10 WWE Tag Teams We Want To See Reunited

Though they often don’t get the respect they deserve, tag teams are the backbone of the wrestling business. Throughout its long history, WWE has had legendary teams like the Road Warriors, the Hart Foundation and the New Day. Recently, the division has been lost in the weeds, as the powers that be rarely invest time and stories into it.

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There are plenty of great tag teams, like The Usos, The Revival and the Viking Raiders, working today. However, three or four teams can’t reinvigorate the entire division. Bringing back former teams to freshen up storylines could help, so these are 10 tag teams we want to see reunited.


During their time on 205 Live, Ali and Cedric Alexander worked together several times. Their chemistry was amazing, with their styles matching up perfectly. Since injury stalled his momentum, Ali has been trying to find his footing on SmackDown again.

Over on Raw, Alexander has become one of the mob chasing R-Truth and the 24/7 championship. They could easily get together to face Daniel Bryan and Rowan for the SmackDown tag team titles and be taken much more seriously than Heavy Machinery or the B Team.


Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa have a curious history. They came in as a tag team, then split and had an epic rivalry that lasted two years. Ciampa’s neck surgery led to the cancellation of their final confrontation, and when Gargano won the NXT championship, Ciampa celebrated with him.

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When Ciampa returns and Gargano is ready to make his main roster debut, they should debut as DIY. Whether as partners or as enemies, their in-ring chemistry is unmatched. Their presence would instantly electrify the division.


This may seem like an odd pairing, but remember once upon a time Cesaro won the tag team championship with Tyson Kidd, and Natalya was by their side every step of the way. Since the trio went their separate ways, the duo’s paths haven’t crossed.

However, their power, striking ability and Sharpshooter finisher makes them a perfect choice to team up. Sometimes the partners for the mixed match challenge seem thrown together, but in this case, they’ve got a built-in story ready to go.


There was a point in 2017-2018 when no team was hotter than Rusev and Aiden English. Rusev Day chants rang throughout every arena. They never won the championship and eventually had a lackluster split. Frankly, neither star has recovered.

Rusev has been stuck in a pointless team with Shinsuke Nakamura, while English has been doing a great job on commentary for 205 Live. We saw in the Worlds Collide tournament that he’s absolutely ring-ready, so boost all three superstars by reuniting Rusev and English, then restoring Nakamura to solo glory.


Considering the popularity of the Firefly Fun House, it may seem a little controversial to suggest bringing back the Wyatt Family, but we’ve seen this movie before and we know how it ends for Bray Wyatt. He’ll get a nice push to the main event, then lose the big one.

This isn’t just about Wyatt. Though Rowan, Strowman and Harper have had varying levels of success since the Wyatt Family, none has been quite as impactful. If given a chance with the weirdness of the Firefly Fun House, we think the group could be something new in the tag team division.


We know Ruby Riott is out with a knee injury, but what happened to the rest of the Riott Squad? Liv Morgan hasn’t been seen on SmackDown, and Sarah Logan has been nonexistent on Raw. Splitting them up was the worst decision of the draft.

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With The IIconics not defending the women’s tag team titles, this seems like the perfect opportunity for The Riott Squad to come in and make waves. With big changes coming to both shows, we have to hope the trio will be reunited to make the new titles relevant again.


Let’s start by saying we can’t wait to see what Tyler Breeze does in his return to NXT. However, we really miss the Fashion Police. Honestly, we don’t know what Fandango’s status is, as he’s been out with injury for a very long time.

One of the reasons people like the 24/7 championship so much is the comedic relief it adds to programming. Fashion Police brought that in spades, while elevating Breeze and Fandango to tag title matches. This is one of those decisions that seems like a no-brainer. Maybe they can reunite in NXT?


We know WWE doesn’t talk about TNA/Impact, but there’s no reason for them to not take advantage of established relationships. In TNA, EC3 and Drake Maverick (Rockstar Spud) worked very closely together, developing a genuine friendship.

It’s no secret to fans that the two are best friends, so it’s particularly odd that they’ve never really teamed up in WWE. EC3 has floundered since moving to the main roster, while Drake Maverick has finally hit his stride in his hunt for the 24/7 title. Whether Maverick is EC3’s manager or they are a more traditional tag team, these two are always entertaining together.


One of the biggest mistakes in recent memory is how badly WWE botched Sanity. They debuted on SmackDown to great fanfare, destroying the New Day. However, that was it. They were never used, other than as extra bodies in battle royales. Inexplicably, Nikki Cross didn’t debut with the rest of Sanity, so the whole group was never seen together.

The team was split during the draft, with Eric Young on Raw, Killian Dain returning to NXT and Alexander Wolfe going to NXTUK. We don’t have high hopes for any of their futures, so, WWE, admit you were wrong and reboot Sanity the right way.


Naomi is one of the most gifted and popular women on the roster, and yet she always seems to be treated as a stepping stone for others’ pushes. She finally got some respect when she turned heel and teamed up with Tamina. Since they recently made up, let’s see them both get that fire back and run the women’s division.

When Nia Jax comes back from her knee injury, she can join, making them an extremely strong and feared stable. If Sasha returns, that would be amazing, but it still works without her. We’d love to see an all female Nation of Domination shake up the division.

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