WWE Producers Wanted To Pay For Brie Bella To Get Breast Implants

The debut episode of Lilian Garcia's new show Making Their Way To The Ring features Total Divas and Total Bellas star Brie Bella. On the show, which you can check out here, they discussed a bunch of things, including Brie being inspired by Mickie James and she also discusses Daniel Bryan's depression. But one other interesting tidbit she talks about is her time at the Diva Search and the producers talking about her breasts:

"I understand they had to have some weird questions. But there were a couple I wasn’t too comfortable with. They talked about my breasts. I didn’t have big ones…They asked if I would allow them to pay for me to have a boob job. I literally stood on stage and I was looking around like, what? They were like, well you guys don’t have breasts. I’m like, I’m so confused what’s going on right now. But you know, they’re making TV."

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