5 Things WWE Got Right This Week And 5 They Got Wrong - No Rusev?

This week, Monday Night Raw had one of its best episodes in recent memory, due in part to the history-making match as well as the star making performance of one of its Superstars. The following night's SmackDown Live on the other hand did absolutely nothing to convince people to continue watching its lacklustre product.

Here are 5 things WWE got right this week and 5 they got wrong.

5. WRONG - No Revival On Raw. No Rusev On SmackDown


Titus Worldwide is cute and all, and good for Apollo (Crews), but we would much rather see The Revival feuding with Sheamus and Cesaro instead...in due time, perhaps.

And also..."Rusev Day! Rusev Day!" The fan's cant get enough, yet there was no sign of Rusev this week. What is it with the McMahons ignoring the Superstars we want to see?


5. RIGHT - Riott Squad Wins


The Riott Squad gained a much needed victory in their match against Charlotte, Naomi, and Becky Lynch. We were starting to worry about the Squad's purpose, but finally, Ruby Riot is beginning to look like a star. Though it's unlikely she will defeat Charlotte and go into Mania as Champion, these two should have a good match come Fastlane.

4. WRONG - The Top 10 List, Still...


Why does SmackDown keep insisting on highlighting the Top 10 List if they still haven't done anything to make sense of it? Again, nobody on that list has been given an opportunity. All it is a popularity contest that at this moment and means nothing.


We don't even think WWE knows what the list means yet.

4. RIGHT - Owens and Sami Zayn


Through thick and thin, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn remain a cohesive unit. After aiding Owens to victory, Zayn would tell Owens that he's the reason his career is starting to take off, and at Fastlane, he is willing to lay down for Owens and take the pin in the WWE Championship match. There's no way that'll happen, but call us intrigued.

3. WRONG - Music Distractions


An instance that happens way too often in wrestling is when a wrestler has the upper hand in a match, but is suddenly distracted by someone's entrance music, so naturally the wrestler forgets he's in a match and their opponent abruptly wins by taking advantage.


This week, it was Dolph Ziggler who would lose to Kevin Owens due to Sami Zayn's entrance music distraction. You think by now, wrestlers would learn to stop being so easily distracted by the sound of music. Shame on you, Ziggler. Shame on you.

3. RIGHT - Roode, Orton, and Mahal


Bobby Roode and Randy Orton share the same level of cockiness and the same level of disdain for Jinder Mahal, yet at the same time you can tell both of them want to prove that they're the better man. It's good stuff. Would love to see these three wrestle a Triple Threat at Fastlane? But who knows, Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon can't agree on things, so...

2. WRONG - I'm Starting To Dislike Daniel Bryan


Aren't you?

Hopefully, Daniel Bryan is being a stubborn a**hole on purpose so that he turns into a full fledged bad guy/wrestler again, but right now, he's just annoying. According to Bryan, Jinder Mahal should get a US Championship opportunity, when again, back to that damn Top 10 list, HE ISN'T ON THE LIST - A LIST DEVISED TO GIVE THOSE ON IT THESE OPPORTUNITIES!

2. RIGHT - Star Making Performance From Seth Rollins


We all knew Seth Rollins was a star, but it was safe to say his star power was beginning to dwindle. On Raw this week, however, that all changed. In the gauntlet match, Rollins would start the match with Roman Reigns and anyone who watches wrestling on a regular basis assumed Reigns would be the one to win, but nope! WWE threw us for a swerve.

Out next in the gauntlet would be John Cena, and again, anyone who has ever watched wrestling would assume Cena would pin Rollins to advance. But nope! Another swerve. Rollins pinned Cena after a grueling hour in the ring. It wasn't until Elias came out that Rollins would at last be eliminated, solidifying himself in history as the first ever Superstar to compete in a match on Raw for a whopping hour and five minutes.

1. WRONG - John Cena's AA


John Cena's finishing move, the AA, has lost its severity and pretty much completely. Not that it was a believable finishing move in the first place (a tad more believable than Bayley's Belly to Belly), but should Seth Rollins be kicking out of multiple AAs after having wrestled almost an hour? Remember when finishing moves used to finish people?


1. RIGHT - History Making Gauntlet Match


Not only did Seth Rollins make history, but so did this match. Quite possibly the longest match in WWE history, the seven-man guantlet match lasted one hour, forty six minutes, and fifty five seconds. It was an awesome match from start to finish, and each wrestler benefited by being in it. This match made us that much more excited for Elimination Chamber this Sunday.

Until next week!

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