WWE Poll Asks You To Help Name Stephen Amell's Finishing Move

So, last night on Raw it all went down. The whole Stardust/Stephen "The Arrow" Amell thing exploded as Stardust shoved Amell and Amell jumped into the ring and pounded on Stardust. And now "The Green Arrow" and Neville will be taking on Stardust and King Barrett at SummerSlam in just a couple weeks. But there is a problem. Stephen Amell doesn't have a name for his signature move yet - and that just can't stand!

So, the WWE has put up a poll on their site asking you what he should call his signature maneuver. And the choices are:

- The Green Arrow- The Hood Lock- Starling City Suplex- The Death Stroke- Emerald Arch- Other (Write-In Vote)

If you like one of the choices or if you have a better one in mind, why not head on over to the poll and vote.

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