WWE's Original Plan For Enzo Amore This Week Was Completely Different

Enzo Amore was apparently not supposed to face Noam Dar and make his 205 Live debut on Raw earlier this week as WWE had different plans for him.

Enzo Amore's act on Raw has been becoming somewhat stale. Originally when Enzo was betrayed by his best friend Cass, the WWE Universe was both heartbroken and captivated. Like most things though, WWE did the angle to death. By the time we arrived at SummerSlam, Amore was suspended above the ring in a shark cage, and most fans were bored of the feud. 24-hours later Cass suffered an injury and brought their rivalry to an end.

Fast forward another 24-hours on from Big Cass's unfortunate injury, and WWE finally freshened up Enzo's act. The main event of last week's 205 Live featured a Cruiserweight Championship rematch between Neville and Akira Tozawa. After The King dispatched his opponent, Enzo's music hi,t and Muscles Marinara declared himself the newest addition to the 205 Live locker room.


This week on Raw, Enzo made his in-ring debut as a cruiserweight. Smacktalker Skywalker faced off against Scotsman Noam Dar and defeated him in pretty short order. According to PWInsider however, that wasn't the plan. Rather than do battle with Dar, Enzo was actually supposed to be a part of the battle royal that opened Monday's show to decide a number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship.

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Amore has been the center of an awful lot of pro wrestling headlines recently. From being kicked off a tour bus, to apparently paying $10,000 to be in the crowd for Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor, it would appear that the former NXT Superstar isn't exactly well liked behind the scenes at WWE. Plus Enzo may have added to that alleged heat with his less than tactful Twitter rant aimed towards Cass and his knee injury.


Not having Enzo compete in the battle royal this past Monday is probably a good choice. Some fans are still a little dubious about Amore being in the cruiserweight division at all. Having him perform double duty will only muddy the waters even more, and begin to blur a line between the cruiserweights and the rest of the roster. WWE's purple brand does need different characters though if it wants to improve, and Enzo Amore is certainly very different from anyone else currently on that roster.

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