WWE In Talks To Produce Weekly Show On Facebook Live

These days it seems like everyone is making Facebook Live videos from Martha Stewart to the Denver Broncos and Jane Goodall (not together). It looks like the WWE is getting ready to jump in on the Facebook Live train in a big way at the beginning of next year.

Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that WWE is talking to Facebook about producing a weekly show that would, in a test run, air on Facebook Live.

Sources have indicated to Pro Wrestling Sheet that the show would start in January and would air live on Facebook right after SmackDown Live. Yes, that means that 205 Live would no longer be filmed live. We assume that means it would also get a name change - removing the "live" from the title.

One idea that has been talked about would be to film the 205 cruiserweight show before SmackDown Live but there is nothing confirmed at this point.

via: wrestleview.com

So, what would this Facebook show be exactly? Well, sources have told Pro Wrestling Sheet that there have been a bunch of ideas and that they have changed at least a few times.

The most likely scenario at this point is a show that brings together both Raw and SmackDown Live Superstars in some kind of battle for brand supremacy. That seems like it would actually be an interesting concept.

While there were definitely some good matches this past Sunday night - one problem with the recent Survivor Series, for some fans, was buying the whole brand vs. brand thing. The SmackDown Live vs. Raw seemed like a forced beef with storylines within the brands holding more gravitas and actual emotional investment than the supposed red vs. blue pride.

With a show that every week pushed Raw vs. SmackDown Live it could actually build up a bigger investment in the brand vs. brand story for fans and believability when superstars actually fight for the honor of their show.

PWS is reporting that one source has mentioned the possibility of a mixed tag team concept. They also point out that the WWE has recently trademarked "Mixed Match Challenge" as a new possible show name.


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