10 Things You Learn About WWE Wrestlers From WWE Ride Along

While the WWE Network is primarily about the wrestling itself, one of the biggest reasons people love the service is because of the original content that the company provides, with one example being the show, Ride Along.

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The concept of this is incredibly simple, just putting a camera inside of a car as the talents drive from one town to the next, capturing them just have regular conversations, which tends to reveal a lot of interesting stories.

Fans get the chance to learn a lot of different things about wrestlers, both generally about the life of a wrestler and individual wrestlers themselves, and within this list, we will rank 10 things you can learn from the show.

10 The Lack Of Rest They Get

The travel woes of WWE Superstars is something that fans are aware of, but it is hard to understand and appreciate it unless you actually see it or are part of it, which is why Ride Along is great.

The show really does highlight how difficult it is being a WWE Superstar with the wrestlers finishing a grueling PPV or television taping and immediately having to set off to the next destination.

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Most fans wrongly assume they will be sleeping somewhere near the arena, but the fact is they have to travel to the next town which can involve hours of driving, meaning they don't get to the hotel until the very early hours in the morning.

9 Who Are Legitimate Friends

While wrestlers might portray that they are close on television, in reality, they might not be that close, in fact, a wrestler could be best friends with someone you don't associate with them at all.

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That is why Ride Along is interesting as the different pairings and travel groups really give fans a good idea as to who is actually friends in real life and what bonds are created backstage.

8 They Aren't Great Drivers

Something that you learn generally about the WWE Superstars as is that the vast majority of them are actually not great drivers. Which is quite surprising when you consider how often they do drive.

While it isn't every single wrestler who is a terrible driver, a good portion of them are poor, with Liv Morgan perhaps being the worst of the bunch, with the Riott Squad episode seeing the trio almost crash the car.

This show really does highlight quite how bad some of their driving is, no matter how talented they might be in the ring, the skill of driving isn't something they all have locked down.

7 Braun Strowman's Poo App

Here's something you would never have learned about had it not been for Ride Along, and some people might be wishing that they hadn't learned about it at all as Braun Strowman revealed his favorite app.

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While most people enjoy Twitter, Instagram, or perhaps a few games, the Monster Amongst Men enjoys using the 'Places I've Pooped' app, which allows you to drop a pin around the world where you have pooed.

Strowman enjoys remembering all the various locations where he has pooed during his life, which might seem strange to some, but it is fun for Strowman, especially considering how much travel he does.

6 Seth Rollins Food Poisoning

Speaking of issues involving topics you wouldn't normally expect to hear, the Ride Along episode that featured Seth Rollins and Cesaro, there was a hilarious story involving food poisoning that involved the former Universal Champion.

Because the wrestlers are constantly eating food from different locations around the world, the chance of food poisoning is certainly increased and unfortunately for Rollins, he was struck with it.

He still had to go out and wrestle Ryback and he revealed on the episode that after being thrown around he ended up throwing up everywhere backstage afterward.

5 Food Habits

Another thing that you always learn when watching an episode of Ride Along is just how important food is to the WWE Superstars, which shouldn't be too surprising considering the fact they are athletes.

But what is interesting about this is how they cope with the travel and the need for food, with different wrestlers having different ways of coping with the situation.

Most stop off at various locations on the journey to pick something up, or you can be like Big E who cooked in the back of the car, or Sarah Logan who carries a bag of meat along with her.

4 Comedy On The Road

The WWE Superstars have to go on some incredibly long journeys at times, and because of that, they are forced to try and make them as entertaining as possible in order not to become bored of the job.

Because of this, the locker room really focuses on creating comedy while they drive and each different ride-along has a new method of achieving this, whether it be playing games or pranks.

The talent often involves wrestlers in other cars as well to make things more exciting, ringing up other wrestlers to continue the jokes, which is always a main point of each episode.

3 Who Is Actually Funny

Speaking of comedy, that is something that Ride Along teaches fans as the WWE Universe really gets to see each wrestler's true personality, regardless of what gimmick they are having to portray on television.

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Because of that fans are able to learn which wrestlers are very charismatic and funny in reality, even if they aren't showcased heavily on television in that manner.

People like Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson always shine on Ride Along as they are hilarious in real life, and it is always interesting to see that side of the wrestlers.

2 Old Stories

Ride Along is particularly great when they get wrestlers who have been around for a long time, such as the Hardy Boyz, Chris Jericho, or Road Dogg, who have all been on the show in the past.

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The reason for that is that they are able to share stories about things that happened in the past, opening back the curtain to fans to learn things they never knew about before.

It is always interesting to learn more about wrestlers and the industry in general, and Ride Along is one of those shows that really does a great job of doing that.

1 The Wrestlers Bond

The main thing that you learn watching this show generally is the incredible bond that the WWE Superstars have with each other, with the locker room really being one big family like this show highlights.

Because they all spend so much time together, not just backstage at shows but travelling the world, the locker room really grows a strong bond and that is something this show proves on each episode.

With different people always car-sharing, the talents always share stories about other wrestlers who they spend time with, which gives a good impression of their friendships.

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