10 Things About The WWE Performance Center That Most Fans Don’t Know

The WWE Performance Center is an incredible facility that has helped change the landscape of professional wrestling, with several different rings, a world-class gym and some of the best coaches in the game, the facility is amazing.

WWE has been able to create some incredible talents through the Performance Center, and not just from the independent scene, but homegrown talents such as Charlotte Flair, strictly using the facility to teach them.

Whilst WWE is constantly promoting the Performance Center and how good it is, there are still many things that the fans do not know about it, and within this article, we will reveal 10 of them.

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10 Specialized Rings For High-Flyers


Highflying wrestling is something that everyone loves to see, and WWE has some of the very best athletes when it comes to top rope maneuvers. But the reality of it is that highflying wrestling is incredibly dangerous and the risk factors are very high.

Because of that, WWE created a specific ring for that style at the Performance Center that is engineered to minimize major injuries, allowing wrestlers to practice and get to grips with moves without bumping on a regular, more solid ring mat.

The ring has an extra absorbent landing cushion underneath which lowers the risk significantly, which allows the trainees to get all the practice they need without hurting themselves.

9 The Ring Bell From The 1st WrestleMania


The WWE Performance Center might be all about developing younger talents, but the building is also full of history and nods to the past, with Triple H ensuring that the new WWE Superstars understand the sacrifices made before them.

One example of that is the fact that WWE has the ring bell from the very first WrestleMania event hanging up on the wall, above the door of the Performance Center's locker room.

It is a significant position for the bell as it is the last thing the trainees will see prior to going training and should be something that provides inspiration to them, reminding the talent what they are aiming for.

8 There Is One In The UK

Whilst those who passionately follow NXT UK will likely know this news, but WWE actually created a second Performance Center in the UK, strictly for the NXT UK roster to use.

The facility doesn't get used as much as the one in Orlando, which is like a home-base for the NXT talents, whereas the UK wrestlers are still allowed to travel and work at various different independent shows.

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However, the fact WWE committed to making a space in the UK shows how seriously the company is taking the brand and its global expansion plans, with Triple H stating that he hopes to open more facilities around the globe in the future.

7 Main Roster Talent Use It

Most people are under the presumption that the Performance Center is exclusively for WWE trainees and NXT talent, but that isn't the case, as many of WWE's main roster stars also use the facility.

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A lot of wrestlers happen to live in Florida and therefore it makes sense for them to use the Performance Center as it has the best facilities around in terms of a gym, as well as the fact there are countless rings to work in.

WWE also sends wrestlers here when they are returning from injury in order to have them medically checked over and to get them back in ring shape by running the ropes and working with an NXT talent to practice.

6 Different Levels Of Classes

When wrestlers arrive at the Performance Center they are immediately analyzed and placed into specific classes in regards to how far along they are in their personal development as a wrestler.

Even big names such as Kevin Owens and Finn Balor who have arrived with years of experience at the highest level are placed into a class, with the top class tending to be made up of top tier NXT talents whilst the bottom class is green wrestlers who are learning how to bump and work.

This allows WWE to tailor things to the wrestler's personal needs and allows management to work out who is closest to being ready for the main roster, whilst easily being able to track the progress of wrestlers as they develop.

5 Live Cameras

Triple H is an incredibly busy man who is wearing a lot of hats in WWE, but the progress of talent at the Performance Center remains one of his highest priorities, so much so that he has cameras installed providing a live feed to his office in Connecticut at WWE HQ.

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Not only does this mean that the talents and coaches always have to be on their best behavior, but it means they must also always be giving 110%, as Triple H will want to see people actually trying and progressing.

The fact that Triple H has the cameras also shows how dedicated he is as the boss, always checking in on the talent and monitoring exactly what is taking place on a daily basis.

4 Commentary Room

Whilst the focus for the Performance Center is mainly put on the wrestlers themselves, that doesn't mean that is the only aspect of WWE that the facility is catered too, as the facility has other benefits as well.

One aspect that the facility can improve someone on is commentary, with WWE having a specific room set up like a commentary booth with the WWE Network connected, allowing people to pick any match from history and commentate on it, giving their take.

This is perfect for WWE as it provides them with an option to train up new commentators whenever they need. The company even used the facility when The Beast In The East PPV was on the WWE Network, opting not to send a commentary team live, instead, using the booth in Florida.

3 Greenscreen Room

Much like the commentary booth, another element that wrestlers are able to work on at the Performance Center is their promos and interview skills, with a fully kitted green screen area just like is set up at Raw or SmackDown.

This not only helps the wrestlers improve their talking abilities, which is crucial to being successful in the company, but it also allows WWE to bring in broadcasters to practice their interviewing skills at the same time.

Neither skill is easy and therefore having an option for them to practice and develop is another fantastic element that the Performance Center boasts.

2 Incredible Strength & Conditioning

A lot of people are under the presumption that the Performance Center is just a load of wrestling rings that the trainees get in and try to improve themselves, but that really is only a small section of what actually goes on.

Another major element of the PC is the strength and conditioning area, which Triple H is a big advocate of. The space at the facility is around 5,500 square foot and allows trainees to perform a variety of workouts.

With the incredibly experienced Sean Hayes leading the coaching, the group is really able to progress and improve their physiques and cardiovascular fitness, all of which are important factors in making a top athlete.

1 There Was A Shooting


This one has been swept under the rug by WWE as best as they possibly can, and who can blame them as it isn't exactly the sort of news headline that people want to be reading about.

But in 2015, a man named Armando Montalvo ended up trespassing on the Performance Center property in search of a female trainee who he had developed an obsession with, and he did so with a loaded gun.

The police were immediately called and an exchange of gunfire took place, although thankfully there were no casualties and an arrest was quickly made as the man in question was convicted.

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