The 10 Least PG Moments Of The WWE PG Era

WWE's PG era might be something that has watered down the product slightly and is an element that fans complain about a lot, however, that doesn't mean that everything is always perfectly child-friendly.

Whilst the company does its best now to appeal to sponsors and bring in a family audience, every now and then Vince McMahon pushes those boundaries and drops a Rated-R moment to keep people on their toes.

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It could be argued that those moments are now far more impactful because they are few and far between, and within this article, we will list 10 non-PG moments from WWE's PG era.

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10 Wife Beater

Chris Jericho was always known for pushing the boundaries during his career and one of the biggest examples of that is when he punched Shawn Michaels' wife, Rebecca in the face during their rivalry.

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Granted, this angle took place just as WWE was going from TV-14 to PG, but having a man punch a woman in the face, a non-wrestler to boot, makes this an incredibly surprising moment that was certainly not family-friendly.

To make matters worse here, Jericho accidentally connected with Rebecca, punching her for real which led to Rebecca getting a massive fat lip, as Jericho openly discusses in one of his books.

9 Severed Head

This is the latest example of WWE pushing the PG boundaries as far as possible with Bray Wyatt's brand-new Fiend character, which made its official debut at SummerSlam 2019 with an incredible entrance.

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There was plenty of hype and excitement over what the new character might look like and whilst the Fiend itself looks incredibly creepy, WWE took things to a different level with his entrance.

Wyatt has always had a lamp with him on his entrances, but the Fiend added to the lamp, turning it into Bray Wyatt's severed head with his eyes stitched together in a creepy image that had to be blurred out on WWE's YouTube channel due to the fact it is certainly not PG.

8 Vince Drops An F-Bomb

You would think considering the fact that it is Vince McMahon himself who makes the rules that the rest of the company has to follow, he would never cross that PG line, yet that is exactly what he did.

Back in February 2016, Vince McMahon and his son, Shane engaged in a war of words after Shane'O had surprised the world by returning to the company and wanting to take control of Raw.

During the promo Vince ended up dropping an F-bomb, showing just how angry his character was in the situation, even if it went way past what any PG guidelines would allow.

7 Rap Battles

Anytime a promo gives a wink and a nod to the crowd who know things about the talents real lives always opens things up for a major moment, and that is exactly what happened between The Usos and The New Day during their epic feud.

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WWE had the two tag teams compete in a rap battle which led to The Usos making a joke about Xavier Woods and the leaked footage of him and fellow WWE Superstar Paige, which is certainly not a PG video.

This moment obviously got a massive reaction from the crowd who were left stunned that the situation had been alluded to, and WWE clearly saw the potential problems and took the comment out of the YouTube highlights.

6 The Rock

Anytime a member of the Attitude Era returns to the company you can never be sure what you are going to get, but that is most certainly the case when it comes to The Rock, who seems to have his own set of rules in WWE.

Whenever the People's Champion returns to the company his segments are nearly always non-PG, with Rocky making jokes and comments about every non-PG topic possible, reminding fans just how good he was.

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It seems like Vince McMahon doesn't mind The Rock doing this, after all, he is the biggest Hollywood star in the world so that allows him to get away with a little more than most others could try.

5 Thumbtacks!

Throughout the PG era, WWE has still done gimmick matches and used weapons, but it has been very rare that the company has gone past using the same old weapons such as a steel chair or a kendo stick.

The reason for that is that the risk element of those weapons are very low, meaning the chances of blood or serious injuries aren't high and they can get away with using them in a PG environment.

However, during the infamous Ambrose Asylum match, WWE shocked the world as they brought out thumbtacks, with Chris Jericho ending up becoming one with the small pins.

4 Making The Man

Sometimes non-PG moments are forced upon WWE without the company having anything to do with it, as was the case when Nia Jax punched Becky Lynch and broke her nose, leaving her face a crimson mess to end Monday Night Raw.

Obviously, tons of blood is not PG and even though this was an accident, it was still not something that WWE wanted to happen, however, this angle ended up creating an incredible character in The Man.

It took Lynch to a totally different level and because she got so popular from this moment, WWE was forced into showing it over and over again, which is not something that the company normally does for accidents involving lots of blood.

3 Eva Marie Bares All

Throughout WWE's PG era there has been a lot of accidental flashes from the wrestlers due to ring gear mishaps. These moments are obviously not planned and are embarrassing for the talents involved.

However, this segment involving Eva Marie was exactly what WWE wanted to happen, and it certainly wasn't a PG moment as Eva ended up having an intentional wardrobe mishap that saw her nearly end up showing the world everything.

The WWE official was quick with the towel to avoid any problems being caught on camera, but it was certainly a non-PG way to simply avoid Eva Marie wrestling a match.

2 Nexus Debuts

This is the perfect example of where the PG era sometimes handcuffs WWE, stopping them from doing memorable and unique angles without a consequence as the debut of The Nexus is one of the most perfect moments in WWE history.

The new group arrived and caused absolute chaos which was like something nobody had seen before, destroying the ring, the wrestlers and every staff member that they could get their hands on.

However, when Daniel Bryan choked out Justin Roberts with his tie in what was an incredible visual that fitted the angle, things went too far and Bryan ended up being released from the company.

1 Brock Lesnar Beatdowns

Brock Lesnar is someone who simply doesn't suit a PG environment and if you have watched any of his matches then you will know there is a good chance that he will beat his opponents so badly that things start to feel very real.

It's all part of his appeal, as strange as that may seem, and because of that many of his matches have felt incredibly non-PG, especially when they end up with his opponent being turned into a bloody mess.

Roman Reigns has twice been left pouring blood at WrestleMania, and few will forget when the Beast started raining down elbow strikes to Randy Orton with the sole purpose of busting him open, another very non-PG moment.

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