10 Records In The WWE That Will Never Be Broken

Despite the fact that pro wrestling is a predetermined sport, that doesn't mean that wrestling promotions don't keep records. These records can help build up interest in a certain performer or solidify their legacy in the business. Take a look at The Undertaker, for instance—even without The Streak, he'd still be an immediate Hall of Famer the moment he becomes eligible for induction. But thanks to those 21 straight wins at WrestleMania, the Phenom has something special that wrestling fans will always remember him by.

On the other side of the fence, Curt Hawkins would be just another garden-variety lower-card guy if not for his 269-match losing streak. Which, of course, made his Raw Tag Team Championship win alongside Zack Ryder somehow more satisfying.

They say all records are meant to be broken, but there are some that we believe might just stand the test of time, much like Wilt Chamberlain's 100-point game in the NBA and Joe DiMaggio's 56-game MLB hitting streak. Here are 10 WWE records that, in all likelihood, will never be broken.

10 Longest Intercontinental Championship Reign (Honky Tonk Man)

Love him or hate him, The Honky Tonk Man did one thing particularly well during his WWE heyday, and that was keeping the Intercontinental Championship relevant. All in all, he ended up holding the company's top mid-card belt for 454 days, and despite Santino Marella's best (or worst) efforts to chase HTM's record, he fell way short of reaching his goal.

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Fast forward several years later, and not even The Miz was given a reign anywhere as close to The Honky Tonk Man's in terms of length. Sadly, the IC title is back to being a consolation prize for directionless mid-carders or main event champs in waiting, and its current state of irrelevance only makes it unlikelier that someone will hold it for way over a year.

9 Shortest Time In Royal Rumble Match (Santino Marella)

Speaking of Santino Marella, remember the time when he was one of the final two men in the 2011 Royal Rumble match? That was one heck of a hope spot, but nobody was seriously expecting him to outlast eventual winner Alberto Del Rio. That's mainly because two years prior, Santino lasted just 1.9 seconds before getting eliminated by Kane in the 2009 Rumble.

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Much like Warlord (the previous record holder in 1989), it takes a perfect storm for someone to hit the ring and get thrown over the top rope in two seconds or less. Sure, WWE could try to break the record (again) with Titus O'Neil, but as we saw in the 2015 and 2019 Rumbles, Santino's record was very much safe as the Gator lasted four and five seconds respectively in those matches.

8 Shortest WrestleMania Match (The Rock Vs. Erick Rowan, WrestleMania 32)

The current SmackDown Tag Team Champions—Daniel Bryan and (Erick) Rowan—have something rather embarrassing in common. That is, both men were on the losing end of two of the shortest WrestleMania matches in history—Bryan, of course, lost his World Heavyweight title to Sheamus in 18 seconds at 'Mania XXVIII, while Rowan was squashed by The Rock four years later in just six seconds in the shortest 'Mania match of all-time.

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Like the Santino record, finishing a match in six seconds or less requires a perfect storm of factors. That means Rock vs. Rowan is one more record that'll probably stand the test of time. And we don't think WWE's going to repeat what they did with King Kong Bundy and SD Jones at 'Mania II (advertising a 25-second match as eight seconds)—modern fans definitely weren't born yesterday.

7 Longest PPV Singles Match (Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart, WrestleMania XII)

In 1996, Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart had a long, hard battle for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania XII, as their 60-minute Iron Man match needed close to an extra two minutes in overtime for a winner to be declared. That match is, by far, the longest in the event's history, as well as the longest singles match in WWE pay-per-view history in general.

Are modern-day fans interested in seeing, say, Seth Rollins and Finn Balor, battle it out for over an hour in similar circumstances? Most likely, but that's not something WWE seems keen on doing -- what about all the silly promos and segments Vince McMahon insists on booking? But on the other hand, such matches just might be up a certain All Elite Wrestling's alley...

6 Tallest Wrestler (Giant Gonzalez)

If you are to ask WWE, the late Giant Gonzalez stood an even 8-feet-tall as he effortlessly towered over the rest of the roster and wrestled stinker after stinker under the tutelage of Harvey Wippleman. However, the former Atlanta Hawks draftee and Argentine national basketball team player actually stood "only" 7-foot-7 -- not eight feet, but pretty darn close.

At this point, Vince McMahon is still very much obsessed with big, muscular bodybuilder types, but as far as we can tell, he's outgrown -- see what we did there -- his penchant for raw, uncoordinated wrestlers 7-feet-tall and above. Perhaps the 7-foot-3 Great Khali's utter failure to get over made him learn his lesson?

5 Most Consecutive Years Undefeated (Andre the Giant)

Although Andre the Giant definitely lost his share of matches outside of WWE or outside of the company's canon between the early '70s and 1987, the oft-repeated refrain heading into WrestleMania III in 1987 was that nobody had pinned or submitted him in 15 years. Then WWE turned him heel and had him lose to Hulk Hogan to break that streak and keep the Hulkster's WWE Championship reign going strong.

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It's not clear how many matches Andre supposedly won during his 15-year streak, or if that would be enough to beat Goldberg's or Asuka's more modern-day records. But with today's fans being much smarter about the business than those from decades ago, it's virtually impossible that WWE will have someone else reign undefeated for well over a year, let alone 15.

4 Longest Winning Streak At WrestleMania (The Undertaker)

Looking at the young, up-and-coming talents currently on the WWE and NXT rosters, do you think there's really someone out there who could end up winning 22 straight matches at WrestleMania? No matter how promising they may be, there aren't any -- The Undertaker may not have won as many world championships as John Cena or Ric Flair, but he'll always have The Streak as his indelible legacy as a WWE superstar.

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Sure, he may have said in a promo that he doesn't want his WWE career to be defined by his amazing 21-match winning streak at WrestleMania, but at the end of the day, that's going to be the main thing fans remember the Deadman by once he finally gets inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

3 Youngest Champion (Nicholas Cone)

Braun Strowman was the No. 1 contender for The Bar's Raw Tag Team Championships in the lead-up to WrestleMania 34, but there was one little problem -- he still didn't have a partner at the time he entered the ring at 'Mania.

Ultimately, Strowman picked his partner from the live audience -- a 10-year-old boy named Nicholas, who was actually the son of WWE referee John Cone. Of course, Nicholas took no bumps during his few seconds in the ring, but that was enough for him to become WWE's youngest champion in history...until he and Strowman vacated their titles on the Raw after WrestleMania.

It was a fun one-day championship reign for the then-fourth-grader, but don't expect WWE to pull off something similar in the foreseeable future.

2 Longest Women's Championship Reign (Fabulous Moolah)

We're not going to deal with the various controversies The Fabulous Moolah dealt with during her decades-long career in professional wrestling. Rather, we're going to focus on how WWE -- and its direct predecessors -- recognized her as their Women's Champion for 28 long years, from 1956 to 1984.

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If we are to put this in perspective with today's women's champions, Becky Lynch would be 60 if she somehow hangs on to her Raw Women's Championship for another 28 years and change. But that's not going to happen, because today's fans have long been averse to any championship reign anywhere north of one year, CM Punk notwithstanding. That also means there's only one record left to discuss in this list, and you can probably guess what it is.

1 Longest WWE Championship Reign (Bruno Sammartino)

Simply put, super-long championship reigns, meaning those that last well over a year, are a thing of the past -- unless your name is Brock Lesnar. But even with WWE so reliant on The Beast to jumpstart their slumping ratings, there's no way he'll get anywhere near the late Bruno Sammartino's 2,803-day reign as WWE Champion.

For seven years, eight months, and one day spanning from 1963 to 1971, The Italian Strongman was the top champion of the company then known as WWWF, and if that wasn't enough, he held that title for another 1,237 days from 1973 to 1977. That's a total of 4,040 days -- or more than 11 years -- combined as champion, and that record's good as untouchable as well.

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