WWE Polls Fans On Why They Don't Watch 205 Live

An email sent out recently by WWE features a number of questions and polls asking fans why they aren't watching 205 Live.

During the summer of 2016 WWE staged the first of what has become many tournaments that featured a specific area of wrestling when it played host to the Cruiswerweight Classic. It featured 32 of the best Superstars weighing in at 205 pounds or fewer from all over the world. It was a roaring success. So much so that WWE decided to sign a fair few of the competitors and give them their own weekly show, 205 Live.

Suffice to say that hasn't gone as well as the clout at WWE might have envisioned it. The cruiserweight show airs each and every week live on the WWE Network following SmackDown Live. Even though the cruiserweights are also (briefly) featured on Raw every Monday, there seems to be very little interest from the fans in the hour airing after SmackDown on Tuesday nights.

This clearly hasn't gone unnoticed either. WWE recently sent out another one of their emails featuring a lot of polls suggesting future changes they may be considering. This latest one heavily focused on whether fans are watching 205 Live, and if they're not why aren't they. The email featured questions such as 'How often, if ever, do you watch 205 Live?' and 'Why have you not watched, or are not regularly watching, 205 Live?'. It even asks whether letting the cruiserweights mix with other main roster talent more often would make them more inclined to watch 205 Live.

This email comes on the back of rumors that 205 Live might be moving to a different time slot after news surfaced about WWE launching a show that would air solely on Facebook Live last week. While details of what or who will feature in the show remain unclear, apparently it would be a weekly event that would go live shortly after SmackDown goes off the air. That is currently the slot 205 Live occupies of course.


These poll-centered emails that WWE send out can often be taken with a pinch of salt. Previously they questioned whether fans would be interested in a multi-tiered WWE Network that featured wrestling from other promotions, but we're yet to see that idea come to fruition. Implementing changes to 205 Live could be something much more within WWE's control however, so if you do receive the email make sure you vote very carefully as you could shape the future of the cruiserweight division.

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