WWE 24 Goldberg Feature Coming To WWE Network

He's one of the more controversial figures in wrestling. He has fans who adore him and remember him fondly from the undefeated streak he mounted when a part of WCW, and he has fans that wish he'd stay away, taking the spotlight from more deserving talent who have a long-term future in the WWE. He's Bill Goldberg and he's getting his own WWE 24 special on the WWE Network.

As a big part of the WCW Monday Night Wars and a prime player in the WWE over the last year, Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar in two consecutive matches only to lose the Universal Title at WrestleMania 33. His journey back to the WWE, his match-ups against Lesnar, and his title defense at the show of all shows is likely to be the focus of the documentary as will the relationship with his son, who was often acknowledged during Goldberg's run.


According to WWE Network News, the special will air on the WWE Network in November and likely be one of the WWE's more watched 24 specials ever produced. While Goldberg has his detractors, he's also still extremely popular with fans of all ages. If he wasn't, the WWE wouldn't have considered him WrestleMania main-event material.

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What will be interesting is how the WWE addresses the change of attitude toward Goldberg as he went further in his feud with Lesnar and the crowd began to turn on him. Defeating Lesnar in mere seconds—something unthinkable considering Lesnar was hand-chosen to defeat The Undertaker—Goldberg was also given a run with the Universal Championship. It wasn't necessary and was likely done as a way to appease Goldberg who wanted to show his son he was a real-life superhero. This was not a decision much of the WWE Universe was on board with. He also had moments where he publicly acknowledged his hate for training as hard as he was or refusing to take bumps with trainers prior to his final match.


Because, in some ways, the WWE Universe felt Goldberg wasn't being genuine, they weren't always on board for much of his final run and in Goldberg's goodbye speech after Raw the next night, he actually had to ask the crowd to respect him and his family while he said goodbye (which the fans eventually did).

No matter which direction the producers of the Goldberg special choose to go, it should be an interesting watch to tell fans all about the process of getting one of the biggest wrestling stars ever back into a WWE ring after years away from the industry.

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