WWE Reportedly Bringing Back Punjabi Prison Match For Upcoming PPV

Reports are surfacing that Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton will compete inside a Punjabi Prison match at Battleground next month.

One of the most controversial gimmick matches in WWE history was the Punjabi Prison match. It was a bout not looked upon particularly fondly by fans, but now it may be making a come back after a ten year absence. Rumors are currently circulating that at SmackDown Live's next pay per view, WWE Battleground on July 23rd, Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton will step inside the structure with the WWE Championship on the line.

Orton and Mahal have faced off at SmackDown's last two PPVs and it would appear their rivalry will be put to bed once and for all inside a Punjabi Prison. Jinder's character claims to be of Punjab descent, so that would explain WWE's thinking behind the supposed revival of the match type.


Reports began surfacing on Monday, the morning after Mahal successfully defended his WWE Championship against Randy at Money In The Bank, as Sportskeeda were the first to break the news. Most wrestling rivalries culminate in a match with an added stipulation, and this would certainly be one way of bringing the curtain down on the feud between Orton and Mahal.

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The Punjabi Prison match was a gimmick born when The Great Khali was on WWE's payroll. It consists of two bamboo cages, one 16 feet tall and the other 20 feet, both of which surround the ring with the taller of the two going around the outside of the other. The Undertaker and Big Show were the first men to step inside the unpopular structure at Great American Bash, then Big Show would make his way in to the prison again the following year to take on The Great Khali. Since then it has not seen the light of day.

Although many fans may roll their eyes at the idea of WWE bringing back the Punjabi Prison match, it may make a little bit of sense considering the circumstances. At least in this instance the rivalry includes a champion claiming to be from the Punjab region of India. On top of that WWE needs a blow off match that will keep Mahal's helpers, The Singh Brothers, from interfering in Jinder's macthes with Orton.

The Punjabi Prison match is certainly a topic of discussion when it comes to some of WWE's strangest gimmick bouts. See where it ranks in our article detailing the worst gimmick matches in wrestling history.

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