5 WWE Records The New Day Can Still Realistically Break

The New Day is one of the most successful teams in WWE history, but they're on the verge of making history by breaking several records.

When it comes to WWE records, The New Day already hold one of the biggest ones there is. Back in December 2016, they lost their tag team championship to the team of Cesaro and Sheamus. However, their 483-day reign with the belts made them the longest reigning tag team champions in the history of the WWE, surpassing the 477-day record previously held by Demolition.

So, that is one record that the New Day hold and will hold for a long, long, long time. But it won't be their only record. There are other records that the team of Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods can still break. Here are five of them.



The New Day was in the middle of their tag team championship reign (that would go on the become the longest of all time) when the brand split happened and their title went with them to Raw and became the Raw Tag Team Championship. So, technically they are recognized as having had two Raw Tag Team Championship reigns. This puts them one behind the team that ended their record reign - Cesaro and Sheamus.

Obviously, it can't happen now since The New Day are part of the SmackDown Live brand these days. However, shakeups do happen and they will probably get back on Raw at some point, and winning a couple more titles there doesn't seem like a stretch.



They are pretty much in the exact same situation with this one as they are with the previous record—except that, in this case, they are currently part of the SmackDown Live brand so they could get this record sooner.

They have two SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships and The Usos have three. We got some incredible matches between these two teams over the last months, and while the WWE has tried to give some of the other teams time in the ring, it seems highly likely that they will battle again. Or someone else could end up beating The Usos and The New Day could go get the title off of them. Either way, The New Day becoming the winningest SmackDown Live Tag Team is very possible.



Well, if The New Day are going to break the two previous records that would make at least four more Tag Team Championships. Add that to their current number of four and that would make eight tag team titles.

As it stands right now, The Dudley Boyz have the record for the most tag team titles and that record is eight. So, the New Day beating that record is definitely something they can—and probably will—do.

And, as was reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter after SummerSlam 2017,  the WWE has long-term plans for the trio to break The Dudley Boyz record at some point.



Now, something some of you might have forgotten is that Kofi Kingston won three tag team titles before The New Day: two Raw tag team titles (one with Even Bourne and the other with R-Truth) And in a tag team with CM Punk he won the World Tag Team Championship. This means that Kingston—with four championships with The New Day—currently stands at seven individual reigns.

And, to answer your next question, the current leader in individual tag team titles is Edge who has 12. And continuing on from the previous record, if The New Day become the winningest tag team of all time, that would mean at least nine title reigns. Add on the three he has without The New Day and that would make 12! That would only require one more title with The New Day or with another partner to break the record.



It was a huge deal when The New Day finally surpassed Demolition to become the longest reigning tag team champions in the history of the organization. But there is still one Demolition record that The New Day hasn't broken yet - the record for the longest combined tag team championship reign.

Demolition were tag team champions three times and their reigns lasted 478 days, 72 days and 148 days respectively for a total combined reign of 698 days! Currently, The New Day's total with their four reigns adds up to 587. Only 111 days behind Demoliton's record. It seems pretty obvious that if they break the other records that this one will fall pretty easily.

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5 WWE Records The New Day Can Still Realistically Break