WWE Rumor Mill 2018: 10 We Hope Are True (And 10 We Hope Aren't)

While 2018 may just only be starting, the WWE is ready to move into overdrive as WrestleMania season approaches. The Royal Rumble is looming just around the corner, as we can expect it to be an amazing extravaganza. Because it's almost WrestleMania season, the rumor mill is churning up a lot of surprising gossip, speculating what is going to happen from now until WrestleMania.

While much of the rumors must be taken with a grain of salt, there are some trustworthy ones which are probably going to end up happening in the near future. There seem to be some rumors which point towards a positive future for some fan-favorite wrestlers, while others fans definitely wouldn't want to see happen. The rumors about WWE are flying everywhere at this point and it seems the company will be making some decisions which will be met with mixed response from the fans. Let's take a look at 10 Rumors We Hope Are True and 10 We Hope Aren't.


20 Hope Isn't True: WWE Has Given Up On Bayley

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Bayley was quite the huge fan-favorite back in NXT when she played the role of an underdog really well and won the NXT Women's Championship as well, but her time on the main roster hasn't been so merry. She may have won the Raw Women's Championship last year, but her popularity has taken a dip and the WWE also seem to have lost their attention towards pushing her. To make things worse, there are rumors circulating that WWE has apparently "given up" on Bayley and wouldn't push her anytime in the near future. The fact that she's losing against other mid-card women and being the filler on the show is indicating as such, but hopefully, it isn't true. Bayley was once regarded as the "female John Cena" in NXT, so one can only hope her situation improves on the main roster and she doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

19 True: Rusev Receiving A Big Push

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Rusev had quite the amazing end to 2017 when he found himself to be one of the most over guys on Smackdown Live, with his "Rusev Day" angle making him a fan-favorite. The Bulgarian Brute has been showing signs of a tweener these days and fans are loving his actions, as it seems that WWE may have heard the fans when it comes to him. It's been rumored that Rusev may be receiving a big push in the near future, which could culminate in him winning the US Championship. Despite not being part of the US Title Tournament, Rusev is apparently in line to win the Championship soon enough and will also work a program with Aiden English afterward. This would probably mean that Rusev becomes a face, something the fans wouldn't mind at all because of how he's portraying his gimmick perfectly and delighting fans everywhere.


18 Hope Isn't True: John Cena Vs Hulk Hogan At WrestleMania 34

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With WrestleMania season fast approaching, the WWE will be quite intent on bringing the biggest stars who can help draw a lot of fans to watch the event. Despite his part-time role, John Cena is still a huge draw for WWE and the company is going back and forth on deciding his opponent for the Grandest Stage of them all this year. According to rumors, Cena is not going to win the Royal Rumble nor face AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania and will rather have a "bigger match". There are some rumors which have indicated that WWE could even have Cena vs Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania, something which the fans don't want at all. Hogan returning to WWE would be great to see, but fans wouldn't want to see the old-timer who hasn't wrestled in years face Cena, who definitely deserves better.

17 True: Bobby Roode Winning The US Title Tournament

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Bobby Roode may have made a "glorious" debut to the main roster, but his stint so far on Smackdown Live! hasn't really been that fruitful because of how he has been unable to win anything so far. The former NXT Champion has been going back and forth for the United States Championship in the past few months and is currently a part of the US Title Tournament after Dolph Ziggler vacated it. Roode has been impressive so far and if rumors are to be believed, then Roode is the one winning the tournament. There are rumors suggesting that Roode will defeat Jinder Mahal in the final to win the US Title and that is something which can really boost his main roster run. Roode needs a title around his waist to assert himself as a "top guy" and him winning the tournament would be quite "Glorious" indeed.


16 Hope Isn't True: Roman Reigns Walks Into WrestleMania As Intercontinental Champion

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Roman Reigns became a Grand Slam Champion last month when he won the Intercontinental Championship from The Miz, meaning that he'd have won every title in WWE. The Big Dog has been defending his title pretty well as he defeated Samoa Joe recently to keep the title with him and with WrestleMania season approaching, it's evident that WWE wants to him Reigns on a high. Not only is he expected to win the Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, but rumors suggest that Reigns could walk into 'Mania as IC Champion! Apparently, WWE wants a huge "champion vs champion" main event, which would mean he'd be a double champion. The IC title not being defended at Mania and Reigns being double-champ afterward are things nobody wants to see, so we'd hope the rumors are fake.

15 True: Matt Hardy Vs Bray Wyatt At Wyatt Compound

"Woken" Matt Hardy has been doing a great job at entertaining the fans with his "broken brilliance" gimmick in the past month or so, as the "dream" feud between Hardy and WWE's "Eater of Worlds" Bray Wyatt is all set to blow up. Hardy was "woken" after being beaten by Wyatt and the two have been going back and forth with some entertaining promos. There are certain rumors which are suggesting that a Hardy vs Wyatt match might take place at the Wyatt compound, similar to the one taken place between the Wyatt Family and the New Day a few years ago. If done perfectly, this match-up could be an absolute treat and knowing how well Matt executes these type of matches if he is given creative control, we could only hope for this rumor to be true as it could be an absolute blast for the fans!


14 Hope Isn't True: Ronda Rousey Winning The Women's Royal Rumble

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The "Women's Revolution" in the WWE took another huge step forward when it was announced that a Women's Royal Rumble match would take place at the event, with the winner going on to receive a championship match at WrestleMania. This has been exciting news for the Women's Division in WWE, which is soon expected to be elevated by the presence of Ronda Rousey. She is said to have signed with WWE and there have been rumors flying of her debuting at Royal Rumble, with her winning the first ever Women's Royal Rumble match. This is something the fans wouldn't like at all, as there are more worthy contenders than Rousey, who has yet to wrestle a single match in her life. Hopefully, this rumor is false and WWE gets someone better to win the inaugural Women's Rumble match because it'd be quite undeserving of Rousey to win it without any wrestling experience.

13 True: TNA Stars Coming Back To WWE

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While the WWE may already be packed with an amazingly talented roster right now, it won't stop them from signing top stars from around the World to boost their roster even more. There have been rumors flying everywhere about WWE signings recently, as it seems two TNA top stars in EC3 and Bobby Lashley will be signed by the company in the near future. Both EC3 and Lashley had mediocre stints in WWE before finding themselves in TNA, where they are still big draws and WWE wants to cash in on their popularity. While EC3's return apparently seems set, Lashley could also return despite having some heat with certain WWE backstage officials. This rumor is one which the fans would want to be true because EC3 and Lashley could spark new things in WWE and make for some amazing, newer content on the main roster.


12 Hope Isn't True: AJ Styles Not Going Into WrestleMania As WWE Champion

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AJ Styles had another phenomenal year in the WWE where he won the WWE Championship and ended 2017 as the top guy of Smackdown Live!, with the amazing work of the Phenomenal One helping Smackdown become more popular over the past few years. Styles had quite the challenge ahead of him at the Royal Rumble, where he faces BOTH Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn in the handicap match. The odds don't look so good for him and if rumors are to be believed, then he may not go into WrestleMania as WWE Champion. Styles might actually drop the title at Royal Rumble, something which the fans would hope isn't true because it would make no sense. Styles needs to go into Mania' as WWE Champion after what he's done for Smackdown over the year and WWE officials should not even think of taking it off him before the grand event.

11 True: Dean Ambrose Turning Heel

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Dean Ambrose might have suffered a blow when he got injured a few weeks back and had to undergo surgery because of it, but he's been recovering pretty well and even though WWE state that he's "out for six months", that is a far-fetched figure. Ambrose's injury is being sold like the one Braun Strowman suffered a few months back and returned quickly, with the Lunatic Fringe expected to return soon enough. He might even make it before WrestleMania and if he does, there have been rumors circulating about him getting a much-needed heel turn. Ambrose was originally planned to turn on Seth Rollins, resulting in a match between them at WrestleMania. When he does return, that angle should be played out because Ambrose needs the heel turn very badly because of his face character getting stale and fans would want it to happen, because heel Ambrose is pretty awesome.


10 Hope Isn't True: Hideo Itami's GTS Being Banned

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Hideo Itami has already made quite the impression after his main roster debut, with the Japanese sensation making a stunning debut by saving Finn Balor and has been doing really well on 205 Live! ever since. He's been brought to elevate the "star-power" of the Cruiserweight Division and surprised many when he brought out the Go To Sleep to destroy Brian Kendrick in his first singles match on the main roster. But the problem is that the move legitimately injured Kendrick, sidelining him for the next few months. There have been rumors emerging that Itami will not be allowed to use the move anymore, with him using a new submission move instead. Hopefully, this is a rumor as Itami will need the move to get over with the fans and it'll be very lame of WWE not letting Itami use the move he invented in Japan.

9 True: Dolph Ziggler's Epic Return At WrestleMania

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Dolph Ziggler shocked everyone when he vacated his United States Championship last month on Smackdown Live, as it was especially startling because many felt Ziggler winning the US Title would elevate his position in WWE. Ziggler gave a scathing rant on the WWE fans before vacating the title, and he hasn't appeared on the scene after that. It is believed that WWE has some big plans for the Showoff at WrestleMania, with some rumors stating that he may be set for an epic return. Apparently, Ziggler would return at WrestleMania with his own US Championship, stating that he was the rightful champ. This would result in a ladder match with two US Championships hanging at the top, similar to Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels' ladder match at WrestleMania X. This could actually be awesome and can really elevate Ziggler back to becoming a top star in WWE.


8 Hope Isn't True: Jason Jordan And Seth Rollins Go Into WrestleMania As Raw Tag Team Champs

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Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins surprised many when they defeated The Bar to win the Raw Tag Team Titles last month, as this team feels to be so random at this point. Jordan was feuding with Samoa Joe while Rollins was trying to regain the Tag Titles with Dean Ambrose, who sadly got injured and sidelined for some-time, so WWE decided to pair these two up and get the belts on them. Now there are rumors which are indicating to them heading into Mania' with the Tag Titles, something which shouldn't happen. Rollins deserves a high-profile singles match at Mania' and Jordan needs that heel turn as long as he's hot right now. WWE should separate and let them go their own ways soon as making them go into WrestleMania as Tag Champs would be a massive waste for them at this point and something the fans wouldn't want.

7 True: Daniel Bryan Returning To In-Ring Action

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Daniel Bryan has become quite the prominent figure on Smackdown Live recently, with the General Manager of the Blue Brand getting too involved in the storyline with Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon and has been taking matters into his own hands to keep Smackdown as the "Land of Opportunities". His heated relationship with Shane McMahon and genuine need to be involved with the in-ring action has made many questions whether we'll see him return to wrestling for WWE. There are even some rumors floating that WWE may have cleared Bryan for action and he could go onto face Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 34! This could be amazing for Bryan and even though there's a really low chance of this rumor becoming a reality, the fans would want it to happen and hope their favorite "Yes Man!" competes in a WWE ring in the near future.


6 Hope Isn't True: Kid Rock Being Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

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As WrestleMania approaches in the WWE, the fans will also be waiting for the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony where the WWE legends are celebrated and inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, which is quite the honor. The WWE has shown itself to be being diverse in inducted non-wrestlers in the Hall of Fame as well in the past few years, with the "Warrior Award" being given to some brave people. The WWE also loves some mainstream attention by inducting celebrities to have performed for them in their "celebrity wing" and Kid Rock is a rumored name to be inducted this year. This is something nobody really wants because of how Kid Rock isn't even a popular celebrity among the WWE fans and didn't really do anything memorable for them, as someone better and more deserving should be inducted into the Hall of Fame instead of him.

5 True: The Rock Returning To Wrestle In WWE

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The Rock has become quite the amazing world-wide superstar in the past few years, as he's successfully broken into Hollywood and has been getting many movie offers after impressing in the Fast & Furious franchise. The Great One hasn't been able to give much time to WWE due to his busy work schedule and only made a short appearance at WrestleMania two years ago. He hasn't been seen much since that and because of his work pressure, it's going to be difficult for him to appear at WrestleMania this year. But there have been rumors circulating that he could make an epic comeback at Mania, as his mom and sister sitting in the front row for Raw last week sparking the rumors. He could return to face John Cena or some other superstar and be knowing his ever-standing popularity, everyone would love to see him return to wrestle one more time.


4 Hope Isn't True: Neville's WWE Return Talks Broken Down

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Neville shocked many when he walked out on the WWE a few months ago because he was frustrated with his position in the Cruiserweight Division, with many thinking that he had left WWE altogether after it. But Neville is actually still employed at WWE and there were rumors floating of his relationship with the company getting better, with some saying the two parties had been talking of a return for him. But if recent rumors are to be believed, then it's looking like those talks of a return have completely broken down recently. Some believe that Hideo Itami using Neville's "Rings of Saturn" move is an indication that Neville wouldn't return to WWE anymore. This is something none of the fans want, as people want to see more of Neville in WWE and hopefully, we can see him return to the ring sooner rather than later.

3 True: Kevin Owens Vs Sami Zayn At WrestleMania

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Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have shown quite the bond over the past few months, with the two "best friends" of Smackdown Live! always looking out for each other to cause menace. The two have even gotten an opportunity against AJ Styles at Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship, but the handicap match has got everyone thinking what exactly will happen. If rumors are to be believed, WWE is planning to have Owens turn on Zayn at the event which would lead to a match between the two are WrestleMania. While this may seem repetitive, Owens vs Zayn never disappoints and having the two get their own WrestleMania match could be huge for them. They could provide another classic on the grand stage and get their own WrestleMania moment, as fans would love to see these two best friends tear down the roof at Mania.


2 Hope Isn't True: WWE Turning Daniel Bryan Heel

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Daniel Bryan has had quite the lively past few months in the WWE, where he's got a bit too involved in the feud between Shane McMahon against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, to the point where it seems that Bryan is trying to protect the heels. Bryan shocked everyone with a fast-count in the match at Clash of Champions, helping Owens and Zayn win and stay in the WWE. Bryan's antics have hinted towards that of a heel recently and rumors have been circulating that WWE intends on turning him heel. Apparently, WWE wants to make him a heel to lower his mainstream value and hurt his reputation if he leaves the company later this year, something which is extremely petty. After everything Bryan has done for them, it's pretty shocking of WWE planning these things for him and shows how awful and conniving they can be at times.

1 True: Shinsuke Nakamura Winning The Royal Rumble

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Shinsuke Nakamura hasn't really been that impressive ever since arriving on the main roster, with the "King of Strong Style" not being held in high regard on Smackdown like he was on NXT. He hasn't really won any gold on Smackdown and even though he's won many matches, he's still been a disappointment in the eyes of some fans who think WWE have ruined him. But the company has a chance at making it right by letting him win the Royal Rumble this year, which would really boost his confidence. There have been murmurs of Nakamura winning the Rumble and more rumors state that a Smackdown guy is tipped to win it (because of Reigns facing Lesnar). WWE needs to have him win the Rumble, something which will delight the fans and also enable Styles vs Nakamura to happen, which could blow the roof off at WrestleMania!


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