WWE Reaches Partnership With ESPN

Ratings have been continuing to drop for WWE Raw in recent weeks. Hoping to lure viewership back, the WWE has struck a partnership with ESPN. Jonathan Coachman, former WWE employee, confirmed this over the weekend. Tuesday night was the first night of the recap, and he also interviewed Seth Rollins.The recap featured the Top Match, the Top One-Liner, and the Top Move. The Top Match belonged to Cena and Ziggler, while the Top One-Liner went to Xavier Woods. The Top Move was Roman Reigns' punch to Strowman. While this seems like a good way to promote the product, it could easily backfire on the WWE. Concerned about ratings, people can easily just check the recap as opposed to watching the show. ESPN, continuing to cash in on pop culture, is hoping to see more of a viewership for those who may typically not like sports, but like sports entertainment.

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WWE Reaches Partnership With ESPN