WWE Reveal The Rules For Their Upcoming War Games Match

On NXT this week William Regal announced who will be competing in War Games later this month, and WWE has also outlined the rules for the match.

WWE has been making use of a lot of the WCW ideas that they technically own since they bought the company back in 2001. Last year, they reintroduced the cruiserweight division which was initially a WCW concept, Starrcade, which was effectively their rival's WrestleMania, and perhaps most notably the War Games concept that has been defunct for 20 years.


Triple H announced on Twitter a few weeks ago that the next NXT Takeover, taking place in Houston over Survivor Series weekend, will be titled War Games. Not only that, but it would see the return of the epic match made famous by WCW for the first time in 20 years, and the first time that it will ever feature under the WWE umbrella. What The Game didn't announce though is who would be competing in the two rings contained within a steel cage.

That announcement was saved for this past Wednesday night on NXT. The show's General Manager emerged amid the chaos at the end of the show to officially announce the match. It will feature three teams. Sanity, The Undisputed Era, and the team of the Authors of Pain with Roderick Strong. The match was always going to feature some combination of those men, but traditionally a War Games match would only feature two teams.

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WWE has that base covered too, and shortly after the announcement that their take on the classic match will feature three teams and they outlined some rules on WWE.com. One member of each team will start inside the cage. After five minutes the remaining members of one team will be allowed into the cage. Three minutes later, the remainder of another team will enter, and then the final team's members a further three minutes after that. Then, and only then, will a victory be able to be attained via pinfall or submission.


NXT Takeovers are pretty much always guaranteed to be a spectacle. The fact that the next one in Houston will feature the first War Games match in 20 years will only further how great the show is going to be. War Games matches are often brutal and basically focus on chaos and anarchy. If you've never seen one before and if WWE does it right—considering it's in NXT—it's likely that they will, then you're in for a treat.

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