WWE Creating A Special Retro Set For Raw's 25th Anniversary

Raw's 25th anniversary is now less than a week away and the anticipation for the event is at an all time high. The guest list for the show is incredible and it's hard to contemplate how exactly they're going to squeeze everybody into the three hour event. Everyone from Stone Cold to Trish Stratus to Brother Love will be returning on what has to be one of the most stacked shows in WWE history.


What will help is that the show is being split across two venues. Not only will the regular Raw be taking place at the Barclays Center, but there will also be a show going on at the Manhattan Center. The latter was the home of the first ever edition of Raw so it's likely that a lot of the older Superstars, some of which were involved in that very first episode, will be appearing and maybe performing there.

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What will also be very interesting is seeing what the Manhattan Center looks like today, 25 years on from that first episode of Raw. Although it will have undoubtedly changed over the years, according to PWInsider WWE will be doing all that they can to make it look like it did on that landmark night all the way back in 1993. That will take some doing but let's see how it goes.

Raw has evolved and undergone a lot of changes in its 25 year history from its introduction in 1993 to being called Raw Is War during the Attitude Era to the latest changes that were made following the draft in 2016. Plus everything in between of course. As always with a birthday edition of Raw we will likely get a glimpse of pretty much every manifestation and theme tune that the show has ever had.



With no more episodes of Raw or SmackDown Live between now and the 25th anniversary show you have to imagine that the announcements are done. In all honesty is there really anyone else left who isn't going? Plus they do only have a little over three hours to get all these past and present Superstars in as well as an Intercontinental Title match between Roman Reigns and The Miz. Start preparing now folks because it is going to be a bumper show.

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