5 Things WWE Got Right This Week And 5 They Got Wrong - February 1, 2018

The Road to WrestleMania has officially kicked off with what many are saying was one of the best Royal Rumble events ever. For the first time ever, WWE had two Royal Rumble matches packed into one night - the traditional men's Rumble and the inaugural women's Rumble. Not only that, the rumors turned out to be true; one of the most popular athletes has officially signed with WWE. You know who we're talking about.

Here are five things WWE got right this week and five they got wrong. In no particular order.

5. WRONG - Uso Penitentiary


The Usos have become one of the best tag teams in WWE, no doubt. Their Uso Penitentiary shtick has been great thus far, but this week's use of the jail bar graphics during their promo was cheesy as all hell. As Jimmy and Jey Uso listed off each tag team they've defeated since the SmackDown Tag Team Championships came to fruition, a graphic of a jail cell slammed against the screen. Seven times in a period of 30 seconds.

It was more laughable and dorkish than anything. Don't bring this back.

5. RIGHT - Rusev Becomes Number One Contender


WWE finally listened to its audience, Rusev earning himself a title shot to the United States Championship after defeating three other men in a Number One Contender's Fatal Four Way on SmackDown. Rusev may be in for a career renaissance as he has managed to get himself over with the crowd with RUSEV DAY. Now that he's being given something substantial to do, things could be looking up for the Bulgarian Brute. Even if this leads to him simply losing to Bobby Roode next week, it's better than nothing.



4. WRONG - Bray Wyatt Needs To Go Away


You would think because Bray Wyatt easily defeated Matt Hardy last week, he would move on to bigger and better things, like, I don't know, trying to go after the Intercontinental Championship or something. But nope! Wyatt has decided it's best to continue bugging Hardy, distracting him in his match this week by laughing at him, laughing as if he is laughing at how pathetic and redundant his career has become.

4. RIGHT - Women's Royal Rumble


History was made this past Sunday and the women of wrestling proved yet again that they can be just as if not more entertaining than the men. WWE made the correct decision to put the monumental 30 Women Royal Rumble match last. With only 17 women on the active roster able to compete, WWE had no other choice but to bring in a plethora of surprises, including NXT Superstars, and Divas of the past.


In case you missed it, Lita, Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, Jacqueline, Molly Holly, Michelle McCool, Vickie Guerrero, Kelly Kelly, and The Bella Twins joined in on the shenanigans for one last(?) hoorah. But it was current Superstar Asuka who would take the cake, eliminating Nikki Bella in the closing moments of the match, securing her place in history as the first winner of a Women's Rumble. A much deserved win for the Japanese starlet.

3. WRONG - So Many Injuries


On the Raw roster alone, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, Dean Ambrose, Paige, Big Cass, Brian Kendrick, Noam Dar, and now Jason Jordan and Alicia Fox have been sidelined with injury. Can this be entirely WWE's fault? No, of course not! But... maybe a little?

Why is it WWE has to put on so many shows a year? Not only are these Superstars putting their bodies on the line every Monday and Tuesday night, don't forget the countless non-televised events - two to three every week. WWE's got lots of money. Do they really need so many live events every year? The constant wear and tear is obviously starting to show.


3. RIGHT - Men's Royal Rumble


Yes, the Women's Rumble was must-see, but the men have them beat in terms of quality, even if just by a smidge. Booked well from start to finish, the men's Royal Rumble had the advantage over the Women's Rumble by having a nail biting finish, with two WWE-made stars in John Cena and Roman Reigns against indie and Japan stars Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura. Ultimately, WWE decided to please its fanbase by giving the beloved Nakamura the win, as he eliminated Roman Reigns to pick up the upset victory.

And we can't forget to mention the awesome surprise comeback of Rey Mysterio, who looks to be in better shape now than ever before. WWE, give this man a contract.

2. WRONG - Dolph Ziggler Gets Coveted Number 30 Spot


After winning the United States Championship over a month ago, Dolph Ziggler decided to relinquish it and leave WWE. Sorta. That is until he decided to come back in the Royal Rumble match as the 30th entrant. This could have gone in many ways, but it ended up being a waste. Wouldn't it have been cool had Ziggler actually made an impact in the match, and I don't know, proved he can square off with the best of the best and that he's deserving of a WWE Championship opportunity? Instead, he was eliminated rather quickly, his career sadly becoming an even bigger joke than before in minutes.

2. RIGHT - Ronda Rousey


The rumors turned out to be true. Half true, anyway. Rumor had it that Ronda Rousey would debut in the first ever Women's Royal Rumble match, but she didn't debut until after the match, teasing a possible feud with either Alexa Bliss, Charlotte, Asuka, or even Stephanie McMahon. Love it or hate it, Ronda Rousey is the biggest name WWE has signed in a very long time, and she could quite possibly be the female equivalent of Brock Lesnar. Let's just hope her matches in WWE succeed expectations.


1. WRONG - Ronda Rousey Though


If Nikki Bella and Nia Jax's tweets hold any truth, there seems to already be some mixed feelings towards Ronda Rousey in the locker room. The women of WWE don't seem pleased to have their monumental moment overshadowed by Ronda Rousey's debut.

Couldn't have Ronda Rousey had her moment the night after on Raw? But. We get it. As much as Nikki and Nia might complain, WWE is a business. They had the most eyes on the Royal Rumble event; it made sense to bring her in after the match.


1. RIGHT - Asuka vs. Sasha Banks


The following night on Raw, Sasha Banks took on Asuka after telling her that SHE was "ready for Asuka." The match started a little slow, but by the time Asuka nailed Sasha in the head mid dive out of the ring, the match went into overdrive, the two of them nearly killing each other throughout the remainder of the match. No, Sasha wouldn't win, but she definitely gave Asuka her toughest fight since being on the main roster.

Until next week!


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