WWE Reacts To LaMelo Ball's Racial Slur On RAW

The rumors from a few days ago proved to be accurate, as we all witnessed the WWE debut of the controversial LaVar Ball alongside his two sons, Lonzo and LaMelo on Monday Night RAW this week. They were part of a Miz TV interview segment. Although things were looking good for the majority of the segment, LaVar's son LaMelo Ball reportedly infuriated higher-ups within the WWE following his racial slurs made towards the end of the interview.


Though few hardcore WWE fans were very excited to witness LaVar Ball make an appearance, it was a smart move on the WWE's part, considering the segment involving the Ball family stirred up quite a lot of buzz and garnered worldwide news coverage. Also, taking into account that LaVar's son Lonzo is a notable basketball star who was recently drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers, his appearance only added to the already news-worthy segment.

However, things quickly took a turn for the worse during the Miz TV episode when LaVar and The Miz looked as if they were going to square off against each other towards the tail-end of the interview. LaVar's son LaMelo Ball could clearly be heard yelling "beat that n---a's a--!" As reported by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there was allegedly "chaos backstage" following LaMelo's racial (and unscripted) slurs.

F4WOnline also reported that key people backstage, notably Kevin Dunn and Vince McMahon were furious after the slurs were shouted on live television. Following the controversial segment, the WWE issued a statement to the Los Angeles Times claiming that "the inappropriate language used by a guest during the Miz TV segment was not scripted, nor reflects WWE's values."


Although LaMelo's racial slurs during the Miz TV interview were very shocking, the WWE still garnered a plethora of coverage and buzz over the incident, and as the old saying goes, "any publicity is good publicity". The WWE expressed their displeasure with LaMelo's controversial usage of language, but at the end of the day, WWE was looking to attract viewers to tune into their product, and they definitely did just that. It is highly doubtful that WWE will bring back LaVar Ball or his family anytime soon, but their segment on RAW drew in fans which was the company's original intention - it just went a little too far, simply put.

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