5 Things WWE Got Right This Week And 5 They Got Wrong- September 28th, 2017

The WWE Universe is still reeling after a No Mercy as the company marches towards Hell In A Cell. Here is what they got right and wrong!

No Mercy is now behind us, and two of the most anticipated matches ended up being the two most disappointing. Were they horrible? No, but they could have been so much more, especially Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman's Universal Championship match.

Here are five things WWE got right this week and five things they got wrong.

5. WRONG - The WWE Championship

Who would have thought that in 2017, the WWE Championship would be the least exciting title on both rosters combined, three if you count NXT. Jinder Mahal has been spitting out the same garbage for three weeks, and although he finally got physical with Shinsuke Nakamura this week, it didn't make us any more excited for their encounter next Sunday.

The best to come will be when Mahal drops the belt.

But will he?


5. RIGHT - Mickie James

Mickie James has been under-utilized for far too long, and it's about time she's being given a decent program to work with. After a successful title defense at No Mercy, Alexa Bliss would claim dominance over the entire Raw women's division, which would prompt Mickie James to grace us with her presence by calling Bliss out and booting her in the head. It was the best James has looked since her return, and she has to be the only other woman who can square off against Bliss in a shouting match.

4. WRONG - Bray Wyatt

Fin Balor proved he can defeat Bray Wyatt not only in demon form but as a man too like he did this past Sunday at No Mercy. This surely would be the end of the feud, no?

No! Bray Wyatt is still messing with Balor! What does Bray Wyatt want from Balor now? For Balor to tie his hands behind his back and prove he can beat him that way too?


4. RIGHT - The RAW Tag Team Division

Even though the division isn't as fleshed out as it could be, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Sheamus, and Cesaro are doing enough to bring prestige to the Raw Tag Team titles. Especially Cesaro, who beast had the performance of a lifetime at No Mercy.

After stabbing his two front teeth up into his gums with a pool of crimson to gushing out of his mouth, Cesaro kept on trekking for an additional ten minutes, helping to put on the single best match of the night. We love Sheamus and Cesaro together, but it may be time to break them up and give Cesaro a singles run. He more than deserves it.


3. WRONG - Strowman Loses To One F5

WWE has done well to establish Braun Strowman as the biggest monster the company has ever seen. But after dominating most of the match against Brock Lesnar, Strowman went down from just a single F5, prompting the Universe to give a collective "WTF".

We get the F5 is devastating, but it shouldn't be as devastating to Strowman as it is for Kofi Kingston. This was an okay match that could have been much more had Strowman been able to just kick out from the first F5 to keep the match going a while longer.


3. RIGHT - Dean Ambrose vs. Braun Strowman

Despite swallowing the loss to Lesnar at No Mercy, WWE thankfully put Strowman back on track the following night on Raw. After accepting Curt Hawkins' open challenge and murdering him, Strowman would demand some real competition and no other than Dean Ambrose would accept the challenge. Why? For no reason really. Just because. They call him The Lunatic for a reason. Ambrose would lose of course, but it was a great match.

We're looking forward to Seth Rollins vs. Strowman next week.

2. RIGHT - Roman Reigns

John Cena vs. Roman Reigns wasn't a mat classic by any means, but it did what it had to do in the grand scheme of things. Cena put over Reigns, symbolizing the start of a very new era for Cena and the start of a new beginning for Reigns going forward.

2. WRONG - But Roman Reigns...

WWE still can't decide whether or not to have Reigns be face or heel. Having Cena put Reigns over isn't going to make people like him more, nor will a Shield Reunion which is likely to happen next month. The WWE Universe will probably never fully get behind Reigns and the sooner WWE decides to do something about it, the better. But will they?

Imagine if, after the match, Reigns didn't shake Cena's hand and instead beat him unconscious? It would have a) had everybody talking and b) set up a rematch we would WANT to see. And c) Doesn't WWE want a heel people actually boo?


1. WRONG - The Miztourage

If it's true that The Shield might reunite to face The Miztourage, we don't really see the point. The decision to do it seems a little premature. We have no reason to believe The Miztourage is a credible threat to Reigns, Rollins, and Ambrose, especially Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas, who can't even win a match against Jason Jordan and Matt Hardy.

If they're going to go through with it, make Axel and Dallas relevant now.


1. RIGHT - The Cruiserweight Division

The Cruiserweight Division has been squandering at the pits of relevancy ever since its inception, but things could be changing for the better. An Enzo Amore Championship win may have initially ticked people off as it made the entire division look like a joke, but maybe that was part of the plan.

After cheating to beat Neville on Sunday, Amore tore the entire division down the following night on Raw, claiming to be the sole reason more people are tuning into 205 Live. And although it's sort of true, nobody likes a cocky son of a b****.  Despite General Manager Kurt Angle giving Amore his word that nobody can touch him during his celebration, the entire division went against it, attacking Amore senseless in one of the most satisfying instances of revenge we've ever seen. If you thought the beat down from Neville was great, check out the rest on Youtube. It gets better.

Until next week!


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5 Things WWE Got Right This Week And 5 They Got Wrong- September 28th, 2017