WWE Reveals New Information About Its Ideas For A Tiered Network

WWE has finally shown its hand when it comes to what it has planned for its much talked about tiered system.

In 2014, WWE changed the way in which most of us consume its product by launching the WWE Network. From that point onward, we were no longer required to pay for the company's PPVs via a third party. We now give WWE $9.99 a month for a subscription to its Network. For that, we get every single live PPV and that is really just the tip of the iceberg.

For that one monthly fee, we also have access to a library of literally thousands of hours of wrestling from the past few decades. Plus, a tonne of new, original programming. However, the Network has already been forced to evolve during its first five years. Earlier this year it underwent a substantial facelift.

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What fans are really waiting for is the much-discussed tiered system. Rumors have been circulating about the plan for a while, including talk of other promotions being included in certain packages. When talking with The Verge, WWE co-president George Barrios finally revealed some definitive plans for the new look Network, including names and details of its three tiers. They have been labeled as free, regular, and premium.

The free tier will include everything fans can watch on WWE's YouTube channel, plus a couple of extras on occasion. The regular tier will include everything fans pay for now, such as PPVs and the extensive library. The premium tier is what we're interested in. While Barrios didn't mention other promotions, he did say it will likely include other elements such as free shipping on WWE Shop.

While all of the above is still incredibly vague, at least we now have official confirmation that a tiered system is coming. We have previously only alluded to it after it has been hinted at in WWE email surveys, which can often not mean a lot. Based on the little we know, we'll still be sticking with our regular subscription. Add a couple of different promotions to the mix and we might end up being tempted by the premium tier.

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