back After King Of The Ring

WWE surprised everybody this month by announcing that the King of the Ring tournament would be making its long-awaited return after a four-year absence, which was a welcomed announcement by fans and talent alike.

The popular tournament making its return has provided a fun storyline for each week of television on the build to the final, and it will hopefully give the eventual winner a major push. However, it has also got people thinking about other possible old concepts from wrestling's past.

The King of the Ring tournament isn't the only old concept in wrestling that would be welcomed back with open arms, and, in this article, we will take a look at 10 others that WWE should consider bringing back.

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10 Tornado Tag Team Match

Starting off the list with a very simple match concept that WWE has decided to totally abandon for some reason, the tornado tag team match is a standard tag team bout—with the exception being that all competitors are legal at the same time.

What this does is make the match a lot more free-flowing and fast-paced and certainly breaks up the monotony of having a traditional tag team match every single week, allowing for fun double team moves and plenty of in-ring action.

This is a simple concept that could easily be brought back if WWE wanted to, and, hopefully, if the company starts putting some focus on the tag division again, it will make its return.

9 War Games

Yes, technically, WWE has brought this match concept back, not only having two War Games matches, but naming an entire Takeover event after them. War Games events have seemingly become an annual occurrence at this point.

However, the War Games stipulation has been confined to NXT so far, and that means only people who are watching the black and yellow brand have seen it, which is not every member of the WWE Universe.

The matches in NXT have proven that there is an audience for them and that they can still be relevant today. So, hopefully, Vince McMahon makes the decision to bring the concept to the main roster at some stage.

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8 Championship Scramble

This match concept isn't a particularly old one, but it didn't have a long life due to people finding it overly complicated. It's a shame, as it was actually a whole lot of fun and had a real unpredictability about it.

The Championship Scramble would start with two wrestlers and have another join every five minutes. There could be as many pinfalls or submissions throughout, and whoever had the last at the end of the time limit would walk out as champion.

This meant that there could be several different champions within one match, with everyone scrambling to stop pinfalls and get their own. It was wild, but it was also a lot of fun.

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7 Iron Man Match

It is easy to see why WWE doesn't want to bring back the Iron Man matches, as they are incredibly time-consuming, and, with the currently loaded roster, they would suck up a lot of time on a show to just two participants.

However, the flipside to that argument is that, if a storyline is worthy of it and the wrestlers involved are talented enough, an Iron Man match can be absolutely incredible and easily more impactful than two or three throwaway matches.

There have been some classic Iron Man matches in the past, and, even if WWE wants to dedicate just 30 minutes rather than a whole hour, they can be just as good.

6 Buried Alive Match

WWE hasn't had a Buried Alive match in such a long time because it hasn't really suited anybody on the roster now that Kane and The Undertaker are gone, which is fair enough and makes sense.

However, WWE now has two characters that would make sense to bring this stipulation back: The Fiend and Bray Wyatt. Hopefully, the company can do this, making the most of Wyatt's crazy gimmick.

It would only help to enhance the character if WWE decided to give him a gimmicked match like this, making The Fiend become even more feared than it currently is.

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5 First Blood Match

First blood matches are something that hasn't been seen in WWE for many years, with the concept not exactly being well suited to a PG product. However, they are incredibly entertaining matches when done right.

With WWE starting to slowly edge to a slightly more edgy product, there is hope that this match type could make a return, especially if WWE built up a hot feud between two wrestlers who hated each other.

Some slight blood use can be incredibly effective when done right, and, while there is no need for tons of gushing blood and a WWE official could quickly use a towel to cover it, there could be some great moments with this match type.

4 Raw Roulette

There was something exciting about having the Raw Roulette each year, typically whenever WWE was in Las Vegas. The show was unpredictable, and it was tons of fun because of that.

A random wheel would always be backstage with stipulations and match types on for Superstars to participate in. Spinning the wheel to determine what would happen, making for a wild night of action.

There is something fun about having a night packed with random moments, and there is no reason that storylines cannot continue through the show. It just offers something different to the 'norm,' which is never a bad thing.

3 Classic Steel Cage

Everybody loves a Steel Cage match, and so they should; they are fantastic when done correctly. While WWE evolved the cage throughout time, there is still something about the old blue structure that connects with an audience.

With the steel being clear to see and the connections being heard loud and clear, bringing it back with the old-school rules would shake things up, even if the cage structure was tweaked slightly. Perhaps WWE could bring it back for an episode of an old-school Raw or SmackDown to help it fit in more, but it would just be a refreshing thing to see on today's modern shows.

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2 Parking Lot Brawl

One of WWE's biggest issues lately is that they use the exact same shots and camera angles for every single match, with the same issues taking place backstage, which is why WWE should consider bringing back the parking lot brawl match.

If they don't set it out as an announced match, they should instead have wrestlers brawl into the car park, using them as weapons. It will provide a breath of fresh air to the show and make any ordinary brawl feel even more intense.

There is something about the chaos of a parking lot brawl that just connects with an audience, and, hopefully, WWE will start to look at making these changes soon.

1 Cyber Sunday

Now, this isn't just a match concept; it's an entire PPV event. There is no doubt that Cyber Sunday would work perfectly now in the modern climate with technology and social media being as popular as it is.

The annual PPV was a fun one that fans looked forward to, but it was certainly ahead of its time, with fans voting on each match to either determine opponents or stipulations which provided a major mystery aspect to the show.

Back then, interactive elements were a brand new concept, but now with Twitter and Instagram, a one-night special event like Cyber Sunday could absolutely thrive.

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