15 WWE Rivalries That Might Be Taking Place Behind The Scenes

The backstage environment in WWE leads to issues between many of the Superstars we watch perform on television every week. Many wrestlers will work together on screen despite absolutely disliking each other backstage. The current WWE roster has similar issues that become even more apparent thanks to the business being more open than ever before. Wrestlers show their hostility towards each other with social media comments. The popularity of shoot interviews and podcasts also give the opportunity for wrestlers to share their real feelings with the public. WWE even likes to benefit from the wrestlers’ real issues becoming stories.

We will look at some potential pairings of wrestlers on the WWE roster today that may have backstage rivalries going down. These cases aren’t of wrestlers that express their hatred constantly about each other. However, there have been a few small bits of speculation that allows us to get a glimpse of their personalities behind the scenes. Find out if your favorite wrestlers might have issues with each other. Hopefully there will be concrete proof either way to show how things end up between the parties involved. These are fifteen under the radar rivalries that may be taking place in WWE right now.

15 Big Cass and Enzo Amore

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The on-screen breakup of the Enzo Amore and Big Cass tag team was done in storyline, but the two may have ended their real-life friendship. Enzo and Cass became close friends in NXT with their childhoods taking place in the tri-state area and sharing a lot of similarities. They found success together as a tag team since each man had different strengths that made up for the other’s weaknesses.

However, it appears things got hostile when Enzo took a shot at Cass getting injured in their match. The match was stopped when Cass suffered a serious injury that is expected to keep him out for about a year. Enzo posted social media comments insulting Cass for not working through the injury to finish the match. WWE aired a video clip on the recent Straight to the Source of Cass in the hospital before surgery answering a question about Enzo blasting him for being classless. The friendship is apparently over in real life to follow the WWE product.

14 Sasha Banks and Paige

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Paige’s WWE in-ring career is up in the air after suffering an injury at a live event. The incident featured Paige suffering an injury after getting kicked by Sasha Banks leading to referees stopping the match. It looked ugly and seemingly was based off the speculation. Multiple news sites have reported that WWE will not clear Paige and her career is over after the history of neck issues.

There is no heat on Banks for her role in this according to rumors and speculation from insider sites. However, there was some slight issues between the two when Paige returned. An appearance on Lillian Garcia’s podcast saw Paige state that some of the ladies in the locker room were resentful at Paige returning with such a big push. Banks was rumored to be one of the ladies leading to issues between the two before the injury situation.

13 Carmella and Lana

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Total Divas will mix reality and script in regards to the issues that come up on the show. One potentially real issue came up between Lana and Carmella that was filmed in the middle of 2017. Carmella was removed from live event matches for Lana to take her place on the SmackDown side of women’s matches.

Lana tried to get in the matches and it led to WWE having her replace Carmella. The two had issues for the week of this drama and the cameras filmed it. Carmella even referenced this in interviews long before the episode air. The comments saw her state that Lana was the only person to start any drama with her and she wasn’t even sure if it would air. It did air and we see that Carmella is yet another woman on the roster to grow sick of Lana.

12 Roman Reigns and Big E

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Roman Reigns is a polarizing figure in WWE thanks to the fans having drastic reactions to him. Most fans either love Reigns as the face of the company or think he’s a huge disappointment. Reigns is apparently polarizing to some wrestlers in the locker room. His issues with Enzo Amore and Cody Rhodes are high profile, but one war of words took place with a wrestler he worked against. The recent New Day against The Shield match at Survivor Series saw Reigns and Big E get into a heated social media exchange.

Big E joked about Reigns being “The Medium Dog” when one of his fans tried to trash New Day. Reigns found out and replied by mocking Big E’s height. Considering Roman very rarely uses Twitter at all, him going out of his way to get at Big E shows some hostility between the two.

11 Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder

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The end of the Hype Brothers tag team saw the failed duo go their separate ways in lackluster fashion. Mojo Rawley turned on Zack Ryder and got a win over him in back to back matches. That was basically the end of it with Ryder and Rawley continuing to rip each other on social media. Ryder continues to mock Rawley for his failure in the NFL along with his lack of knowledge for wrestling.

Mojo has fired back insulting Ryder for being a man child and failing to ever get further up the card despite the many years in WWE. It definitely comes off as being real since Rawley and Ryder are no longer feuding on screen. There were a few moments where Ryder took shots at Mojo when the two were still teaming adding reason to believe they hate each other.

10 Kevin Owens and Randy Orton

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Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn found their way in controversial headlines when they were sent home early from a tour of the United Kingdom. The accusations were that Zayn and Owens broke the script by refusing to get beat up by New Day after a match on SmackDown. It was viewed as unprofessional behavior that warranted punishment. Owens and Zayn claimed there was miscommunication and it wasn’t intentional.

Randy Orton took aim at Owens during this time. Owens tried to fire back by mocking Orton for his hobby of vaping. The viper mentality of Orton saw him strike back by saying he quit and Owens missed it because he was sent home from the tour. Owens and Orton never showed hostility towards each other until this situation, but it was clear that Orton had some shots ready to fire. The two worked together with Orton delivering quite a bit of damage using the commentary table at different points.

9 Nia Jax and Liv Morgan

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The women’s roster has given us quite a bit of WWE dramas to go down behind the scenes. One recent one to start on social media saw Nia Jax get into it with Liv Morgan. They are not on the same show as Jax works for the Raw brand and Morgan recently debuted on SmackDown. It all started when Bliss called out Morgan for wearing pink pigtails like she did.

Nia jumped in throwing a lot of shade at Morgan to make it even more personal. Liv had the perfect response by saying Jax was going after her scraps referring to the storyline of Nia being in love with Enzo Amore. Morgan broke up with Enzo in 2017 after the two were an item for quite some time. Jax seemingly shut up after that which usually will imply anger more than a fun shot fired back.

8 Booker T and Jason Jordan

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The commentary of Booker T is highly entertaining whether you agree or disagree with it. Booker doesn’t hold anything back and often attempts to trash some of the wrestlers. Jason Jordan has become his target over the past year since Jordan moved to the Raw brand as the son of Kurt Angle. Booker often calls Jordan overrated and attempts to make him look bad at every turn.

While entertaining, it is definitely not good for Jordan. Booker has revealed on his radio show that he doesn’t believe Jordan is deserving of his push on Raw and a lot of the comments are coming from his heart. Jordan has not replied publicly at Booker since it would look bad to put a legend on blast, but there is rumored to be tension between the two in real life.

7 Corey Graves and Enzo Amore

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Another instance of things getting heated between a broadcaster and wrestler in WWE would feature the relationship between Corey Graves and Enzo Amore. Graves has always ripped Enzo as part of his shtick going all the way back to their NXT days. The heel turn of Enzo saw Graves continue it in entertaining fashion.

A social media post was posted by Graves having fun at his own expense when revealing his son did the Enzo dance in celebration during his little league game. Enzo replied in more serious fashion by mocking Graves for having to retire early due to concussion issues. Graves brought it up when interviewing Enzo on the WWE Network Straight to the Source show. Enzo doubled down on his comments and continued to rip Graves all interview despite Corey’s attempt to get Enzo to break character. It was awkward television at its finest.

6 Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks

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Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks have wrestled each other countless times and would likely be the two most popular answers when asking who was most responsible for the women’s revolution in WWE. The company invested a lot of time in Banks and Flair being the two women to build the division around. It is no coincidence that Sasha and Charlotte were chosen as the first two women to main event a PPV.

There is some tension between the two in real life looking at things Charlotte wrote in her recently released book. Flair implied Banks was jealous of her getting the NXT Women’s Championship reign first in NXT. Charlotte felt betrayed that Sasha roasted her in promos saying she was only there because of her father. It shows one’s true feelings to write something in a book a few years after it happened. There is definitely some tension there between the two.

5 Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle

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The General Managers on both Raw and SmackDown are extremely popular. Fans love Kurt Angle and Daniel Bryan for their respective careers. Bryan and Angle respect each other as well with their issues stemming from odd circumstances. It is no secret that Bryan is trying to convince WWE that he is healthy enough to return to the ring while the WWE doctors refuse to clear him.

Angle getting cleared to wrestle two matches towards the end of 2017 upset Bryan. The comparison of their health situations has been referenced by Bryan stating Angle is in worse physical shape yet allowed to wrestle in WWE. Angle has said that he wants to talk about Bryan in person regarding those statements. The two likely have no personal issues, but Angle doesn’t like Bryan using his name to prove his health is up to snuff.

4 Rusev and Sami Zayn

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Rusev has been vocal on social media as of late regarding his feelings of others in WWE. The comedic side of Rusev is shown quite often now. Sami Zayn has been a frequent target of Rusev over the past few months. The aforementioned punishment of Zayn and Kevin Owens being sent home saw Rusev take shots at them multiple times. Rusev has called them out for not going to the gym as much as he believes a wrestler should.

The hostility towards Zayn has been shown by Rusev more than Owens. Prior video game ratings by WWE 2K saw Rusev livid that Zayn had a higher rating than him in the game. Rusev referenced Zayn shaving abs into his stomach as part of the tirade. We have not seen Sami reply to Rusev, but there is at least disdain from one side.

3 Triple H and Shane McMahon

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A forgotten rivalry in WWE is the power struggle that has gone down between Shane McMahon and Triple H for years. Both men tried to prove they deserved the spot running WWE when Vince McMahon is gone. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were unofficially chosen as they were given bigger positions in the company as Shane left out of frustration to start his own business ventures.

Shane returned in 2016 and has been a consistent part of WWE since then as the Commissioner of SmackDown. Various reports have suggested it is very awkward whenever Triple H and Shane are together backstage trying to have a conversation. There is also speculation that Shane is trying to get more power to have an influence in the future of the family business.

2 Mandy Rose and Alexa Bliss

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There have been no public issues between Mandy Rose and Alexa Bliss, but there is clearly a rivalry there based off many factors. Every performer in WWE wants to have their own unique look, especially the ladies. Bliss has been the only top star in the Women’s Division with a shorter build, blonde hair and a heel persona.

Rose showed up on Raw and presents the biggest threat to Bliss’ role in the company. Alexa has been using the moniker “Goddess of WWE” to add to her heel character over the past year. The nickname of Rose is the “Golden Goddess” adding another comparison to Bliss. If the two continue to work on the same show, there will only be room for one at the top of the division. WWE has been high on Mandy since Tough Enough meaning Bliss should be worried about her spot.

1 Finn Balor and Baron Corbin

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One of the most peculiar instances of social media drama came when Finn Balor and Baron Corbin started insulting each other out of the blue. Balor and Corbin are on different brands, so there’s no reason they would want to work a social media angle. During their time in NXT, Balor and Corbin never had a feud on screen to make it even more bizarre.

Corbin started it by mocking Balor’s smaller size saying it made his abs less impressive. Balor was not one to be trolled and responded by insulting Corbin for having to wrestle in a t-shirt. Corbin had the reputation for rubbing many wrestlers the wrong way in NXT. It would make sense that Finn was one of these wrestlers to develop a disdain for Corbin. Their personal rivalry would go to the next level if they end up on the same show in the near future.

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