10 WWE Records That Could be Broken (& The Superstars Who Could Do It)

Every single superstar who steps into the WWE will have one common thing in their hearts, and that would be to leave an everlasting legacy once they hang up their boots. When people talk about the Undertaker, the conversation would start from his record WrestleMania undefeated streak by default. Such is the impact of entering into the book of records in the WWE.

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While records like the Undertaker’s WrestleMania undefeated streak and Bruno Sammartino’s longest WWE title run are unlikely to get broken, the following are ten of the WWE’s elite records that can get broken in the future and the superstars who could achieve the feat.

10 Kofi Kingston - Most Individual Tag Team Title Reigns

The Rated R Superstar Edge holds the record for the most individual tag team title reigns holding the titles on 13 occasions with six different partners throughout his career. He has had seven reigns with Christian, two with Chris Benoit, and one each with Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, Hulk Hogan, & Chris Jericho.

The superstar who could break this record is the current SmackDown Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston. The former WWE Champion already has ten individual tag team title reigns to his name winning the most as a part of the New Day along with Big E & Xavier Woods.

Looking at the way things are going for Kingston, we could see him break Edge's record sooner than later.

9 Shayna Baszler - Longest NXT Women's Title Reign

Asuka holds the record for the longest reign with the NXT Women's Championship with her undefeated 522 days run with the title from April 2016 to September 2017. The only superstar who is very close to breaking the record is the current champion Shayna Baszler.

Baszler, who is in her second reign, has already broken Asuka's record for the most combined days with the title. She has held on to the championship for an impressive 377 days as of this writing, and it doesn't look like she'll drop the title any time soon.

With NXT elevated to a live-show status and is going head to head with AEW Dynamite, we could see her hold on to the title until she breaks Asuka's record.

8 Braun Strowman - Most Combined Royal Rumble Eliminations

The Big Red Machine Kane has the record for the most combined eliminations in Royal Rumble matches. He has 44 eliminations to his name over his 19 Royal Rumble appearances.

The superstar who could break this outstanding record is the Monster Among Men Braun Strowman. Strowman has entered 3 Royal Rumble matches and 1 Greatest Royal Rumble and already has an astounding 30 eliminations to his name.

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Strowman already owns the record for the most eliminations in a single Royal Rumble match with 13 eliminations a record which was also held by Kane. He is only 36 years old, and looking at his dominant booking, he could break Kane's record in the next two Rumbles.

7 Randy Orton - Most Royal Rumble Wins

Stone Cold Steve Austin owns the record for winning 3 Royal Rumble matches in his decorated WWE career. The Texas Rattlesnake won the 1997, 1998 & 2001 Royal Rumble matches, and no one has broken the record in 18 years.

Only six other superstars are close to breaking Austin's record. Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Batista, John Cena & Randy Orton has two Royal Rumble wins and needs two more wins to break Austin's record.

The only superstar among the six who has the chance to beat the record is Randy Orton. He has been a part of the WWE for 17 years since his debut in 2002, and as per recent reports, he has signed another 5-year deal with the company. It wouldn't hurt the WWE to give Orton another two Royal Rumble wins, and it could also be a way to thank the Viper for his loyalty to the company.

6 The Miz - Most Combined Days With The Intercontinental Championship

While it's getting hard even to remember who holds the Intercontinental Championship these, The Miz manages to revive the prestige of the title whenever he gets to wear the strap.

One more reign as the Intercontinental Champion would allow The Miz to break two unique records associated with the title. The Miz needs only 21 days with the title to break Pedro Morales' record for the most combined days as the IC Champion, which stands at 619 days.

The Miz is now a part of Friday Night SmackDown, which also happens to be the home of the current Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. It's only a matter of time these two superstars clash for the title, and the Miz could cement his place as the greatest Intercontinental Champion in WWE history.

5 AJ Styles - Longest United States Championship Reign

Dean Ambrose’s 351-day run with the United States Championship holds the record for the longest US title reign under the WWE banner. Ambrose was a part of the Shield when he won the title on May 19, 2013, and along with his brothers, he had a dominant run with the title until he dropped it to Sheamus a year later.

The current United States Champion AJ Styles is the front runner to break this record as he has already held on to the title for 118 days as of this writing. With Ambrose jumping ships to AEW, Vince McMahon might look to erase him from the company’s record book by having AJ Styles break his 351-day run with the United States Championship.

4  The Undertaker - Oldest WWE Champion

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon became the oldest person to win the WWE Championship when he defeated Triple H to win the title on the September 16, 1999, episode of SmackDown. He was 54 years when he won the title, and no one has been able to break the record so far.

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The Undertaker is the only person who has the chance to break McMahon's record as he is still one of the prime attractions for the company despite his part-time status. With Saudi's offering a lot of money for the legends to appear on their shows, Undertaker becoming the oldest WWE Champion could become a reality.

3 Velveteen Dream - Youngest WWE Champion

The current Champion Brock Lesnar created the record for being the youngest WWE Champion in history when he won the title from The Rock at the 2002 SummerSlam at the age of 25 years.

While Randy Orton is the youngest world champion in WWE history having won the World Heavyweight Championship at the age of 24 years, Lesnar still holds the record for the youngest WWE Champion.

No one has been able to break Lesnar's record for 15 years, but a young NXT prospect in the Velveteen Dream is a good candidate to take the record away from Lesnar. The Dream is only 24 years old, and he has all the in-ring talent & charisma to become a future WWE Champion. If he manages to win the title by August 2020, he could become the youngest WWE Champion in history.

2 Roman Reigns - Most WrestleMania Main Events

Hulk Hogan holds the record for competing in an astounding eight WrestleMania main events as he was one of the biggest attractions during the inception of the show. Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Rock & John Cena are the closest to breaking the record, but it's unlikely for these superstars to close down a WrestleMania again. That leads us to the only realistic option in the Big Dog Roman Reigns.

Reigns already have four WrestleMania main events to his name, and he is arguably the biggest star of the current era in the WWE. So it wouldn't be a surprise if he manages to main-event five more WrestleMania's to snatch the record from Hulk Hogan.

1 John Cena - Most World Title Reigns

Ric Flair held the record for most world title reigns in the WWE, holding the title 16 times in his career. John Cena tied the record when he won the WWE Championship from AJ Styles in the 2017 Royal Rumble, making him the only person who has a chance to break Flair's record.

Cena has transitioned into a successful Hollywood actor, but the chances of him becoming a 17-time champion are still high. Cena was the face of the company throughout the PG era, and he does not have much left in the tank. So it's fitting to end such an illustrious career with a record-breaking 17th world title reign.

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