10 Big WWE Returns Triple H Must Make Happen (And 10 To Avoid At All Costs)

Decades since he took over the company, Vince McMahon is still running the WWE as he continues to overlook most matters related to booking and signings. But in the past few years, Triple H has been groomed to take over the company after McMahon, which meant that his responsibilities had increased by a significant amount. Not only is he running 205 Live and NXT these days, but he has also been responsible for recruiting many former Superstars and independent wrestlers to the company.

Given that he is one of the biggest influencers in the WWE today, Triple H may be one of the few able to convince McMahon of signing off on certain decisions. Triple H has been credited by many Superstars as well as fans for the work he has put in behind-the-scenes, as he has played a crucial role in the success of many of WWE's ventures. With McMahon getting older and Triple H handling negotiations with many Superstars, he could be the one to recruit many former stars to the WWE.

As we all know, age has never stopped the company from doing business with names who are guaranteed to draw. And there have been plenty of examples when the WWE brought back a star who had a sour relationship with the company, so that certainly won't stop them from reaching a deal with some of their former talents. With today's list, we look at big WWE returns Triple H must make happen and ones to avoid at all costs:

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20 Make Happen: John Morrison

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Since his exit from the WWE, reports have linked John Morrison with a return to the company on yearly basis. It's no surprise since Morrison was expected to become a main eventer for many years to come, but despite not having met such heights - Morrison has been one of the few Superstars to succeed away from the company.

Thanks to strong runs in Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling, Morrison has remained one of the biggest names in the industry.

He would still make a great addition to the WWE roster and could engage in a number of dream matches if Triple H were to recruit him.

19 Avoid: Alberto Del Rio

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Eddie Guerrero's passing and the departure of Rey Mysterio left a void in the Latin market that Vince McMahon was hoping to fill with Alberto Del Rio. While he boasts one of the most impressive resumes for a modern Superstar, Del Rio has never been quite as great as advertised. His first stint had its ups and downs, while the second lost him plenty of fans along the way. Del Rio has been granted two major opportunities to be a huge name in the WWE, and based on all the noise surrounding him, he would add very little value to the product.

18 Make Happen: Wade Barrett

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Plenty of fans were convinced that Wade Barrett would be among the most prominent Superstars of his generation. It looked very promising, as he achieved remarkable success early in his career, but WWE couldn't capitalize on the hype surrounding him - which eventually led to issues between the two sides. When Barrett left the WWE, it appeared that he was done with the wrestling industry for the near future. But he has since returned to the business. He has always left the door open for a potential second run and 2019 is as good of a time as any to bring him back to the WWE roster.

17 Avoid: The Great Khali

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The Great Khali was never reliant on his athleticism, in-ring talent or mic skills to receive a huge push in the WWE - making a potential return a realistic scenario.

Thanks to his massive build, Khali was instantly inserted into the main event picture - gaining the WWE World Heavyweight Championship along the way.

While he did go on to lose all credibility as a monster heel once the company turned him into a comedy act, Khali was once again brought back to play a major role in providing Jinder Mahal with the assist for a World title defense. Triple H would be wise to convince Vince McMahon against any angle involving Khali.

16 Make Happen: AJ Lee

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Plenty of fans were disappointed to learn that AJ Lee wouldn't feature in Evolution, as she had been one of the most important faces of the division of the 2010s. Much like her husband CM Punk, she has shown no desire of wanting a WWE return - making it unlikely in the near future. And considering Punk's heat with the company, it only makes matters even more complicated for the time being. While Lee did have some problems of her own with the company, she didn't exactly burn any bridges - which is why Triple H should be pursuing her to return.

15 Avoid: Big Cass

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Prior to his release from the company, it appeared that Big Cass was on the verge of getting a major push as a solo competitor. Vince McMahon was reportedly high on him, but a number of backstage issues led to his release.

Unless Cass goes on to make major improvements as an all-around performer, the WWE is better off not associating with him.

He couldn't progress as a Superstar throughout his run despite getting a number of opportunities to break through as a star. According to Cass's former partner Enzo Amore, Triple H wasn't particularly fond of them so a comeback may be unlikely for both wrestlers.

14 Make Happen: Sting

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There are plenty of fans who believe that Sting hasn't been cleared to return to the ring, but that seems to be a myth given how he has revealed that he is fully healthy. It appears that Sting would only be interested in getting back into the ring for a dream bout against The Undertaker - but seeing as how the WWE passed on the idea in the past, it seems unrealistic at this point.

With Sting's latest ailment that led to his unofficial retirement, WWE may not be willing to risk a potential health risk. But if booked properly, Sting could still have one final match that is worthy of being his last.

13 Avoid: Neville

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Neville would make a great addition to the WWE roster, but that doesn't mean that he should return to the company. Not only was he misused throughout his run with the WWE, but he may have hurt his chances for a return once he chose to sit out the remainder of his contract. Unless the WWE agrees to bring him back on the roster with a suitable role, then Neville is better off competing elsewhere. He is certainly in high demand from a number of companies, so he won't have a tough time finding bookings away from the WWE for as long as he is active.

12 Make Happen: The Rock

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At 46 years old, The Rock may not be able to wrestle at a respectable level in a few years. Seeing his commitment to Hollywood, he has been away from the ring for a few years now.

Despite murmurs that The Rock could be heading back for a match at WrestleMania 35, there have been no signs of a return.

There are many dream matches that could still take place if The Rock's hectic schedule allows him to return to the ring, and there is no doubt that he will always remain one of the biggest draws in the wrestling industry.

11 Avoid: Ryback

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At this point, it seems highly unlikely that Ryback will ever be back in the WWE. His bitter exit from the company may have ensured that he would never be brought back, as the two sides have had significant heat since then. And given how his run ended, we doubt that Ryback would have much to offer to the current roster. His best days took place early on before the buzz faded away as he became another name on the roster. Seeing as Ryback has been critical of Triple H since his departure, we doubt that the latter would be willing to do business with him again.

10 Make Happen: Cody Rhodes

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When Cody Rhodes left the WWE, there were plenty of question marks regarding his future. He went on to prove his biggest doubters wrong to become one of the biggest stars in the business away from the WWE. And while he has shown no interest in returning at the moment, the WWE would be wise to recruit him in the near future. He seems to have a good relationship with Triple H who has clearly been following work outside of the WWE, and there is no doubt that he would be willing to bring him back. Despite his major success outside of the WWE, we wouldn't be surprised to see Rhodes back in the mix.

9 Avoid: Christian

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With all due respect to Christian, it is for the best if he remains retired as a professional wrestler. While he has never officially declared his retirement - declaring that he could still go in the ring - it's been a number of years since we last saw him in the WWE.

His final days with the company weren't exactly memorable to say the least as he had clearly lost a few steps along the way.

Add in the fact that he had trouble staying healthy later on, and it only justifies as to why Christian should remain away from the squared circle.

8 Make Happen: Chris Jericho

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There is believed to be some tension that may exist between the WWE and Chris Jericho. With the latter having appeared for NJPW and All In, WWE may not have been entirely satisfied with Jericho's choices. And with the latest Jericho cruise causing further trouble between them, it appears that their relationship may have gone sour in recent times. However, Jericho has always been one of the better performers for the company with his latest run generating plenty of hype among fans. Vince McMahon and Triple H should make use of Jericho's talents before he is too old to step inside the ring.

7 Avoid: Scott Steiner

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If Scott Steiner didn't have much to offer to the WWE in 2002, it's hard to believe that he would make a quality signing to the roster. Since 2004, Steiner has remained away from the company due to intense heat between the two sides, as he has never shied away from criticizing Triple H.

The relationship between them may be beyond repair at this point as Steiner has continued to launch attacks towards Triple H and Stephanie McMahon as recently as 2018. Now that he is years removed from his prime years, we cannot imagine Steiner back in a WWE ring.

6 Make Happen: Rob Van Dam

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Triple H and Rob Van Dam have never been on great terms with fans believing the former to be responsible for sabotaging the latter's run as a main eventer in the early 2000s. While there is no personal tension between them, Triple H may not be so keen to bring him back. But given how much WWE loves its nostalgia acts, there aren't many available candidates who would make a positive addition as RVD.

He will be 48 years old in December, so his days as an active wrestler may be coming to an end in the near future.

Fans would certainly welcome a final run for RVD before he hangs up the boots.

5 Avoid: Kevin Nash

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Two years ago, Kevin Nash claimed that he wasn't ready to call it a career just yet as he was still ready to step in a WWE ring again. But based on what we have seen from him in his latest WWE stint, it's safe to say that fans would rather remember Nash for his days as Diesel was well as WCW run. Not only has he been struggling inside the ring for nearly two decades now, but he is no longer a great draw like he used to be in his prime years. Triple H has always been one of his closest friends, but even he knows that Nash's days as a wrestler are done.

4 Must Make Happen: CM Punk

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Fans continue to chant for CM Punk every now and then, but there has been no progress as far as his standing with the company. It is well-known that he had some problems with Triple H as the two exchanged some words in interviews, and while the latter has left the door open for a potential return - he also admitted that the two have never been on great terms.

However, Triple H is always preaching that he does what's best for business, and as one of the biggest stars of the past decade, Punk would make an immense addition to the roster.

3 Avoid: Enzo Amore

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Enzo Amore was once considered among the most entertaining acts on the WWE roster, although it didn't take too long for fans to grow tired of his antics. He also happened to be one of the worst wrestlers on the roster, showing no improvement inside the squared circle.

As his backstage heat intensified in his final year with the WWE, it became apparent that Enzo may not be around for too long.

And while he has been cleared in his legal issues, WWE may not be willing to allow him back nor should they at this point.

2 Must Make Happen: Batista

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At SmackDown 1000, Batista made his first WWE appearance in four years thanks to the Evolution reunion. The segment ended with Batista teasing a future bout with Triple H as the two have had history together in the ring. In recent years, Batista has always expressed his wish to return to the company in hopes of facing Triple H, and the latest angle on SmackDown has only increased the likelihood of another run for The Animal. Having been away from the WWE for a few years, and considering that he will be 50 years old in January - it would make sense for both sides to have Batista return for a final stint.

1 Avoid: Goldberg

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Goldberg has left the door open for a WWE return, citing that it would have to make sense as far as storyline. Given how valued nostalgia remains among fans, it makes Golberg an eligible candidate for a potential comeback to the ring. But it is probably for the best if he doesn't since he had a successful last run as the WWE Universal Champion, including a memorable WrestleMania match against Brock Lesnar. There aren't many potential opponents for him on the main roster and while fans would have loved seeing him take on older stars like The Undertaker in the past, it isn't in hot demand these days.

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