WWE Rumor: Lita Was Not Invited To Raw's 25th Anniversary

Lita was not invited to Raw's 25th-anniversary show and nobody seems to know exactly why that is.

Raw's 25th-anniversary show on Monday night was absolutely jam-packed with legends from WWE's past. Somehow, they managed to cram in all of the stars who returned for the celebrations despite the show being no longer than it normally is. From Stone Cold stunning Vince McMahon at the start of the night to D-Generation X forming a unique bond with the Balor Club at the end.


Due to the sheer amount of Superstars crammed into the show most of them had to appear in batches. That took a number of forms such as the poker game in the APA's office and also a pretty unique meeting with Raw general manager Kurt Angle. Other general managers from the past also lined up on stage Hall of Famer style, as did some of WWE's legendary former women.

The group of women included The Bella Twins and Trish Stratus among others, but someone whose absence was notable was WWE Hall of Famer Lita. The former Women's Champion worked with WWE a lot recently acting as a color commentator for the Mae Young Classic and sitting in on panels during kickoff shows. That's why it seemed strange that she wasn't involved on Monday night.

Judging by a tweet Lita sent out during the show she wasn't even invited by WWE. A fan sent her a photo of their chair from the event and Lita was included among the Superstars on it. She replied, "I may not have made the guest list, but at least I made it on the chair." Lita has also liked a number of tweets questioning her absence from the show including one from fellow former Superstar Gail Kim who seems offended that neither Lita nor Victoria were invited to the show.

Hopefully, there is a simple explanation behind all of this and there is no puzzling reason as to why WWE has a problem with Lita all of sudden. Perhaps she will be making an appearance in this Sunday's women's Royal Rumble and WWE simply didn't want her appearing on both shows. If it was a choice between one or the other and we were Lita, we would definitely pick the Rumble.


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