10 People You Didn’t Realize Were Employed By WWE

WWE has tried their best to hire the best people in the wrestling industry for every job in the company. Fans are aware that WWE is aggressively hiring some of top talent in the world to wrestle for them. However, that extends beyond the squared circle. WWE has employees needed in every aspect of the show from producers to writers to trainers to ambassadors. Hundreds of people are on the WWE payroll for the important duties needed to create such a live touring show on a global scale.

We will look at some of the interesting and relevant names that have become part of the WWE product. They usually work behind the scenes or in a less celebrated role that sees them fly under the radar. Wrestling fans know these names for their past success, but they are finding new results in new worlds. These are ten people you didn’t realize were employed by WWE.

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10 Eve Torres

Eve Torres had a great run in the women’s division for WWE in the late 2000s. The talented performer reached her peak in her final years as a detestable heel character. Eve had a couple of impressive Divas Championship runs during the villainous chapter of her career.

WWE still has Torres under contract in the role of an ambassador. The job duties essentially have her doing occasional work as a spokesperson or representative for the company. Eve appeared at the Performance Center in the past to teach some of the self-defense classes she has worked on since retiring from the ring.

9 Robbie E

Former TNA star Robbie E won every title during his time in Impact aside from the world championship. The in-ring days of Robbie E appeared to end when he signed with WWE in early 2019. Robbie E won over WWE with his personality skills during his Performance Center tryout.

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WWE, however, hired him for the role of a manager rather a wrestler. Robbie E has appeared on a few NXT live events under the name of Robert Strauss managing a few different wrestlers like Riddick Moss, Dan Matha, Rinku Singh, and Saurav Gurjar. Time will tell if Robbie can make it to NXT or the main roster with this role.

8 Vero Rodriguez

Vero Rodriguez is a popular host for various television shows in Mexico. Most of her gigs feature her hosting shows on the Fox Sports Mexico show. WWE has a show exclusively airing in Mexico called WWE Saturday Night where Rodriguez looks at the big moments from WWE television.

The talented broadcaster is an under the radar hire by WWE for their international appeal. WWE superstar Finn Balor and Vero revealed their real-life dating relationship when Rodriguez interviewed him during a soccer game. Love was found due to the WWE hiring.

7 Jeremy Borash

Former TNA ring announcer Jeremy Borash was a jack of all trades for the company for most of its run. Borash did his best to contribute to the overall product of TNA from the television content to online content to international projects all that helped them expand in different ways.

WWE officially signed Borash away from TNA in 2018 to join the NXT team. Borash has already produced a lot of the backstage videos, vignettes or the recently entertaining footage of Adam Cole insulting the friends and family of Johnny Gargano in Cleveland. The producing role of Borash allows him to use his creativity to help NXT and WWE.

6 Tyson Kidd

The scary injury to Tyson Kidd’s neck made fans fear the rest of his life would be in question due to the severity of it. Kidd will likely never be able to wrestle again due to the risks, but he has thankfully found a role to continue contributing to the WWE.

The company hired Kidd to become a full-time producer/agent for the matches backstage. Kidd has a good relationship with most of the locker room going back to his in-ring days. That along with his wrestling mind allows him to help provide input into matches each week.

5 Lex Luger

WCW legend Lex Luger dealt with a lot of health issues following the end of his wrestling career. Luger was confined to a wheelchair for quite a few years before recently getting the fortune of walking on his own again.

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The positive and negative choices of Luger during his career landed him a role as a wellness counselor in WWE. Luger occasionally provides tips to the athletes on nutrition, exercise, and wellness. Wrestlers that get in trouble for violating the wellness policy have the chance to talk to Luger about making changes.

4 Funaki

The comedic work of Funaki as a wrestler in WWE ended up earning him quite a few more opportunities in his career. Funaki had the funny role as Smackdown’s #1 announcer back in the original brand split, but he now is a legitimate broadcaster for the company.

WWE employs Funaki as the color commentator for the Japanese broadcasts of PPVs in Japan. He also gets to host the This Week in WWE weekly shows that air in Japan to keep the fan base in tune with the product. Another cool role for Funaki is that he helps acclimate Japanese talents moving to America for WWE. Wrestlers like Hideo Itami, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Asuka benefited from Funaki’s help.

3 Abyss

The in-ring career of Abyss appears to be over after a run as one of the greatest wrestlers in TNA history. Abyss even joined the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame last year before hanging it up to join WWE in a backstage capacity.

WWE hired Abyss to become another one of their producers/agents. The move was done to shake things up by bringing in younger people for the positions. Abyss worked as a producer for Impact over the final few years there in between delivering his own wrestling work. It impressed enough to get him a role in WWE.

2 Dana Warrior

The Ultimate Warrior’s widow Dana Warrior has been on WWE television for the Hall of Fame events each year to honor the Warrior Award winner. However, Dana has a full-time role in the company that most fans would never have guessed.

WWE hired Dana to join the creative team in early 2019. The reported story was that Dana pitched the idea of joining the team to Vince McMahon with the ability to offer a female perspective, especially for the women’s matches and storylines. Dana’s close relationship with Stephanie McMahon likely helped play a role in her new job.

1 Sting

Most fans assumed Sting was done with WWE after his in-ring run ended in 2015. WWE, however, has kept him under contract since then as the role of an ambassador. Sting often makes appearances for WWE at conventions and fan events when they need a beloved legend to appear.

The recent WWE Reimagined series featured an episode about what could have happened if The Undertaker went to WCW in the '90s. Sting went as far as to wear his face paint and cut a promo on the potential match against Undertaker for the WWE series as part of his duties as a WWE employee.

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