Rumor: WWE Planning Post-WrestleMania Draft

The WWE wheel is one that never stops turning. We are on The Road to WrestleMania right now, the biggest event on the WWE calendar, but it doesn't signal the start of a break for those who compete on the card. Instead they will all return for Raw and SmackDown Live the next two nights and start the process all over again.

Even though Vince McMahon is the person who created WrestleMania and should be the one who gives himself a second to drink in the success of every installment all these years later, he does not. As soon as those closing fireworks are going off the WWE chairman is already looking forward to what is coming next for him and his Superstars.

In fact he is likely looking forward long before then, and according to Wrestle Zone may already be planning what is going to happen after WrestleMania 34. According to reports from the site there are currently internal discussions going on within WWE to hold another draft at Backlash, the first pay per view after WrestleMania. That would make sense since it has also been reported that Backlash will be a dual branded PPV.

via wrestling-edge.com

The last draft to take place in WWE happened in July of 2016. The roster saw a complete overhaul and SmackDown became SmackDown Live, moving from a pre-taped show on Thursdays to a live one on Tuesdays. Following WrestleMania last year there was something Mr. McMahon christened a 'Superstar Shakeup'. A number of wrestlers moved from one brand to the other but it was nothing like an entire draft from scratch.


Apparently Backlash will signal the start of all of WWE PPVs being dual branded following WrestleMania and a fresh draft would be a way of creating intrigue right from the off. None of the above has been confirmed by WWE themselves yet however of course as it sounds like even they haven't landed on a firm and final decision. We will likely have to wait until after WrestleMania on April 8th before we find out the whole confirmed plan for WWE's Superstars and PPVs heading in to a new wrestling year.

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