15 Revelations Made By Female Wrestlers

Like any athlete, wrestlers are in the spotlight. Once you hit the big time, fans want to know every detail about you, including stuff about your personal life. Most wrestlers keep their personal lives private; however there are a few who aren’t shy about sharing every detail about their love lives.

Female wrestlers are the ones who usually share intimate details about their personal life. Most of the time, it’s small tidbits like how they met their significant other or what the traits they look for in a partner. However, there are times when the females tend to share too much. For instance, they’ll talk about their love life, in which case would be considered TMI. These ladies have shown they’re not afraid to let their fans in on personal details. They tend to share these intimate confessions either via social media or doing a media interview, where the reporters tend to ask personal questions.

Also, thanks to the show Total Divas, viewers get a glimpse on what a female wrestler’s personal life is like. For instance, couples such as John Cena and Nikki Bella along with Natalya and Tyson Kidd share intimate moments. Some of moments and confessions are cute, however there are a few that may not be suitable for television.

While most of these confessions teeter on the TMI side, fans love hearing these personal details from their favourite Divas. So let’s take a look at some of the most intimate confessions made by these female wrestlers.

15 Sunny Revealed How Superstars Perform

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By now, wrestling fans know just about every detail of Sunny’s life. The former WWE Diva isn’t shy about sharing tidbits about her personal life, including what happens behind closed doors. In a recent podcast, Sunny opened up about the wrestlers she’s been with and ranked them on their performances.

One of the well-known Superstars on Sunny’s list was Shawn Michaels. She didn’t hold back when it came to intimate details about The Heartbreak Kid. Sunny revealed how Shawn was a maniac and wanted to go every day.

She also explained how Shawn licked to smear red lipstick all over her.

Another Superstar that Sunny opened up about is Dolph Ziggler. The two had a recent encounter, and she said that The Show Off had a lot of stamina and could go all night.

14 Brie's Interesting Method Of Prevention

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Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are now the parents of a baby girl named Birdie. However, early in their marriage, children were the farthest thing from their minds. Brie and Daniel were at the height of their WWE careers and felt the time wasn’t right for a baby.

Nikki was also concerned about her sister’s career and how the Bella brand would be affected if Brie had a baby so soon. During an outing on Total Divas, Nikki inquired if Brie wasn’t using birth control. Brie wasn’t shy about sharing this personal detail of her life as she revealed that she and Bryan use a more risky method involving "leaving early". Both Nikki and viewers were stunned to hear Brie’s revelation, yet it’s confessions like these that makes fans tune into the show to learn more about their favourite Divas.

13 Maria Said Punk Was Well Above Average

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Today fans know Maria as Mrs. Mike Bennett. But early in her career, Maria Kanellis was in a relationship with wrestler CM Punk. The two began dating during their developmental days in WWE, but their relationship ended soon after they joined the main roster.

The breakup was hard on Maria, who would later give details on the split in a shoot interview.

She explained how she thought Punk was her soulmate and dreamed about them one day getting married.

Yet, Punk didn’t feel the same way and initiated the breakup. But that wasn’t the only thing Maria revealed in the shoot. When asked by the interviewer about a certain body part on CM Punk, Maria simply stated that he was “a decent size.” The answer not only left Maria blushing, but viewers as well.

12 Rosa Goes Both Ways

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Rosa Mendes’ personal life tends to get more attention than her WWE career. The former Diva has been very honest about her past relationship troubles with men. She opened up about her troubles on Total Divas, it was also on the show that she revealed another secret.

Rosa revealed that she likes both men and women. She had no trouble confessing the secret to her co-workers and she constantly talked about the traits she looked for in women.

In a few episodes, Rosa was seen getting cozy with other women at bars.

She also wasn’t afraid of putting the moves on her co-workers, including Paige. Nothing romantic ever happened between the two, but Rosa and Paige remained good friends. Eventually, Rosa found happiness with her fiance Bobby Schubenski with whom she has a daughter.

11 Alicia Fox Took Her Breakup With Wade Barrett Badly

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Alicia Fox and Wade Barrett were at one time a couple. Fans suspected the two were dating when photos surfaced of them together, yet the duo never publicly commented on the status of their relationship. Sadly, their relationship ended after four years.

On an episode of Total Divas, Alicia finally admitted that she and Wade used to date, and that she was devastated by their break up. She would later confront her ex about how hurt she was over their split. In a later interview, she revealed that the reason for their breakup was that she was going through a difficult time with her mother and Wade couldn’t be the supportive boyfriend she needed. Despite the hurt feelings, Alicia was able to find closure with Wade, and the two remain close friends.

10 Lita's Relationship With Edge Was Very Emotional

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In 2005, Lita’s relationship with Edge became one of the hot topics in the wrestling community. Fans couldn’t believe she would cheat on her longtime boyfriend Matt Hardy. Lita’s actions quickly made her a bad person both on and off screen. Since the scandal, the redheaded Diva remained quiet, but during a recent interview on Lillian Garcia’s podcast, she opened up about the relationship.

Lita revealed that she and Matt had been having issues for some time, and by 2005 they had began to drift apart. While she was traveling with Edge, the two became closer. The relationship started out as emotional before it turned physical. Lita said that she regretted how she handled things, but has came to terms with the mistake from her past.

9 Stephanie Spilled Secrets About Triple H

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Any guest that goes on The Howard Stern Show knows that The Shock Jock holds no punches when it comes to asking personal questions, especially when it comes to their love life. In 2002, Stephanie McMahon was a guest on Stern’s show and was subjected to an interrogation about her love life with Triple H.

Stephanie seemed uncomfortable at first, but eventually opened up.

Of course the subject of Chyna was brought up along with Stephanie’s relationship with Triple H. Then Stern got into the juicy part of the interview, where he inquired about Stephanie’s love life. The Billion Dollar Princess gave a short series of answers telling listeners about her favourite positions, being tied up, and how Triple H was. Stern and wrestling fans got quite a shock learning these details about Stephanie and Triple H.

8 Natalya Needed To Spruce Things Up

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On Total Divas, the women and their significant others are featured prominently. Natalya and her husband are just one of the many couples on the show. The couple has been together for a long time, yet they aren’t without their share of drama. In one episode of the show, Natalya and Tyson’s was the centre of attention as the couple tried to reignite the spark in their love life.

Natalya pulled out all the stops to spruce up her love life, including buying special outfits and toys, which didn’t interest Tyson. When all else failed, the couple sought help from a therapist. The therapist’s suggestions must have worked in reigniting the spark because the next day at work, Natalya showed up with a huge smile on her face.

7 Neck Injury Didn't Stop Nikki's Drive

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As wrestling’s top couple, Nikki Bella and John Cena’s relationship is an open book. The two love to talk about each other in interviews along with showing their home life on their reality shows. Fans have gotten to know a lot more about the two stars thanks to Total Divas and Total Bellas. In fact, it was during one episode of Total Bellas, where the couple shared a very interesting secret.

In 2016, Nikki Bella and John Cena were out on the injured list. Nikki with a neck issue and John with a shoulder injury.

While the injuries heavily impacted their professional life, it had no bearing on their love life.

During a family dinner, Nikki proudly admitted that she and John Cena still had an active love life despite their injuries. The moment was shocking not due to their confession, but how they shared it with Nikki's family.

6 Victoria And John Cena

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John Cena is considered by many wrestling fans to have a reputation as a womanizer. He’s currently in a relationship with Nikki Bella, and in the past was involved with Mickie James. Yet, there was one Diva that fans were surprised to learn had been one of Cena’s girls.

After Mickie James’ ex-fiancé Kenny Doane hinted that Cena had a relationship with a former Smackdown Diva, Victoria revealed that she was the woman. On a blog post, Victoria went into detail about the Cena relationship. It occurred when Victoria and John were training at WWE’s developmental territory OVW. At the time, Victoria was separated from her husband, Lee. She and Cena became close as they trained together, and the two began dating. However, the relationship ended after just a few short months.

5 Lana Dated A Male Model

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Ravishing beauty Lana is one of WWE’s stunning female wrestlers. When she came to WWE, not only did she achieve success in her professional life, but in her personal life as well. Lana was paired with Rusev, and their onscreen romance soon turned into a real-life one. The couple tied the knot in two extravagant ceremonies in Malibu and Bulgaria. The weddings were featured on the show Total Divas.

It was also on the show that Lana let fans in on a secret from her life prior to WWE. While she was living in Los Angeles, she was in a relationship with male model Isaiah Mustafa. The relationship was brief, yet Isaiah was a special part of Lana’s life. The two reconnected during a chance encounter in Las Vegas, where they reminisced about their relationship and Isaiah offered well wishes to Lana’s marriage to Rusev.

4 AJ Knew Punk Was Her True Love

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Fans of AJ Lee loved her brief onscreen romance with CM Punk. With AJ's geeky tomboy personality and Punk's tattooed bad boy persona, they seemed like a good match. Their fandom dubbed them AJPunk and went crazy whenever they were on television together. When the couple began dating in 2013, everyone rejoiced at the newest wrestling couple.

After nine months of dating, the couple married in June of 2014. Since retiring from wrestling, AJ and Punk have remained a private couple, although every once in a while they’ll talk about each other in interviews. When AJ published her biography, she opened up about her relationship with Punk. She explained how when she first kissed him she knew he was her true love. This was enough to melt the hearts of AJPunk fans, who love hearing details about the couple’s relationship.

3 Charlotte Flair Admitted To Leaks

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Being the daughter of Ric Flair, Charlotte has tried to stay away from scandal. Aside from an arrest when she was in her early 20s, she has led a fairly quiet life. But in 2017, a string of WWE Superstars had their phones hacked and photo leaks were posted online. One of the victims was Charlotte.

When the photos were released, fans speculated on whether it was Charlotte or if someone had photoshopped the pictures. The Women’s champion admitted that those were her pics and they were meant for personal use. A devastated Charlotte then asked that the person who leaked the photos to please take them down. While the leaks of Charlotte caused ridiculed from wrestling fans, it had no impact on her career since she’s still one of the top stars in the women’s division.

2 Chyna Released Her Own Tape

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After Chyna left the WWE in 2001, she tried to move on with her life, yet she was met with one downfall after another. In 2004, a tape was released featuring Chyna and her ex-boyfriend/wrestler X-Pac. Like most celebs, you’d figure Chyna would be embarrassed over the tape. But the exact opposite occurred.

As it turns out Chyna and X-Pac worked with a studio about distributing their home made tape. The studio agreed and a few months later the video was released under the title 1 Night in China. The video became a bestseller and it lead to Chyna seeking a career as an "film" actress. She would go on to star in five films, but it's the video with X-Pac which caused the biggest draw. While the duo made a huge profit from the distribution of their video, it’s now become an infamous part of Chyna’s tainted life.

1 Paige Was Embarrassed By Leak

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2017 was a tough year for Paige. Not only did she have to deal with an injury along with her turbulent relationship with Alberto Del Rio, but the release of a tape. The infamous tape showed Paige having getting physical with fellow wrestlers Brad Maddox and Xavier Woods. The damaging video almost cost Paige her job and she came under scrutiny from fans.

While many people were clamoring to see the tape or hounding the Diva with rude comments, Paige was dealing with the embarrassment of the tape’s release. In an interview with Lillian Garcia, Paige revealed she went into a deep depression. With the support of family and friends, Paige was able to pull herself together and focus on reestablishing her career. Despite rumors that the scandal would lead to her firing, Paige is still employed with WWE and remains a beloved Diva with fans.

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