WWE brought the festivities north of the border this past week as Raw and SmackDown emanated from Toronto which always produces an unpredictable and rowdy crowd. Not only did they cheer for Jinder Mahal, they nearly booed Bayley right out of the building. We thought Canadians are supposed to be nice! Bayley looked like she was about to cry!

Here are five things WWE got right this week and five they got wrong.

5. WRONG – The Cruiserweights Are Still Boring

Via WWE.com

Why have we seen Akira Tozawa face off against Ariya Daivari like nine times in the last three weeks? WWE has an entire division of Cruiserweights, but barely features any of them outside 205 Live. And is anybody solidly behind Tozawa as Neville’s opponent? Do we like him? He makes HAH – HAH- HAH noises and gets the crowd to react to it, sure, but is he really more deserving than Rich Swann or Cedric Alexander?


To be honest, WWE can’t seem to make a star out of any of these guys, so, why not throw Enzo Amore into the division and have him win the title??

5. RIGHT – Raw Reminding Us It Has A Women’s Division


For a past little while, the only women on RAW getting any real TV time has been RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, Bayley, and Sasha Banks. This week, WWE reminded us that there are more women in the division with two Triple Threat matches also featuring Emma, Alicia Fox, Mickie James, and Dana Brooke. Banks and Jax are predictably still at the forefront, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

Also, does anybody else think Mickie James is being way underutilized?


4. WRONG – Tamina Thinks Too Highly Of Herself

Via YouTube

“You’re never going to wrestle like me” Tamina explains to Lana. But uh. Tamina. Sure you’re kinda strong, but I don’t think Lana wants to wrestle like you. I don’t think many people want to wrestle like you. You haven’t won a Championship in your seven-year career (isn’t that crazy?), nor can anybody even remember the last match you won.

4. RIGHT – Dean Ambrose And Seth Rollins


So Seth Rollins gets his ass handed to him by Cesaro and Sheamus and Dean Ambrose does nothing, because he’s an awful human being. Or he’s still harboring ill feelings for something that happened over three years ago. Either way, he’s awful.

But then! Dean Ambrose gets his ass handed to him by Cesaro and Sheamus and what does Seth Rollins do? He makes the save because he’s cool like that. Was it to help Ambrose? Nah. He made that evident when he refused to bump fists with Ambrose. He just wanted a little retribution against Cesaro and Sheamus is all. And about damn time! Rollins is over it, and this makes us all sorts of happy. The only thing this needed was a slap to Ambrose’s face and this would have been the top moment of the week – month* – year*.


3. WRONG – Another Shark Cage?


In less than a year, this will be the third match in which a Superstar is suspended above the ring in a Shark Cage. This time, it’s Enzo Amore in The Big Show’s match with Amore’s former bestie Big Cass at SummerSlam. The whole Shark Cage thing isn’t even a very good concept for a match, and Amore will for sure still somehow get himself involved.

3. RIGHT – Kevin Owens Provides A History Lesson


Not only can Kevin Owens wrestle a quality match on any given night, his promos can sometimes be even better. Owens smartly reopened old wounds between AJ Styles and Shane McMahon by reminding McMahon that it wasn’t too long ago Styles was crashing his skull through a car window. Not only that, he showed the WWE Universe some old footage from 1999—courtesy of the WWE Network—when Shane McMahon was a referee 18 years ago, screwing over Stone Cold Steve Austin in a title match.

Could history repeat itself? Probably not, but it’s still fun.

2. WRONG – Natalya

Via WWE.com

No shade against Natalya, but why is she facing Naomi at SummerSlam? She’s a great wrestler, but she’s got nothing going for her at the moment in which it was made abundantly clear this week when she just sat around backstage doing not much of anything. It’s also kind of mind boggling Charlotte has nothing to at the biggest party of the summer.

2. RIGHT – Lesnar Destroys The Miztourage


Brock Lesnar did a little role play by casting all three members of The Miztourage as Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, and Samoa Joe in a preview of what the WWE Universe should come to expect at SummerSlam next Sunday. Say what you want about Lesnar, he garners the loudest reactions in every city he decides to make his own, and we’ll never get bored watching The Beast wreck havoc inside that squared circle.

1. WRONG – Randy Orton Defeats Jinder Mahal


Randy Orton needs to learn a few things from John Cena and start putting some other talent over. The WWE Universe already has a hard time accepting Jinder Mahal as their WWE Champion, so when the Toronto crowd was actually behind Jinder on SmackDown this week, it would have been the pristine time for him to defeat Orton and actually look like a viable Champion going forward in his match against Nakamura. But nope! RKO-OUT-OF-NOWHERE had to happen and Mahal was pinned cleaned by The Viper. Did Orton need this win? How come the only time he loses is when he inevitably loses a title? Or a title match? Does Randy Orton have creative control or something?

And how are we to believe that Rusev is going to defeat Orton at SummerSlam when the only match he’s won since being back from injury has been against Chad Gable?

1. RIGHT – Last Man Standing Match

Via Cageside Seats

Even though we’ve seen Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns rip each other apart countless times already, it doesn’t mean we want to stop seeing them do it. The two big men of Raw wrestled one another yet again in a Last Man Standing match in which Samoa Joe made sure to get himself involved in the (questionable) finish. Roman Reigns clearly should have won the match, but the referee ruled Strowman the winner anyway in what otherwise was a perfect way to close out Raw. How can you not like a match in which Reigns gets an office chair thrown at him as if it were a baseball?

Until next week!

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