WWE's Plans For John Cena Vs Roman Reigns Backstage Update

One of the hottest stories on Monday Night Raw is currently the war of words between John Cena and Roman Reigns. After the two verbally squared off for two consecutive weeks and dragged real life issues into the mix, the WWE Universe is buzzing about the rivalry being a bit too real, meaning their match at No Mercy could get interesting.

Up until now, it appears John Cena has gotten the better of Reigns in the mic exchanges and just recently, the two were at each other again, this time on Twitter as Cena made reference to their feud while discussing an NFL matchup. Cena made a spelling error in his tweet to which Reigns took the opportunity to correct him on the fans behalf. A few exchanges back and forth and Reigns and Cena agreed to meet on Raw to settle things.


To many in the WWE Universe, all this bickering and verbal jousting is happening to set up another John Cena victory, effectively burying another up and coming talent. Rightly or wrongly, it's a reputation Cena has become known for. According to an article by wrestlingnews.co a report surfaced that could mean, those who thought this would be another victory for Cena are very wrong.

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The report is that the plan by the WWE is not to give the rub to John Cena, but in fact, make Roman Reigns a star. The official statement by the website reads:

The idea is still for Reigns to get his official coronation and officially become the top star of the company at WrestleMania. But that has been the plan for the last few years and it hasn’t worked out. This time, they are using John Cena to elevate him. Don’t kid yourself if you think that Cena is going to bury him. It might not seem like it right now but the plan, whether Reigns wins or loses at No Mercy, is for Reigns to come out stronger. If he loses at No Mercy then he’ll go over in the long run.


It appears as though the WWE is going all-in on Roman Reigns. Because of Cena's schedule and his inability and the WWE's hurry to get Reigns a solid backing in preparation to take over as the big man on campus, Cena is set to do the job of prepping Reigns and elevating him to the status that the WWE needs so Reigns can be the dominant leader in the WWE.

Reigns is already playing the part in the locker room. He just needs the official passing of the torch from the current top wrestler in the company. When Reigns defeats Cena, consider the torch officially passed.

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