WWE RUMOR: [SPOILER] To Face Shane McMahon In MASSIVE In-Ring Return

WWE may be building to a Daniel Bryan vs Shane McMahon match.

Despite retiring from in-ring competition last year, SmackDown general manager Daniel Bryan has fought hard to wrestle once again. He's seen multiple doctors in hopes of getting cleared, but Vince McMahon reportedly said that WWE Medical Director Dr. Joseph Maroon will make the final call on clearing Bryan.

Whether or not he gets cleared remains to be seen, but Cageside Seats is reporting that "WWE is building to a Shane McMahon vs. Daniel Bryan feud," and if the latter can't wrestle, someone else would fight on his behalf.

Another report from Cageside Seats last month reported that the WWE was building towards a major WrestleMania storyline that would see Triple H and Stephanie McMahon feud with McMahon and Kurt Angle, with both sides trying to "recruit Daniel Bryan."


Last week, there was also speculation that Shane McMahon may turn heel soon, which would set up a feud with Bryan nicely. Thus far, the SmackDown commissioner and general manager have peacefully co-existed in-storyline, though Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have forced some tension between the two sides.

Seeing how much Stephanie McMahon feuded with former Raw GM Mick Foley and his replacement, Kurt Angle, the commissioner-GM rivalry could work extremely well between Bryan and Shane-O Mac. All members of the McMahon family have had excellent runs as heels, so WWE won't be afraid to make Shane the bad guy again.

WrestleMania 34 is less than four months away, and the build-up towards the WWE's major show usually around the time of the Royal Rumble. So if McMahon and Bryan are to enter a feud, we can expect the build up to start happening soon.

Now, if Bryan can't wrestle, it'll be interesting to see who fights for him. It'll most definitely be a babyface, so perhaps someone like Randy Orton or Shinsuke Nakamura. Of course, most fans would prefer if Bryan was cleared and could face McMahon on his own.


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WWE RUMOR: [SPOILER] To Face Shane McMahon In MASSIVE In-Ring Return