WWE Removes Hulk Hogan From Website! What's Going On?!

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Hulk Hogan is one of the biggest stars in the history of wrestling and we all know that he and the WWE have had their ups and downs in the past, but this looks to be much more than just a little "down." This is a developing story, but here is what we know so far....

As of last night WWE.com has pretty much removed Hulk Hogan from their website. I went to the "superstars" page in the WWE Shop and Hogan was nowhere to be found. Then I did a search on the site for "Hulk Hogan" and when his name came up I went to the "superstars" page and clicked it and got a "You are not authorized to access this page" notice! Hulk Hogan is also no longer listed as a judge on Tough Enough. So, what's going on?

Well, there are rumors (not confirmed at this point) going around that there is a video or audio tape that has been leaked which features Hogan going on a racial tirade:

Earlier this morning around 2am Dave Meltzer (@davemeltzerWON) tweeted: "WWE web site told a few hours ago to remove all references to him. That's all I know so far."

and Rob McCarron (@ShakeThemRopes) tweeted: "Hulk Hogan dropped from WWE due to audio recording in which Hogan goes on a racial tirade. WWE preemptively cutting ties before it breaks."

The WWE has yet to make any kind of official statement on the matter but at 1:17am Hogan tweeted out this cryptic message: "In the storm I release control,God and his Universe will sail me where he wants me to be,one love. HH"

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