10 WWE On-Screen Couples We Forgot Ever Existed

Think back to some of the most successful and beloved pairings over the years. From Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth to Eddie Guerrero and Chyna to Edge and Lita—they all brought something unique and enticing to the table. Not only did they keep fans invested through their on-screen chemistry and segments, but they also made sense from a storyline standpoint.

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While WWE loves using romantic plots, rarely do they connect enough to last beyond a few weeks. Only the very best couples are still fondly remembered by fans, and such isn't the case with today's list as we look at 10 WWE on-screen couples we forgot ever existed!

10 CM Punk & Kelly Kelly

Only fans who followed ECW from 2006 to 2007 would remember this short-lived couple. Kelly Kelly had been dating Mike Knox in kayfabe at the time when they slowly began drifting apart. That brought CM Punk into the mix who would often step in to defend Kelly, as they developed feelings for each other.

The relationship came to an abrupt end when WWE just dropped the storyline. Punk and Kelly were both over on their own and didn't exactly fit in with each other, while Knox failed to really impress to stick around. He was released shortly afterwards while the other two went on to accomplish bigger things.

9 Ted DiBiase Jr. & Maryse

Perhaps some fans may still remember the partnership of Ted DiBiase Jr. and Maryse, but it happened to take place during one of the worst eras in WWE history. From 2010 to 2011, DiBiase and Maryse had been an on-screen couple after the latter became his manager.

While WWE put them together in storyline, Maryse was in fact beginning to go out with The Miz around the same time. As Maryse and DiBiase's roles began changing within the company, WWE broke them up by sending each one to a different brand. It may not have been a bad partnership on paper, but it wasn't exactly a memorable one, either.

8 Carlito & Torrie Wilson

Carlito made a huge mark in the WWE as a heel on SmackDown, but his popularity began to slowly wear off once he moved to Raw. In hopes of generating greater interest in the newly turned face Carlito, WWE put him in an on-screen relationship with the beloved Torrie Wilson.

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It wasn't a bad pairing by any means, but the company didn't really provide them with much to work on. Wilson would mostly walk out to the ring with Carlito until the latter had enough of the lovey-dovey stage, as he turned heel by dumping her in the process.

7 Zack Ryder & Eve Torres

It's no secret that WWE creative doesn't always have plans for all Superstars involved, leaving many to be randomly paired. Such was the case for Zack Ryder and Eve Torres, who developed kayfabe feelings out of nowhere.

Ryder was coming off his high momentum at the time, although WWE wasn't taking full advantage of it. On the other hand, Eve hadn't been featuring heavily in recent weeks, so they paired them together in hopes of getting over as a couple. Like so many other on-screen relationships, they failed to truly connect with the WWE Universe and the angle was instantly dropped.

6 Daniel Bryan & Gail Kim

In kayfabe, Daniel Bryan once had both of The Bella Twins fighting over him, although it was Brie who captured his heart. From script to real life, they became an official item sometime after the angle concluded. But in order to increase interest in the storyline, WWE added Gail Kim to the mix as Bryan's secret girlfriend.

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Needless to say, it wasn't greatly received by the WWE Universe—or Kim, for that matter—which is why it didn't stick through beyond some weeks. That would be the final straw for Kim, who left the WWE behind while Bryan broke out on his own.

5 Enzo Amore & Nia Jax

The romance between Enzo Amore and Nia Jax was very short-lived, and it is probably better off that way. Creative must have been low on ideas around that time, as their pairing came up as random as could be and didn't lead to any payoff.

Following weeks of exchanged flirtation between them, they unofficially became an on-screen item. The chemistry was off from the jump, but given that WWE had no plans for either Superstar, they tried to find the next odd yet brilliant couple. Their attempt came short, as Enzo didn't stick around on the roster for too long afterward while Nia moved on to bigger things.

4 Matt Hardy & Maria

While his brother was winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Matt Hardy was struggling with no direction on SmackDown. At the time, Maria was very over with the fans despite her lack of wrestling skills, which led to a brief relationship between the two Superstars.

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Not only did they have each other's backs when needed, but they were also shown backstage just hanging out as a couple. The angle was dropped by the WWE just as it was starting to pick up steam, as Maria was let go from the company. There was plenty of potential for this couple but they didn't last long enough to resonate with fans.

3 Kurt Angle & Stephanie McMahon

There is nothing that WWE loves more than a romantic plot twist to catch everyone off-guard. That's exactly what occurred when Stephanie McMahon ditched her husband Triple H for her new love interest, Kurt Angle. The rivalry between the two Superstars would only intensify as Stephanie began accompanying Angle to the ring.

Once again, WWE had another plot twist with Stephanie turning back on Angle after all to help Triple H in his time of need. Such angles were no stranger to the Attitude Era as many love triangles surfaced at the time, but only a selective few resonated with the audience.

2 The Great Khali & Natalya

In 2012, it appeared that WWE ran out of ideas for The Great Khali. He had been removed from the main event for years now, with his character taking a turn into a comedic one. But of course, they insisted on giving him plenty of air time, which explains the odd pairing with Natalya. She was the Divas Champion not long prior to the newborn romance, but it certainly didn't do her career any favors.

Natalya and Khali were involved in comedy skits throughout their partnership, some of which are now remembered for all the wrong reasons. Most fans have likely erased this on-screen couple from their wrestling minds by now.

1 Randy Orton & Stacy Keibler

Following a disappointing run in the main event scene, WWE tried to rebuild Randy Orton by linking him with one of the most popular Divas in Stacy Keibler. To their credit, fans were intrigued by the pairing as they fit great together on paper.

The honeymoon phase would soon come to an end once Orton set his sights on The Undertaker's undefeated streak, challenging him for a bout at WrestleMania 21. In order to put the heel turn in full effect, WWE had Orton deliver an RKO on Keibler during an episode of Monday Night Raw, thus ending the relationship.

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