5 Things WWE Got Right This Week And 5 They Got Wrong - SmackDown Takes An 'L'

It's WrestleMania season. Raw got the memo, but SmackDown?

Whether it be the Top 10 list devised by Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon or the prestigious WWE Championship tainted by Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon, SmackDown Live needs to get their act together and fast.

Here are five things WWE got right this week and five things they got wrong.


5. WRONG - Bobby Roode


Does anybody else think Bobby Roode isn't being as utilized on SmackDown as he could be? Yeah, we know, he's the United States Champion, but the guy flourished as the cocky heel in NXT, and on SmackDown, the cocky good guy thing just doesn't feel the same. If a feud with Randy Orton is the direction they're going, awesome, but a heel turn would do him and the product wonders.

5. RIGHT - Lana Wins First Match


In the Mixed Match Challenge this week, Lana and husband Rusev defeated Elias and Bayley, and it was actually Lana, not Rusev, who would score the pin for their team. Lana pinned Bayley in clean fashion, winning her very first match in four years.

Lana's not just a pretty face anymore, is she? Lana is the beeeeest, Lana #1!

Also. Kind of embarassing for Bayley, no?

4. WRONG - John Cena...


John Cena said that for the first time in his career, he doesn't have a definite "Road to WrestleMania", as if to say he might not be on the show this year. Come on, Cena. We ain't buying the nonsense. You will ALWAYS be on the WrestleMania card.

Good match with The Miz though.

4. RIGHT - Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus


Former WWE Champions Roman Reigns and Sheamus wrestled an aggressive match which was pretty damn fun, but great match aside, we really do hope this is the end. It's time for every single one of these guys to move on. Seth Rollins has. Cesaro and Sheamus need to be involved with real tag teams moving forward.

3. WRONG - SmackDown Women's Division


Now that Charlotte is systematically defeating the Riott Squad, and succeeding with flying colors may we add, where's it going? Not that the Riott Squad were all that interesting to begin with, now they just look like an even bigger group of losers.

Where's the urgency? How come nobody else is going after Charlotte's Women's Championship? Naomi and Becky Lynch, stop siding with the Champion. Go after her belt!

3. RIGHT - Fatal-Five Way


Despite the wonky finish for controversy's sake, Raw's  main event was by far the best match of the week. The thing that's awesome about these multi-man matches is it usually guarantees fast paced action throughout with that many bodies to play with. Everybody looked like a star. Even Apollo Crews. Hell, even Bray Wyatt!

2. WRONG - However, The Fatal-Five Way's Referee


Why don't referees actually do their job correctly anymore? Like it was obvious both Rollins and Balor were covering Wyatt, but the referee counted to 3 anyway. And if he realized the mistake, couldn't he be like "Yeah, we're gonna just have to restart the match."

2. RIGHT - Bayley vs. Sasha Banks


Yes, we've seen this match countless times but we're okay with seeing it another countless amount of times. Something about these two competing to see who is better is always entertaining. Like I want to see Bayley win, but I also want to see Sasha Banks win.

Bayley was the winner this time around, in her hometown none the less, well deserved after that disaster of a showing last time she was in her hometown against Alexa Bliss.

1. WRONG - Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin


SmackDown creates a Top 10 list to reward Superstars, but the Superstars to actually make the list have yet to be rewarded. In fact, two men who did NOT make the list, Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin, were given the greatest reward of all - a match where the winner would be added to the WWE Championship match at Fastlane.

Huh? We don't understand.


1. RIGHT - Strowman


We usually say this every week, but it's true. Strowman's the best thing Raw has. He is like the Daniel Bryan of big monsters. Everybody wants to see him succeed and make it to the top, but for some reason, WWE refuses to give this man Championship gold. Yes, Strowman still gets a terrific segment each week, but lets put him with Lesnar please? If Roman's gotta be in the match at WrestleMania because he's Vince McMahon's favourite wrestler, can we at least do a Triple Threat? Wouldn't everyone be into that?

Until next week. SmackDown, pick it up next week.

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