WWE Met With Talent To Prevent Future Private Photo & Video Leaks

As I'm sure most of you wrestling fans are well aware, there have been multiple "leaks" of  some of the WWE's talents private photos and videos recently including the likes of Paige, Alexa Bliss, and Charlotte Flair, among others. It's being reported by WrestlingNewsInc that the WWE's officials held meetings with their talent during the RAW and SmackDown Live tapings this week in regards to preventing their performers from having private photos and videos leaked online in the future.

Out of all the WWE wrestlers who have had their private and personal content released for the public wrestling community to see recently, Paige is definitely the most widely discussed "exposed" WWE talent. The former 2-time Divas Champion had both sexually explicit photos and video clips released to the public back in March, leaving her and her family distraught.

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The WWE reportedly had an "expert" from an online security firm come down to the shows to give the talents a presentation regarding various ways in which their social media security could be compromised, how the WWE wrestlers can prevent their social media platforms from being hacked, as well as the common tactics utilized by those intending to hack into celebrity accounts.

The expert then proceeded to give the talents some examples of recent incidents that had embarrassed various celebrities, and how the WWE performers should go about protecting themselves and their social media integrity in the future considering they're in the public's eye and are celebrities themselves.

It was also reported that the WWE gave out an amendment to the company's social media policy for all talents to sign. However, at this point it's still unknown to the public what amendments were made to their policy in order to protect their performers' social media accounts. The WWE also stressed the fact that only the talent themselves (and the WWE social media teams) should have access to their social media accounts.

This is a very smart decision on from the WWE regarding the safety of their performers' social media. Considering just how many talents have have their accounts hacked and in turn had their private videos and/or photos exposed to the public demonstrates just how serious of an issue it has become. In this case, bad publicity (as in leaked private photos and videos) is publicity that the WWE wants no part in. Let's hope the WWE's new safety precautions reduce the frequency of "private leaks" moving forward.


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