5 Things WWE Got Right This Week - And 5 They Got WRONG (August 4th, 2017)

With WWE's biggest party of the summer just a few short weeks away, Raw and SmackDown had little time to waste this week and it showed. The card for SummerSlam has grown exponentially with seven matches officially announced. The only real difference between both brands this week is that while Monday Night Raw happened, SmackDown Live HAPPENED. Higher stakes lead to better quality television.

Here are five things WWE got right this week and five they got wrong.

10. WRONG - Nia Jax


Remember when Nia Jax used to care about becoming Women's Champion? Despite defeating four other women in the Gauntlet a few weeks ago, Jax hasn't protested a single word to GM Kurt Angle about wanting a shot for the title. Instead, she has let Bayley and Sasha Banks take over because apparently she's besties with Champ, Alexa Bliss.


9. RIGHT - Ambrose And Rollins... For Now...


The story here is Dean Ambrose doesn't fully trust Seth Rollins and Seth Rollins feels bad about it. It's all fine for now but next week lets hope they switch things up.

If WWE really wants the WWE Universe to jump on the Rollins train, he needs to stop whining and apologizing. Nobody likes a sad apologetic wrestler, right? We want a badass. Rollins should finally be like, "Hey, Ambrose. If you can't forgive and forget, that's your problem. I don't got anymore time to waste hearing you b**** about it!"

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8. WRONG - Bray Wyatt


So Bray Wyatt spoke this week. You know. Kind of like he does each and every week. His words don't mean much of anything but still, he talks.

The aftermath with Finn Balor was pretty cool though.

7. RIGHT - Aiden English


Yeah, Sami Zayn lost, but whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It's refreshing when WWE gives us a surprise win. It's also nice to see the talented Aiden English being given a chance to shine. His character's funny and entertaining and we would like to see him wrestle for the United States Championship at some point this year.

6. WRONG - Randy Orton vs. Rusev


Randy Orton came out to challenge Rusev to a match at SummerSlam - which unlike Rusev's match with Chad Gable, probably won't be that good and you know it's true. Although it's nice to imagine Rusev coming out on top in the end, it's even harder to imagine Orton losing. Just like with John Cena, Rusev's purpose seems to be putting older talent over. But shouldn't older talent be putting newer talent over?

Maybe I'm wrong.

5. RIGHT - Brock Lesnar


Rumors are running rampant that Brock Lesnar might leave the WWE to go back to the UFC. True or not, WWE wisely chose to incorporate it into the storyline by having Paul Heyman state that if Lesnar loses his Universal Championship in his unfair title defence at SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar will leave WWE for good.


4. WRONG - Not Having Brock Lesnar Wreak Havoc


Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, and Samoa Joe tore the roof off in their Triple Threat match on RAW this week. The problem with this match though was 1) What was the point? All it did was make Samoa Joe look like the weakest of the bunch, and 2) Why pay Brock Lesnar for the appearance and NOT have him come out and destroy everyone? It would have made much more of an impact had he done that. #WastedOpportunity

3. WRONG - RAW Doesn't Know How To Main Event


This is the second week in a row RAW has scheduled the wrong match as the main event. Despite no Brock Lesnar, the Triple Threat was still the strongest match of the night, and there's no way WWE actually thought Big Show and Big Cass would put on a better match. It's almost as if WWE has given up on the third hour completely. If that's the case, drop the third hour so RAW isn't such a chore for us to watch.

2. RIGHT - The United States Championship Drama


The Phenomenal AJ Styles defended his title against Kevin Owens on SmackDown this week, but not without a shenanigan or two. The referee would be sent to a daze, causing him to incorrectly count Owens down for the pin. Owens did what he does best - throw a fit like the 14-year-old - to prompt Daniel Bryan to grant Kevin Owens one more rematch. This time, it won't just have any ol' ref. Shane McMahon will be doing the honors.

1. RIGHT - John Cena vs. Shinsuke Nakamura


So people are complaining that WWE scheduled this match on television instead of a Pay-Per-View and I don't understand why. John Cena has already said his days are numbered. Did WWE really have time to book this match for a Pay-Per-View? Probably not. And who the hell complains about SmackDown having a fantastic first-of-its-kind-main-event?

The match was pretty good for what it was and that was the best reversal of the Five Knuckle Shuffle we've ever seen. Poor Cena looked like he almost broke his neck putting Shinsuke Nakamura over and you have to give Cena a round of applause for that.

Until next week!

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