WWE Rumor: Multiple Money In The Bank Ladder Matches In 2018 Event

It has been announced that next year's Money In The Bank will feature both Raw and SmackDown Live next year and will be a much bigger show.

Since the WWE roster is once again split into two separate brands during the summer of 2016, there have only been four pay-per-views where Superstars from both Raw and SmackDown Live compete on the same show. Those pay-per-views are Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and Survivor Series and are commonly referred to as WWE's Big Four.

Well, last week news began filtering through that Money In The Bank is about to be added to that list. Next year, the previously brand specific show will feature matches involving both Raw and SmackDown Live talent. It certainly makes sense and would bring an added element of the briefcase possibly showing up and being cashed in absolutely anywhere as opposed to on SmackDown Live as it has been this year.


The Wrestling Observer has been discussing other rumors currently doing the rounds about next year's Money In The Bank following the initial announcement. Apparently, rather than one ladder match with Superstars from both brands, each show will get their own ladder match. In fact, there may once again be a ladder match for the women and also one for the respective brand's tag teams.

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Now, with that all in mind, that leaves us with the potential of six multi-person ladder matches in the space of a few hours. Even for WWE, that feels like overkill. As entertaining and chaotic as multi-person ladder matches can be, six in one night would numb fans to them beyond belief. If WWE really do wants there to be man, woman, and tag team Money In The Bank briefcases, then they should hold three inter-brand matches.


Whatever WWE ends up doing for what will be a landmark Money In The Bank pay-per-views next year, it's going to be a big one. It would be interesting to see Superstars from both brands compete in the same multi-person match akin to the Royal Rumble, but we'll have to wait and see if WWE choose to go down that route. One way or another though, it seems that we will be quite a few Money In The Bank briefcases floating around next summer, making sure that multiple champions are constantly watching their backs.

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